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MRCGP AKT Preparation

MRCGP AKT Preparation + AKT online bundle - Save £54!

  • Saturday 31st August 2024 + 4 months access to 2300+ AKT questions online *Please allow 1 working day to setup access to online revision questions*   



MRCGP AKT Preparation

  • Saturday 31st August 2024 - LIVE Stream Webinar (9.30am - 6.15pm)   


MRCGP AKT Preparation + AKT online bundle - Save £54!

  • Saturday 23rd November 2024 + 4 months access to 2300+ AKT questions online *Please allow 1 working day to setup access to online revision questions*   



MRCGP AKT Preparation

  • Saturday 23rd November 2024 - LIVE Stream Webinar (9.30am - 6.15pm)   


Course Details

If you are sitting the exam before the next live course day, or if you prefer to study at a different time, you can subscribe now (instant access) to the video recording of our recent AKT Preparation course for 1 - 12 months access here:

Key Points:
  • MRCGP AKT exam preparation - intensive 1 day AKT course
  • Covers all 3 AKT domains - Clinical medicine, Organisational, Evidence interpretation
  • Learn how to boost your scores and pass the AKT
  • High yield topics for the AKT - based on examiner feedback
  • Statistics made Simple - key stats, graphs and types of study for the AKT
  • Organisational domain - practice management, DVLA, medicolegal issues, certification, safeguarding
  • Over 125 key topics covered across all 3 domains
  • New question formats covered - including video and short answer questions
  • 3 realistic timed mini mock exams with exam screen layout
  • 9.30am - 6.15pm
  • FREE access to the Emedica AKT Mock Exam - complete 200 question AKT mock (usually 30)
  • CPD - 7 hours / 7 Credits
1 day intensive preparation for the MRCGP Applied Knowledge Test (AKT) examination focused on helping you cover the difficult areas to pass the AKT.

MRCGP AKT course feedback

This 1 day course will help you prepare for the AKT examination. The course covers the key theory and techniques needed to perform well in the exam. This course will provide you with a concise review of over 125 key topics covered in the exam, as well as offering you a chance to sit 3 mini mock exams with detailed feedback and discussion.

You will also get access to our exclusive AKT Mock Exam after the course - this has 200 AKT questions in the current exam format with feedback and explanations.

The course covers:

Examination technique - keywords to watch out for, question formats, time management, common mistakes to avoid.
High yield topics - Areas you need to focus on based on examiners' feedback, as well as areas which crop up again and again and offer you a lot of marks for a little bit of study time.
Statistics made simple - basic statistics for the AKT, interpreting charts and graphs, understanding studies and results tables - all presented with examples in an easy to understand format.
Informatics, medicolegal issues, administration and practice management - Including DVLA regulations, sickness / death certification, GMS / PMS / other GP contracts, DES, LES, NES, safeguarding etc. These areas are easy marks if you learn the key facts.
Medical picture tests - Coverage of common picture type questions - includes high quality images for skin lesions, fundoscopy and otoscopy.

Course Programme

09.30 Welcome and introduction to the AKT
09.45 Tips and techniques for the AKT
10.10 Statistics made simple for the AKT
11.15 Break for refreshments
11.30 Mini Mock 1
12.00 Mini Mock 1 answers, feedback and discussion
13.00 Organisational domain
13.30 Lunch
14.20 AKT Mini Mock 2
14.55 Mini Mock 2 answers, feedback and discussion
16.00 Break for refreshments
16.15 High yield topics for the AKT
17.15 Picture tests for the AKT
17.45 Useful resources and revision planning
18.00 Questions and answers
18.10 Summary and final tips
18.15 Close

The AKT bundle includes this course + access to 2300+ online revision questions for 4 months. Other courses and webinars for AKT are:

The Course Director and main speaker is Dr Mahibur Rahman. He is a Portfolio GP in Birmingham and a Consultant in Medical Education. He has helped thousands of doctors succeed in their Membership examinations since 2006. You can find out more about him HERE.

Course Feedback

"Just wanted to say I sat the AKT this round and passed first time with a score of 83%! Thank you so much to you and all the team for putting together such a targeted course which I found extremely useful! It really helped guide my studying process and pushed me to study every day which I would definitely not have done if I wasn't on the course and I feel that's reflected in my score! Thanks so much again!!"

Dr S M - Passed AKT

"Passed with 89% so relieved and pleased! Thank you so much for all your revision sessions, they were really excellent and definitely very helpful!"

Dr R M - Passed AKT

"I've just checked and I'm rather gobsmacked! Managed to score 176 out of 200 (88%), including 20 out of 20 in stats and 19 out of 20 in organisation section! Your webinars were super helpful and I'm definitely recommending to my colleagues!"

Dr R A - Passed AKT

"I am pleased to say that I passed first time - 87.5%. I found all of your resources so helpful, especially the statistics (which I was totally hopeless at before!) and the 200 Q crammer I used these alongside pass medicine and Rcgp self test. I alternated between your question bank and your Rcgp self test for the last part of my revision."

Dr S M - Passed AKT

"Thanks for your help! Yes I passed thankfully, so relieved. Managed to some how get 86%, yay! :)"

Dr C O - Passed AKT

"Thank you for the good wishes. I have passed my AKT at first attempt with 80%. I followed your courses and have followed your advice. Made the days count. I was at 113/200 at your 200 crammer course and got 160/200 in the real exam. All praise to Allah. Thanks for all your efforts and encouragement."

Dr M T - Passed AKT

"I PASSED! I do not know where to begin here. Thank you. Thank you so much. I honestly could not have done it without your help and your guidance. Your teaching strategies are truly amazing and you genuinely helped me with my revision so much. My feedback about your online AKT resources - is just pure excellence. The teaching webinars are relevant and truly helpful. The question banks that you have put together is fantastic and challenging - but that is good to prepare for this exam. Thank you, thank you so much! I am forever grateful. "

Dr N M - Passed AKT

"Thank you so much for your support for this exam. Alhamdulilah I passed in first attempt with 76%. Your AKT mock course and 30 day challenge was very helpful. I am looking forward to your RCA course now".

Dr S T - Passed AKT

"Thank you for your teaching, support and encouragement during my preparation for the AKT exams. I passed my second attempt with 76%. I attended your AKT preparation course, webinars, 200 mock crammer, free VTS teachings, watched your YouTube videos which were all helpful. You are doing an amazing job."

Dr V A - Passed AKT

"Thank you, I've passed my akt. This was my 2nd attempt I scored 139/200 in your mock exam and in the real score 141/200. It was good feedback to sit and reflect on my mock score."

Dr M N - Passed AKT

"Thanks I passed. Yes I definitely found all your resources very helpful. Thanks so much for all your hard work at putting all these great resources together."

Dr S O - Passed AKT

"I passed first time! 77% overall with 80% in organisation and 76% in stats. The evening crammer courses made a massive difference, thank you!"

Dr R S - Passed AKT

"Thank you Dr Rahman. I attended the AKT preparation course and found it immensely helpful as it helped me focus and strategise for the exam. The webinars and 30 day AKT challenge was also a good resource. Passed the exams first time and thank you once again for your passion in teaching. God bless you."

Dr M A - Passed AKT

"I am pleased to inform you that I have passed my AKT exam on my first attempt, thank you for delivering an excellent AKT crammer course in Jan 2021, it really helped, along with your webinars and 30 day challenge videos. I also found your videos on GP stage 3 entry preparation very useful, made me a much better doctor. Keep up the good work."

Dr A K - Passed AKT

"Thanks Dr Rahman and the team. Your sessions were a great grounding and passed with 90% with the same in every section giver or take a tenth!"

Dr P A -Passed AKT

"I have passed my AKT- thank you so much for all your resources and guidance through webinars. Thank you to your great admin team also who were always so responsive to emails and helpful. May god bless you all for helping us."

Dr A P -Passed AKT

"Many thanks for email - I scored 85% overall so I'm delighted. Many thanks for all of your support - the online webinars, practice questions and revision cards were fantastic."

Dr M M - Passed AKT

"I am utterly delighted to say I scored 80.5% with 90% in both stats and admin. I have to honestly say your revision pass plus course was truly excellent, very realistic and true to the exam. I am incredibly relieved to be writing this email as this was a resit for me. Improving my score by over 12% is a truly wonderful feeling and a huge relief to allow me to fully focus on RCA. Thankyou again to all the team, yourself and Anna in particular."

Dr H M - Passed AKT

"Just a note to say thanks for your excellent revision webinars. With your help I passed the AKT on my first attempt, with a score of 84%! I even got 100% in statistics, something I never thought I would say!"

Dr C J - Passed AKT

"I just wanted to pass on some feedback - I passed the AKT with a score of 87%. I didn't know anybody else who was taking the exam in October and felt a little lost at sea doing endless online questions on my own. Your teaching on the 3 high yield subjects and 200 mock crammer really helped to consolidate knowledge and boost my confidence. Moreover, your positive demeanour, ongoing motivation and can do attitude kept me going when I was feeling a little (very) fed up of it all."

Dr H S - Passed AKT

"I am very pleased to say I passed the AKT with 82%. I am over the moon and very relieved as I found the exam tough on the day! I found the courses I did with Emedica really helpful and will certainly recommend them to my friends when they are going to sit the exam. They helped give me direction when I wasn't sure and the stats/organisation bits were especially helpful. You are a great teacher and obviously very dedicated at what you do so thanks so much."

Dr H W - Passed AKT

"I want to say thank you for helping me navigate through the AKT exam. You resources and courses are excellent. You have a great flair for teaching for the AKT and beyond. Your sessions undoubtedly helped me pass the AKT with knowledge, confidence and technique. This was my first attempt. I passed with 89.45%. I achieved 19/20 organisational (95%), 16/20 statistics (80%) and 89.94% in clinical knowledge. The courses were jam packed with key knowledge and the delivery of teaching was clear, concise and informative. I believe you course provided me the confidence I needed to pass and I achieved a score I didn't think was possible. The knowledge I obtained in the course will serve me beyond my clinical exams. Thank you."

Dr T F - Passed AKT

"Thank you for your courses, I passed my AKT on my first sitting with a score of 84%, and a score of 90% in organisational which was an area I struggled with prior to your webinar. I would highly recommend your courses."

Dr J M - Passed AKT

"I PASSED! 82.41% (81% clinical, 85% stats, 90% organisation). I couldn't have done it without your course and questions."

Dr A D - Passed AKT

"I have passed AKT Alhumdullah! I got 78.62% clinical, 70% stats and 75% admin, with total 77.39%. I am really grateful for the fantastic pass guarantee course. It helped me not only pass the exam with a high score but also cover a lot of the massive GP curriculum which will definitely help me be a better doctor!"

Dr A A - Passed AKT

"Thank you for all your hard works and the team. I must say I watched all Emedica videos on Youtube and definitely, massive help for my learning including AKT exam… Alhamdulillah I passed my test, first attempt with overall score of 82.9% (90% admin, 70% stat and 83% clinical)"

Dr N H - Passed AKT

"Thanks for the guarantee programme. I got 152 out of 199(76.38%), First attempt. Clinical Knowledge 79.25%, Evidence based 55%, Organisation & Management 75%. I must thank the team. A Guaranteed programme for me is the only way for mature students like me. I must thank you all."

Dr G I - Passed AKT

"I am pleased to inform you I have now passed my AKT. The course and webinars were really useful - most especially the Statistics and Admin webinars which were invaluable to improving my scores from an initial 55 and 47 to both 80s.Thank you to you and your amazing team for all you do."

Dr M O - Passed AKT

"Thank you so much for your help! I passed AKT in my first attempt."

Dr A O - Passed AKT

"Just to let you know I passed my AKT so thank you for your excellent seminars and revision questions. I even got 95% on the Organisation and Management section!"

Dr H B - Passed AKT

"I passed my AKT! Thanks for all your mock tests, webinars and advice!"

Dr F M - Passed AKT

"I wanted to let you know that I passed my AKT exam with a score of 150 out of 199 (75.38%). This is all thanks to your Pass Guarantee Program. I really appreciate your guidance and mentorship which aided me in this achievement."

Dr S W- Passed AKT

"I just want to say massive thank you for yourself and also the emedica team - they are all brilliant, you have all helped me all the way through when I needed the most. I would highly recommend especially your all three Webinars, Emedica final Mock, with emdica online revision to everyone sitting AKT exam- as this helped me loads. Jazakllah for all your support from my heart. will be in touch soon for RCA InshAllah"

Dr F S - Passed AKT

"I passed the AKT Alhamdlallah! I am very grateful to your excellent courses (AKT 200 Crammer plus 3 Webinar Bundles) which helped me so much. I truly appreciate it."

Dr H M - Passed AKT

"I would like to share with you my happiness of passing the AKT. I can't thank you enough for your's and your team's hard work in providing a package like pass guarantee package to make this happen for me. Like you guaranteed my success, I can say with guarantee that I would not have been able to pass if it was not for your course."

Dr F S - Passed AKT

"Thank you for your free webinar and online question bank. I have passed my AKT exam."

Dr S K - Passed AKT

"I have passed the AKT and all your courses were really helpful, honestly I can't thank you more for all your continued support."

Dr A I - Passed AKT

Telephone: 0121 744 6433 email: info@emedica.co.uk