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Read what past delegates have to say about our courses

Read what past delegates have to say about our courses

We hope to add your comments here soon!

"Thank you and your team for the excellent AKT pass guarantee programme. I passed and couldn't have done so without 85% in the organisational domain which your course helped me to score!"

Dr C B - Passed AKT

"Just a note to say thanks for your excellent revision webinars. With your help I passed the AKT on my first attempt, with a score of 84%! I even got 100% in statistics, something I never thought I would say!"

Dr C J - Passed AKT

"I just wanted to pass on some feedback - I passed the AKT with a score of 87%. I didn't know anybody else who was taking the exam in October and felt a little lost at sea doing endless online questions on my own. Your teaching on the 3 high yield subjects and 200 mock crammer really helped to consolidate knowledge and boost my confidence. Moreover, your positive demeanour, ongoing motivation and can do attitude kept me going when I was feeling a little (very) fed up of it all."

Dr H S - Passed AKT

"I am very pleased to say I passed the AKT with 82%. I am over the moon and very relieved as I found the exam tough on the day! I found the courses I did with Emedica really helpful and will certainly recommend them to my friends when they are going to sit the exam. They helped give me direction when I wasn't sure and the stats/organisation bits were especially helpful. You are a great teacher and obviously very dedicated at what you do so thanks so much."

Dr H W - Passed AKT

"I want to say thank you for helping me navigate through the AKT exam. You resources and courses are excellent. You have a great flair for teaching for the AKT and beyond. Your sessions undoubtedly helped me pass the AKT with knowledge, confidence and technique. This was my first attempt. I passed with 89.45%. I achieved 19/20 organisational (95%), 16/20 statistics (80%) and 89.94% in clinical knowledge. The courses were jam packed with key knowledge and the delivery of teaching was clear, concise and informative. I believe you course provided me the confidence I needed to pass and I achieved a score I didn't think was possible. The knowledge I obtained in the course will serve me beyond my clinical exams. Thank you."

Dr T F - Passed AKT

"Thank you for your courses, I passed my AKT on my first sitting with a score of 84%, and a score of 90% in organisational which was an area I struggled with prior to your webinar. I would highly recommend your courses."

Dr J M - Passed AKT

"I PASSED! 82.41% (81% clinical, 85% stats, 90% organisation). I couldn't have done it without your course and questions."

Dr A D - Passed AKT

"Good news! I passed my AKT at the first attempt and wanted to thank you for all the support- the PGP was well worth it! As a busy mum retraining in GP after years in specialty medicine, I'm sure I couldn't have done it without the programme. I scored 75.88% overall, clinical 74.84%, EBM 80% and organisational 80%. Thank you very much!!"

Dr V M - Passed AKT

"I have passed AKT Alhumdullah! I got 78.62% clinical, 70% stats and 75% admin, with total 77.39%. I am really grateful for the fantastic pass guarantee course. It helped me not only pass the exam with a high score but also cover a lot of the massive GP curriculum which will definitely help me be a better doctor!"

Dr A A - Passed AKT

"Thank you for all your hard works and the team. I must say I watched all Emedica videos on Youtube and definitely, massive help for my learning including AKT exam… Alhamdulillah I passed my test, first attempt with overall score of 82.9% (90% admin, 70% stat and 83% clinical)"

Dr N H - Passed AKT

"Thanks for the guarantee programme. I got 152 out of 199(76.38%), First attempt. Clinical Knowledge 79.25%, Evidence based 55%, Organisation & Management 75%. I must thank the team. A Guaranteed programme for me is the only way for mature students like me. I must thank you all."

Dr G I - Passed AKT

"I am pleased to inform you I have now passed my AKT. The course and webinars were really useful - most especially the Statistics and Admin webinars which were invaluable to improving my scores from an initial 55 and 47 to both 80s.Thank you to you and your amazing team for all you do."

Dr M O - Passed AKT

"Thank you so much for your help! I passed AKT in my first attempt."

Dr A O - Passed AKT

"Just to let you know I passed my AKT so thank you for your excellent seminars and revision questions. I even got 95% on the Organisation and Management section!"

Dr H B - Passed AKT

"I passed my AKT! Thanks for all your mock tests, webinars and advice!"

Dr F M - Passed AKT

"I wanted to let you know that I passed my AKT exam with a score of 150 out of 199 (75.38%). This is all thanks to your Pass Guarantee Program. I really appreciate your guidance and mentorship which aided me in this achievement."

Dr S W - Passed AKT

"I just want to say massive thank you for yourself and also the emedica team - they are all brilliant, you have all helped me all the way through when I needed the most. I would highly recommend especially your all three Webinars, Emedica final Mock, with emdica online revision to everyone sitting AKT exam- as this helped me loads. Jazakllah for all your support from my heart. will be in touch soon for RCA InshAllah"

Dr F S - Passed AKT

"I passed the AKT Alhamdlallah! I am very grateful to your excellent courses (AKT 200 Crammer plus 3 Webinar Bundles) which helped me so much. I truly appreciate it."

Dr H M - Passed AKT

"I would like to share with you my happiness of passing the AKT. I can't thank you enough for your's and your team's hard work in providing a package like pass guarantee package to make this happen for me. Like you guaranteed my success, I can say with guarantee that I would not have been able to pass if it was not for your course."

Dr F S - Passed AKT

"Thank you for your free webinar and online question bank. I have passed my AKT exam."

Dr S K - Passed AKT

"I have passed the AKT and all your courses were really helpful, honestly I can't thank you more for all your continued support."

Dr A I - Passed AKT Oct 2020
"Thanks! Passed with 91% so very chuffed :) I only had your question bank at the end but provided some good variety to revision."

Dr E C - Passed AKT

"By the grace of Allah I passed. Thank you so much for all your valuable teaching as this was my second attempt and this time round I did your online question bank, stats course and 200 Crammer and scored 84% altogether. May Allah shower you with his blessings for spreading your knowledge and helping others through."

Dr F K - Passed AKT

"I passed my AKT first time with a score of 80.40, Dr Rahman and I'm not surprised how valuable your course was because I have experienced it during MSRA. I don't know how you do it but you are a great teacher and I would not have been able to do this without your help."

Dr O O - Passed AKT

"I passed AKT with 80.40% on the first attempt. I found your webinars and online question banks extremely beneficial."

Dr K H - Passed AKT

"I passed on my first attempt of the AKT. I got 89.95% overall, 91% in my clinical domain, 85% in stats and 80% in the organisation domain. I can only thank you for the AKT webinars (High yield topics, stats and organisation) as well as the AKT 200q crammer course!! They were honestly so informative and helpful especially in the last month of my revision! From someone who really struggled with statistics, the statistics webinar was a God send! I got married a month before my AKT exam, so I was worried about the impact it may have on my exam (as I did take a bit of time off revision!) however the webinars were packed full of information which meant that I was able to cover a lot of material over a short period of time! I also really appreciated the High yield topic list, it allowed me to focus on important topics in the last couple of weeks and proved to be really helpful for the exam. Thank you and the emedica team for all the effort you put into your webinars, courses and lockdown teaching."

Dr S K - Passed AKT

"I passed the AKT on my second attempt. Went up from a score of 65% to 77%. Your Emedica question bank, 3 days high yield stats, admin and clinical course as well as all the free lockdown learning was such a massive help. Stats and admin went up by 15% and clinical by 11%. God bless you and keep up the good work."

Dr M O - Passed AKT

"I just want to take the time to thank you very much for your support and help. I have been following your webinar and used the 200 questions and I found it very useful. This is my second sitting and I have managed to pass with 77%."

Dr A E - Passed AKT

"I just wanted to say a big thank you! - I passed the AKT with 84% and wouldn't have achieved this without all your help. Thanks for all you do."

Dr S R - Passed AKT

"I passed. Thank you for all you do. the pass guaranteed was very helpful for me."

Dr M A - Passed AKT

"I am just emailing to let you know that I have passed my AKT on the first attempt. Thank you for all your help and guidance- I attended your akt prep day course, the 200 question crammer course, the free webinars and bought the flashcards! They were all very helpful in guiding my revision and very concise! Thank you again, I am very grateful to you!"

Dr P R - Passed AKT

"I've passed the AKT. Thank you very much for all your invaluable support and the incredible effort put in all aspects of the Emedica revision. It wasn't an easy journey, but your guidance, questions, webinars, courses and case cards have really helped me through. I want also to thank every person in the Emedica team, your effort and dedication is so much appreciated."
Dr N N - Passed AKT

"I passed it with first attempt with overall score of 73.87%, Dr Rahman. I can't thank you enough for your support."

Dr K T - Passed AKT

"Thank you for your lockdown learning on Youtube and your AKT crammers. With their help I have passed the AKT with 91.5%, which was more than I expected to."

Dr R T - Passed AKT

"Thank you very much Dr Rahman. I have passed the AKT, I was in the pass guarantee programme and it was very helpful. It was my first attempt."

Dr S R - Passed AKT

"I recently passed my AKT. I scored 84.42% (83.65% on clinical, 90% on stats and 85% on organisation and management). I would definitely not have scored as high as I did without help from Emedica. I attended the preparation course, the mock crammer and did the 3 webinars). I also bought his question bank and did RCGP self test questions. It was without a doubt worth the money to pay for Emedica. I didn't use passmedicine at all and I used passtest a bit but found the questions very different to the real thing (it was a waste of money). I passed first attempt and avoided paying the multiple attempts fees… The best thing though is that Dr Rahman clearly wants you to pass and he really wants to help you. He always replies to your questions and emails and obviously understands the stress of exam revision."

Dr I D - Passed AKT

"I wanted to email to thank you and your team for all of the teaching resources you have provided! This was my second attempt at the AKT and I have now passed and I'm really pleased with my results…With your advice around clinical medicine I changed my focus, this time I got 83.92% overall with 80.5% in clinical medicine, 95% in organisation and management and 100% in evidence based practice…I really appreciate how much effort goes into the resources and I was grateful for the 30 day countdown as well as the extra VTS teaching sessions to keep me motivated. Once again thank you so much!"

Dr A M - Passed AKT

"I wanted to say thank you for all your guidance for the recent AKT. The lock dow e-learning and high relied topics helped me so much to focus my revision, and the emails of good luck and timing of results etc were very reassuring. In your mock crammer I got 78% which gave me much needed confidence, and despite what I felt was a difficult paper I got 80% on the actual day with 90% in statistics!"

Dr A R- Passed AKT

"I passed the exam scoring 76.38 percent overall. I used the online webinars (clinical, stats and admin) along with question bank and mock exam which I found extremely useful and relevant to exam. My weakest bit has been stats and admin in previous attempts and this time I scored 76.10 percent in clinical ,70 percent in stats and 85 percent in organisation and management. I would therefore like to thank you and your team for all the help and I would definitely recommend your courses and webinars to my other colleagues specially if they have struggled in past like me."

Dr G R - Passed AKT

"Just wanted to share some happy news with you! I didn't pass the august 2020 exam by 0.5% so I sat the October exam and passed by 76.88%!! Thank you so much for your support and your amazing webinars, they have really helped!"

Dr C E - Passed AKT

"Hi I would just like to thank you for your help and advice during the Emedica course for SRA exam as I had just received my results and my score has qualified for the GP direct pathway to offers - many thanks for your course!"

Dr H L - SRA

"Just would like to thank you all for your help in getting me a place in GP training. Firstly, I was pleased that I had been placed in Band 4 in both papers of the GP selection exam. Then, yesterday, I discovered that I have been accepted to Wales Deanery, to my first choice rotation. I am absolutely thrilled.

I have no doubt that your courses played a very important part in helping me to get the placement that I wanted. Your courses were all well organised, well presented, relevant, concise, and with endless amounts of enthusiasm from all involved. I would not hesitate a second in recommending all of your GPST/GPVTS entry courses to any doctor wishing to succeed in the selection process."

Dr S A - GP ST

"Just wanted to tell you a BIG THANK YOU!!! I ve received an email yesterday regarding my success at the GP Interview .I am overjoyed and extremely grateful to emedica for helping me get my 1st Choice (mersey deanery) :) I would Definitely recommend the course to everyone who enjoyed a career in GP Practice!! Both the Stage 2 Crammer and especially the Stage 3 Preparation Course were Brilliant !! Wishing you many more successes as you continue to inspire more doctors and help them achieve a career in General Practice!

Dr D S - GP ST

"I am happy to inform you that I have got a place in my first choice Deanery. Thank you very much for your excellent teaching."

Dr V O - GP ST

I just wanted to say a huge thank you for all your help during the gpvts application / assessment process! I have been offered a place in the North Western Deanery which was my first choice! It's such a relief after such a anxious time! I attended both stage 2 and 3 courses, they were fantastic. The staff were great, the presentations and practice questions/scenarios were so helpful and useful, it gave me and my collegues who attended a great insight into the whole assessment procedure, how to tackle things and what the examiners were looking for. It also helped calm a lot of my fears and uncertainty about the process. Thank you to all the emedica team for all your support. I will definitely be recommending your service to my collegues who will be applying for exams/courses next year.


"I just wanted to say a big thank you to you and your dedicated team in helping me immensely in securing a training post in my first choice deanery. I cannot find words to describe how useful your advice was and just wanted to say keep it up and thanks a million for helping me out. Many thanks


"I am glad to say that I passed all 12 stations, and I think that that was greatly helped by attending your course. I was very impressed with the day and have already recommended it to my colleagues. Many thanks"

Dr T S - CSA

"Just wanted to let you know that I passed the exam!!! I feel very happy and relieved as this was my second attempt. I found the course to be and excellent source of information and it gave my revision the direction I needed. I will definitely recommend this course to others and will probably see you again for the CSA preparation course.

Dr M B - AKT

"Dear Emedica - I have been offered a GP rotation in Aylesbury/High Wycombe!! I feel quite relieved and I would really like to thank everyone at Emedica for all the continual support and for all the assistance at each stage of GP recruitment. The courses and the approach taken at each stage were so effective and this was clearly evident on the day of the Stage 3 assessments. Having taken your advice and practised at much as possible beforehand, I felt completely prepared on the day. Thank you all very much. Not only were the courses excellent, if I had any queries at any time, I found it very reassuring that I was able to contact your helpline and a friendly member of staff would either be able to address my concerns or take a message and that I would be called later with the correct information. I would like to say a special thank you to Dr Mahibur Rahman and all the staff at Emedica for all that you have done. "


Telephone: 0121 744 6433 email: info@emedica.co.uk