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MRCGP AKT 200 Question Crammer

MRCGP AKT 200 Question Crammer

MRCGP AKT 200 Question Crammer

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MRCGP AKT 200 Crammer Live Stream

  • Saturday 1st June 2024 - LIVE Stream Webinar (9.00am - 6.35pm)   


AKT Booster Bundle - AKT 200 Crammer Course + 4 Webinar Bundle (Stats, Admin, 2 x Clinical) + Full AKT Mock Exam- Save over £200!

  • 7th, 11th, 12th & 21st September 2024   



MRCGP AKT 200 Crammer Live Stream

  • Saturday 21st September 2024 - Live Stream Webinar (9.00am - 6.35pm)   


Course Details

If you want to revise now, or if you are not fee on the dates of the live course, you can subscribe now (instant access) to the video recording of our MRCGP AKT Booster or the AKT 200 Question Crammer course for 1 - 12 months here:

Key Points:
  • Get used to the exam pressure - 4 x timed teaching mocks in 1 day
  • Assess how ready you are - realistic questions for all 3 domains
  • 200 questions - 80% clinical, 10% stats, 10% admin - just like the real exam
  • Save hours of study time - 200+ topics summarised
  • Focus your final revision - identify areas for the last week
  • Improve exam technique - time management, keywords + more
  • Over 160 key clinical topics covered + 20 Stats + 20 admin
  • Key question formats covered - including SBA, EMQ, MBA, picture, and short answer questions
  • High yield topics - from examiner feedback: often retested
  • Intensive learning - get up to date with current guidelines
  • 9.00am - 6.35pm - live stream webinar - study in the comfort of your home
  • FREE access to the Emedica AKT Mock Exam - complete 200 question AKT mock (usually 30)
  • CPD - 8 hours / 8 Credits
1 day intensive preparation for the MRCGP Applied Knowledge Test (AKT) examination focused on helping you cover the difficult areas to pass the AKT.

Course Programme

09.00 Welcome and introduction to the course
09.05 Teaching mock 1: Questions 1-50
09.55 Teaching mock 1 answers and topic review
11.20 Break for refreshments
11.35 Teaching mock 2: Questions 51-100
12.25 Teaching mock 2 answers and topic review
13.40 Lunch
14.25 Teaching mock 3: Questions 101-150
15.10 Teaching mock 3 answers and topic review
16.20 Break for refreshments
16.30 Teaching mock 4: Questions 151-200
17.20 Teaching mock 4 answers and topic review
18.25.Questions and answers
18.30 Summary and final tips
18.35 Close

The bundle option includes the AKT 200 + the following 3 webinars as a discounted bundle
access to a full 200 question online mock after the course (save over £100 compared to booking all of these separately):

Feedback from our previous AKT preparation courses:

MRCGP AKT course feedback

This 1 day course will help you assess your readiness and prepare for the AKT examination. By working through our 4 teaching mocks, which are done in a timed environment with screen layouts similar to the real exam, you will get used to the time pressures, question formats and key techniques to get through your AKT.

After each teaching mock, we will go through the answers and have rapid reviews of the key knowledge / topics / current guidelines you need to be aware of. The 4 mocks combined cover 200 questions in the same proportion as the real AKT - 160 clinical, 20 evidence based practice, and 20 organisational / admin. This will give you a realistic idea of your performance, giving you a clear idea of which topics to focus on for your last week of revision.

You will also get access to our exclusive AKT Mock Exam after the course - this has 200 AKT questions in the current exam format with feedback and explanations.

This course runs as a whole day live stream webinar - join us from your home - you can ask questions throughout the day. You will get PDF topic reviews with all the teaching slides after each mock.

The Course Director and main speaker is Dr Mahibur Rahman. He is a Portfolio GP in Birmingham and a Consultant in Medical Education. He has helped thousands of doctors succeed in their Membership examinations since 2006. You can find out more about him HERE.

AKT 200 Crammer Course Review

"I was really impressed at how much material we managed to cover in one day! Although it was a full-on day I came away feeling more confident about the upcoming exam, knowing that I'd covered all of the exam domains in a realistic set-up. Doing questions under timed conditions meant I felt more prepared for the upcoming exam.

The day itself was more than just doing 200 questions; it was a kick-start to focus my final revision on the areas I was weakest in. With each area of the exam covered I wasn't able to avoid doing statistics, my pet hate, which was a good thing! As well as the practice questions and useful notes to revise from I've found being able to go back and review the material from the day on-line really helpful.

The teaching provided was a really good standard and focused on the needs of the group present; Dr Rahman knows what areas candidates struggle with. The questions and explanations were focused to increase understanding of these tricky areas and cover high yield topics likely to come up in the exam.

The course also really complemented the other Emedica material I'd used to revise with and has helped consolidate my previous learning.

I did an Emedica GP Stage 3 course to help me get into GP training so doing their AKT courses seemed logical. I've done the AKT preparation course, used the online question bank, as well as the MRCGP AKT 200 Crammer Question and I've found all of them good preparation for the AKT."

Dr Tara Woodward - Dr Woodward went on to pass her AKT on her 1st attempt with a great score (more than 10% above the pass mark) - including 90% for statistics and 80% for organisational.

AKT Course Feedback

"Excellent course, liked the course material and the booklet covering the core knowledge and topics."

"Very good handouts + notes. High yield topics very helpful, liked mock exams - helpful for time management"

"Stats and health informatics very good"

"Mock exam gave idea of real time and format of exam. Useful tips on revising and areas highlighted by examiners."

"Excellent course, I liked the Hot topics - Dr Rahman always makes things so simple!"

I'm happy to say I passed with a score of 85.35% overall Alhamdulillah, your one-day course and online resource was helpful alongside pass medicine and the recommended book on statistics.


I am pleased to say I passed on my first attempt with 82.8%... Also you'll be pleased to know I got 100% on the statistics component!


Alhamdulilallah I passed, scoring 81.81%! Thank you so much for your valuable advice.


Many thanks for all your help. Passed at my first attempt. 78.28% overall achieving 90% in stats and 95% in the organisational domains. Your revision video crammer modules which I used in my final days of revision absolutely helped with my last-minute consolidation and certainly my exam technique.


Thank you so much Dr Rahman! I Passed the AKT with 78%. I am so relieved, happy and grateful. Couldn't have done it without the teaching, webinars and your support.

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