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MRCGP AKT: Organisational Domain Organised Webinar

MRCGP AKT Masterclass Webinars

MRCGP AKT Masterclass Webinars

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AKT Organisational Domain Organised

  • Wednesday 17th April 2019 (7.30pm - 10.30pm)   


2 x AKT webinars (Save £18) - Organisational + please confirm your 2nd webinar below


3 x AKT webinars (save £38) Stats + Organisational + High Yield Clinical

  • 16th + 17th + 18th April 2019 (7.30pm - 10.30pm)   


Webinar Course Details

You can purchase 14 days access to the video recordings from our last webinar series in January 2019 here:

The organisational / admin domain is the one that candidates do worst in when sitting the AKT. It can be difficult to revise as there are so many topics to cover (and some of them are really boring!) - this webinar will help you cover all the key topics in one evening !

You can access the LIVE stream from the comfort of your home (worldwide access) - we will email you instructions on how to join the stream within 1 working day of booking and you will receive a link to the PDF handout by email a day before the webinar. The webinars are interactive - as well as rapid reviews of all the key topics, you will work through AKT style organisational / admin questions covering all the key topics to test your knowledge!

This webinar is hosted by Dr Mahibur Rahman - he has taught over 30,000 delegates since 2005 and has helped many doctors boost their scores in the admin / organisational domain, with many scoring 90%+:

Course Feedback

Here is some feedback from our previous webinars:

"Thanks Dr Rehman for giving insight about all the organisational domains. Nice to have taught everything in one place."

AKT October 2018

"Topics were up to date with recent guidelines hence eliminates confusion caused by old questions in some question banks. I have always used Emedica for all my exams and found it helpful every time."

AKT October 2018

Alhamdulilallah I passed, scoring 81.81%! Thank you so much for your valuable advice.

Dr OG - AKT April 2018

Many thanks for all your help. Passed at my first attempt. 78.28% overall achieving 90% in stats and 95% in the organisational domains. Your revision video crammer modules which I used in my final days of revision absolutely helped with my last-minute consolidation and certainly my exam technique.

Dr LA - AKT April 2018

Thank you so much Dr Rahman! I Passed the AKT with 78%. I am so relieved, happy and grateful. Couldn't have done it without the teaching, webinars and your support.

Dr AR - AKT April 2018

I was very pleased with my AKT pass today and found the webinars extremely helpful! Scored 90% on both stats and admin and 75% overall. The format of the webinars was ideal with questions followed by debrief and explanations…The interactive component was also good as it kept one engaged during the session. I also used your online questions/AKT package and found that bursts of 20 questions was ideal. Explanations were also concise and had the key information needed!

Dr TA - AKT April 2018

I just wanted to thank you for getting me through the AKT! Honestly, I thought I could never get through this. My scores this time was 73.73%. So just made it! This could not have been done without your support and your help in my preparation. The webinars were fantastic.

Dr TA - AKT April 2018

Alhamdulillah I passed the exam with a good score! Thank you for all your support and revision sessions. The webinars were particularly useful.

Dr MK - AKT April 2018

I passed! Thank you for your courses, webinars and online question bank ...I did the lot and it certainly paid off! I'm thrilled.

Dr HS - AKT April 2018

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