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MRCGP RCA 1 to 1 Coaching

MRCGP RCA 1 to 1 Coaching

MRCGP RCA 1 to 1 Coaching

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MRCGP RCA 1 to 1 Coaching - Zoom/ Skype

  • 2 hours (6 cases) - We will email you to arrange a suitable date and time   



Intensive 1 to 1 coaching for the MRCGP RCA examinations. All cases are different to our RCA course. We would recommend attending our main RCA preparation course prior to attending the 1 to 1 coaching.

Key Points:
  • Intensive 1 to 1 coaching for MRCGP RCA exams
  • Realistic cases, including high challenge cases
  • Individual feedback on all 3 RCA domains
  • Constructive feedback with emphasis on improving your weaknesses
  • Strategies and techniques to boost your RCA score
  • Skype sessions available in 2 hour blocks - 6 cases per session
  • Wide range of cases - including telephone consultation and home visit
  • Demonstrations of best practice for challenging areas
  • Ideal for anyone sitting the MRCGP RCA - 1st time or resit candidates
  • Also suitable for doctors preparing for the simulated surgery for I&R or GMC

Intensive RCA coaching dedicated to helping you boost your RCA scores

Our 1 to 1 RCA coaching service is led by Alastair Imrie. He has worked in medical education for over 15 years. Alastair has extensive experience in helping doctors improve their consulting and to pass a variety of postgraduate medical examinations. He has worked as a professional simulated patient and course facilitators for various deaneries, medical schools and postgraduate examinations and has been a facilitator at the Emedica CSA course since 2008. We have helped many candidated prepare for the MRCGP CSA - both prior to their 1st attempts, and in many cases when preparing to resit the exam. Alastair has had extensive training in CSA and how RCGP CSA mark schemes are constructed.

Cases are carried out in a realistic setting, and timed just like the real exam. You will have 2 minutes to read the case notes, and then exactly 10 minutes for the case. This will be followed by detailed feedback - typically 10 - 15 minutes depending on how you do. In some cases, you will go over specific parts of the case again to help you improve.

You will receive feedback on all 3 domains assessed in the CSA - data gathering, clinical management, and interpersonal skills, with an emphasis on improving communication and consultation skills for real life practice as well as the exam.

Each session can be tailored to meet your individual needs. If you are resitting, we can analyse your feedback from your last attempt and work on any specific areas of weakness highlighted.

You will also be sent links to video recordings of your feedback to enhance your learning after the session.

Although these sessions are designed for 1 to 1 coaching, if you would like to attend with a friend, this can be arranged. You will practise alternate cases.

We can also organise coaching for your study group - book a full day (8 hours) - we can come to you - this is for a maximum of 4 people. Please contact the office for details.

Refreshments will be provided at the start and in the middle of the session.

Sessions are available in Birmingham or via Skype from any location.

Skype sessions last for 2 hours and will include 4 cases with detailed feedback per session. Discounts are available for booking multiple sessions in the same order - book 2 sessions to get a £50 discount off the total.

Please contact us on 0121 744 6433 or via Email to request an alternative date to those available for booking online.

Course Programme

Morning Session:
9.00 - Introduction and refreshments
9.10 - CSA case practise with individual feedback and coaching
11.00 - Break for refreshments
11.15 - CSA case practise with individual feedback and coaching
12.45 - Questions and answers and final tips
13.00 - End of session

Afternoon Session:
13.45 - Introduction and refreshments
13.55 - CSA case practise with individual feedback and coaching
15.45 - Break for refreshments
16.00 - CSA case practise with individual feedback and coaching
17.30 - Questions and answers and final tips
17.45 - End of session

Timings for Skype sessions are available to fit with your schedule - early mornings, evenings and weekends may be possible depending on availability of our coaches.

Course Feedback

Feedback from previous 1 to 1 coaching sessions:

"I attended a 1-to-1 revision session with Alastair Imrie on 13th May, and I am very pleased to say that I passed ...I found Dr Rahman's online videos and the online revision case package helpful, but I think my session with Alastair was particularly helpful in highlighting weaknesses which I was able to improve upon. I would highly recommend him!"

DR M H - Passed CSA - Resit Candidate

"I was successful this time. I got 84. I did a one to one session with Alistair which was brilliant. He was the first person that told me I was actually doing things wrong and the first person to give me a clear structure for management. He worked with me to get me to do things in the correct way."

Dr H H - Passed CSA

I really want to say a big thank you to Emedica, especially to Dr Rahman and Alastair for all their help and support. I got 91 in the CSA, first attempt. The main course was an excellent introduction to CSA, complimented by the brilliant 1to1 coaching sessions from Alastair. Alastair helped me to identify my weaker areas, and made useful suggestions to improve my performance. The coaching is highly professional, and I would definitely recommend it to other trainees.

Dr W K , KSS Deanery - Passed first attempt

"I attended the Emedica course in the first week of May and also attended 1-1 coaching by Alastair. Got the CSA results and I want to let you know that I have passed. Thank you so much for your help Dr Rahman and Alastair.I found the Emedica course case scenarios were hard when I attended, but that helped me prepare for the real exam! Thank You."

Dr M C - Passed CSA

"I passed and scored 86. I'm just so happy I passed first time. I could have done with more prep time as really started mastering the skills a couple of weeks before. But I passed so I'm very happy. The course and the session with Alastair was invaluable."

DR S H - CSA Candidate - Passed first attempt

Thank you to you and your team for your course and one-to-one coaching training, extremely pleased to say I have passed the CSA!! I found your courses and online resources invaluable when revising for CSA. I have also highly recommended your course (above others I went on) to my colleagues who will be taking CSA in the next year. Thank you once again and all the best!

Dr A M - Passed CSA

This is just to inform you that I passed my CSA. Got 91/117. Very pleased and relieved with this result. Thank you for your support.

Dr J W - CSA Resit Candidate

"I just want to say a big big thank you to Emedica. I really benefitted from your one to one Emedica course in Birmingham and improved my mark by 10 marks in space of 2 months such that I have now passed comfortably on my 2nd attempt. Thank you so much. I will be recommending you to my colleagues who didn't pass this time.

Dr J S - Passed CSA - Resit Candidate

"Working with Alastair has been extremely beneficial. He has been supportive and encouraging in the build up towards the CSA. I had the opportunity to practice various types of cases. The feedback was very specific and constructive. Weak areas of my consultation were highlighted and we worked together to improve these. He made me improve my insight during the consultations so that I could understand and facilitate the consultation better. Overall, I feel that I have improved drastically after working with him. The sessions were highly enjoyable and I always looked forward to them. I wish Alastair all the best for the future. Thank you so much for helping me achieve my goal."

Dr M P, East of England Deanery - Passed first attempt

"I passed the CSA at the second attempt and scored 96/117 with a completely clean-sheet of formative feedback (no crosses over the 13 cases). The CSA 1-1 coaching was absolutely key in my preparation as it informed me fully about the exam structure and mark scheme.I am indebted to Alastair Imrie and because of his detailed feedback I was able to constructively identify my areas of weakness and develop a more focused approach to make the most of each case. As a result my marks jumped up by 30 points with 20 crosses from my first attempt."

Dr D S, Scotland Deanery - Resit canditdate

"Alastair was fantastic and the 1:1 session was one of the most useful 4 hours I've spent during my VTS! It was excellent to get honest, non-judgemental constructive feedback. It was brilliant to get practice and feedback on a number of cases. It highlighted areas of weakness, helped build my confidence and focus on areas I needed to work on. A massive thanks once again.

Dr C D, London Deanery

The most useful thing which came out of feedback for me was my weakness in management plan. Specially the fact that I don't sound like a confident doctor. You made me realise that and how to present confidence with my body language and tone. Another very useful learning was how to do management plan properly, telling what a condition is, its epidemiology, cause, investigations and management. Make that into a narrative. I found that very useful. Also practice with you highlighted that I had knowledge gap in clinical guidelines. This had also come through in feedback with the Emedica course. I'm proud to say that whilst first time around I had 7 crosses in the feedback statement 7, I did not have a single cross there this time around. My pass score was 80 and average was 75 on day. My last time score was 65 and pass was 75. So improvement of 15. And this time around I hadn't slept a wink whole night, so wasn't at 100% performance. But it was compensated by good preparation. Your coaching style was kind, helpful and very specific and thorough. I'm very grateful for your help"

Dr F A,15 point increase from previous attempt

'I found the session useful (especially) in terms of structuring the consultation. Alistair was able to critically dissect and analyse my consultation style, and in so doing helped me to pick up valuable pointers. Although I didn't have long to go before the exam, I felt more confident in making some changes to my general approach and I hope that this has paid off.'

Dr T M, KSS Deanery

Thanks very much for the 1 to 1 coaching. I found the 1 to 1 coaching very helpful. I like the way you initially listened to my specific concerns and were able to point out to me the main areas I need to improve. The structure of the course was good. The cases we did were very helpful and interesting. I just want to make sure that I put your advice into practice and hopefully pass my next CSA in January."

Dr J O -North East Deanery

I think the one to one teaching with such an experienced teacher as Alastair was exactly what I needed. His feedback was the most helpful I have had, fine-tuned to just me and not a group, finding the things that I repeatedly miss or do wrongly. I now know which areas I need to work on until I see you again in December.

Dr A H, Kent Deanery

"The 1:1 teaching session which I had was fantastic. It clearly helped me to organise myself and highlight the areas which needed further input. I have recommended a few friends to attend this session. Gladly I passed my CSA which is a huge achievement for me. Many thanks for all the efforts, realistic feedback and positive encouragement.

Dr F F, Passed CSA

"I passed Could not believe it. Last time I got 67, this time 77 and pass mark 74. I would like to thank you for all your time and advice which I tried to follow to the max!!!

Dr M S, CSA Candidate, 10 point increase from previous attempt

Just to say thank you for a well thought out & delivered coaching session. I learnt a lot in a short while & found your relaxed forthright manner very helpful. Your insights & tips have given me a much better idea of what the CSA exam is about & how to get ready. Thanks so much & best wishes

Dr C A, CSA Candidate

The session was overall excellent. A good opportunity for me to analyse my performance and allowed me to better understand my feedback. Very detailed feedback, with clear explanations of how to avoid making the error again in the future. I would definitely recommend this course to future candidates.

Dr A A, CSA Resit Candidate

"Alastair has been a joy to work with!..His coaching skills are honed from plentiful previous experience and he imparts this wisdom to trainees with utmost confidence. He's not afraid to give constructive criticism which I found most beneficial. For too long I was informed by various trainers that " I'll be ok" and that was unfortunately my downfall. Alastair was very skilful in picking up on my consultation deficiencies and focusing on the most pertinent points of my consultation. I could really feel the difference even after only a couple of sessions.
The breadth and depth of cases Alastair and I worked with were very similar to the exam itself and this again shows how much experience he has with coaching.

Dr D P, West Midlands Deanery - 12 point increase to pass on his last attempt

"I am proud to announce that I passed my CSA with first attempt!! It was a great pleasure to work with Alastair who has excellent CSA coaching skills. He identified my weaknesses and gave me constructive feedback to help me to modify my consulting style. He helped me to achieve that just within 6 weeks. He is the best CSA coach I have ever worked with and I would recommend Alastair to every GP trainee wanting to pass CSA their first attempt."

Dr M K, West Midlands Deanery - Scored 85 in her first attempt

"I would definitely recommend the private coaching sessions provided by Alastair. The sessions were very helpful in covering key aspects of CSA type cases. The feedback provided was very useful to go back and reflect and make necessary changes in consultation. The friendly manner of Alastair makes learning fun and allows to progress positively. My best wishes to Alastair and a big thank you for allowing me to reach my goal"

Dr F K, North West Deanery

It was very helpful working with Alastair… it really helped to boost my CSA score to 87 ( pass marks 73). I was missing it by 1 & then 3 marks , scoring 73, 72. Alastair helped me establish a clear structure to my consultation, very valuable feed back on areas to improve. I found his CSA materials very helpful. Strongly recommend his coaching to fine tune your consultations for CSA and a big boost to your score. So happy eventually going to be MRCGP - long awaited one

Dr B, London Deanery - 15 point increase from previous attempt

"Alastair I passed! You've made me a better doctor, I can't thank you enough!"

Dr K J, East Lancashire Specialty Training scheme

"I am currently taking CSA tuition with Alastair and very impressed by his training. He understands the training needs for IMGs and conducts his sessions with thorough feedback which I found very helpful. He is very polite and fun to work with. He takes step by step approach and helps you to build your communications skills and consulting style very systematically in preparation for CSA. Since working with him my consultation skills have drastically improved and feel positive in succeeding forthcoming CSA. I certainly would recommend him for private CSA tuition without a doubt"

Dr J A, West Midlands Deanery - 22 point increase on final attempt 59-81

"Thanks a lot for your help and support during a difficult time of my career. I have thankfully passed my MRCGP CSA exam in my final attempt…I thoroughly liked the interactive sessions catered to my needs with the all important feedback after every case. The cases were all CSA style and picked from all aspects of GP curriculum. Had I not done these sessions, I would have made the same mistakes this time again. In the last week, the all important mock CSA exam was extremely helpful. I would highly recommend Alastair for everyone preparing for CSA and especially those who are in a difficult situation such as myself."

Dr J S, Eastern Deanery - passed on his last attempt

Passed CSA - score 90. Thanks for your support.

Dr V D, East Midlands Deanery - 18 point increase

"I passed my CSA exam in September. Thank you for the pointers which you gave me in your tutorial. I managed to do loads of practice

Dr R K - North West Deanery

Telephone: 0121 744 6433 email: info@emedica.co.uk