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MRCGP / GP 100 Case Crammer

GP 100 Case Crammer Course Online

100 GP cases and how to approach them - history, red flags, examination, diagnosis, current guidelines for management, key interpersonal skills and more. Includes 20 interactive cases with simulators.

You can subscribe now (instant access) to the video recording of this course (8.5+ hours of videos) for 1-12 months from £220 - please click SUBSCRIBE NOW button below:

You can see more details and sample clips below:

I have passed the SCA exam in first trial last February. I feel the SCA scenarios in Emedica were very useful as well as the one to one coaching. They were varied and covered multiple areas in the curriculum. I felt the 100 case book was useful and was one of my resources to revise in addition to the CKS guide lines.” Dr H R - Passed SCA

“Thanks Emedica for the amazing course of SCA. I most appreciated the one to one mocks with Alistar, also the 100 cases and the Emedica cases were so useful and close to the exam. I have passed my SCA first attempt and I’m IMG, really thank you.” Dr L I - Passed SCA

"I just wanted to let you know that I recently got my results from the January sitting if the SCA and I scored 111 so I just wanted to say a big thank you! I took your day long SCA preparation course at the end of August and I felt it set me up really well for my revision/practice over the next few months. The access to your 69 scenarios provided great practice opportunities and the 100 case crammer was a really helpful but focused knowledge revision tool. Thanks again!" Dr M B - Passed SCA

“I would like to thank you for all your help with my SCA. I passed. Alhamdulillah first attempt with 97.5. and found your courses and cases so useful! May Allah bless you for all your help and support!!” Dr A N – Passed SCA

This online video based course will expose you to 100 different GP cases covering all the major curriculum areas. For each case, we will go through the key points to cover (and what not to miss) for data gathering (history and examination), clinical management (diagnosis, management, other risks, follow up, safety netting), and interpersonal / communication skills - how to explain things in a clear, concise and confident way. This course is ideal if you are starting a GP rotation soon and want to be prepared, or if you are preparing for MRCGP exams like the RCA, MICGP CCT, or the MRCGP International OSCE / CSA.

As well as covering challenging and important case areas, you will see key skills being demonstrated live.

Cases covered include:

1. Parkinson’s disease

2. Emergency contraception

3. Dyspepsia

4. Atrial Fibrillation - annual review

5. Interactive case 1

6. Appendicitis

7. Mild / Moderate depression

8. Severe depression

9. Vision problems

10. Interactive case 2

11. Suspected HIV infection

12. Diabetes

13. BP Assessment

14. Post-natal depression

15. Interactive case 3

16. Rectal bleeding

17. Vasectomy

18. Slimming pill request

19. Sickle cell disease

20. Interactive case 4

21. Tinnitus

22. Sore throat - OOH

23. URTI - asthmatic

24. Suspected migraine

25. Interactive case 5

26. Frozen shoulder

27. Rotator cuff injury

28. Anorexia Nervosa

29. Bulimia

30. Interactive case 6

31. Sexual health

32. Hazardous drinking

33. Alcohol dependence

34. Stable angina

35. Interactive case 7

36. Suspected Epilepsy

37. Urinary incontinence

38. Anaemia

39. Acne vulgaris

40. Interactive case 8

41. Vaccinations

42. Alopecia

43. Tired all the time (TATT)

44. Chronic fatigue syndrome

45. Interactive case 9

46. Angina - poor control

47. Conjunctivitis - viral

48. Conjunctivitis - bacterial

49. Rheumatoid arthritis

50. Interactive case 10

51. Suspect acute stroke

52. Suspected TIA

53. Prostate cancer screening

54. PSA results

55. Interactive case 11

56. Haemoptysis

57. Lyme disease

58. Palliative care - home visit

59. Knee pain

60. Interactive case 12

61. Recurrent gout

62. Suspected pancreatitis

63. Bladder cancer

64. Pyelonephritis

65. Interactive case 13

66. Bedwetting

67. Suspected asthma - review

68. Uncontrolled asthma

69. Drug monitoring

70. Interactive case 14

71. Testicular lump

72. Torsion

73. Menopausal symptoms

74. HRT

75. Interactive case 15

76. Hyperthyroidism

77. Haemochromatosis

78. Leg cramps

79. Suspected ADHD

80. Interactive case 16

81. Ovarian cancer

82. Painful eye

83. Limping child - telephone

84. Painful rash

85. Interactive case 17

86. Allergic rhinitis

87. Allergies - poor control

88. Breast lump

89. Eczema in a child

90. Interactive case 18

91. Menorrhagia

92. Melanoma

93. COPD - poor control

94. Autism spectrum disorder

95. Interactive case 19

96. Falls

97. Irritable bowel syndrome

98. Dry eyes

99. Vitamin D deficiency

100. Interactive case 20

The course is taught by Dr Mahibur Rahman - the medical director of Emedica. Dr Rahman took part in the CSA pilot in 2006, he sat the first ever sitting of the CSA in September 2007, where he was awarded a pass with merit after passing every case. He has been teaching both registrars and GP trainers on how to prepare for CSA for 10 years. In that time, he has helped several thousand doctors, including GP registrars from every deanery in the UK, doctors preparing for the simulated surgery part of the induction and refresher assessment, and doctors preparing for MRCGP international. You can see some of the feedback from delegates from our previous CSA courses here:

MRCGP CSA course feedback

"Yes results did come out this evening as you predicted - I got 102/117 so was really pleased! Thank you so much for your help. I used the CSA 100 case crammer webinar as well as attending your course in Birmingham and both were invaluable so thank you very very much!"

Dr L P - Passed CSA

"I passed! Course was excellent as was the webinar. Nearly all of my exam cases were in that 100 case crammer!"

Dr R D - Passed CSA

The CSA 100 crammer course was indeed helpful, I used it for my final revision; it helped me consolidate my knowledge in a time efficient manner. I passed at my first attempt.

Dr P A - Passed CSA First Attempt

"Excellent content and presentation. A game changer for passing the CSA, has boosted my confidence."

" Vast range of topics covered - more than I was hoping for! Really good opportunity to ask data gathering questions. Always entertaining (despite a long day of teaching!) and engaging :)"

" I was in the webinar (live stream) for your 100 cases - it worked brilliantly - thank you."

"Comprehensive, covered wide variety of topics, interactive session was really good and useful. Topics covered were common and relevant. Hats off to Dr Rehman for the hard work "

"Good broad overview of things we need to consider"

Telephone: 0121 744 6433 email: info@emedica.co.uk