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Foundation FY2 Standalone SJT Preparation Course

FY2 Standalone SJT Preparation Course

FY2 Standalone SJT Preparation Course

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2024 Course Details

The live course for 2024 was held on the 10th February - we won't have any more dates this year. You can subscribe to the recording of the full course (7+ hours of videos) for instant access for £250 for 1 month.

Key Points:
  • Intensive preparation for the FY2 Standalone Situational Judgement Test (FYS2 SJT)
  • Fully updated for 2024 entry - including evolving dilemma and speech dilemma ratings SJTs
  • Key tips and techniques to boost your SJT score and help you get an interview slot
  • Understand the SJT domains and attributes being tested
  • Comprehensive coverage of the FY2 Situational Judgement Test
  • Key topics for the FY2 SJT exam - GMC guidance (including 2024 updates), ethics, confidentiality, consent, capacity
  • Realistic mock FY2 Situational Judgement Test with detailed explanations
  • All questions on the course specifically targeted to the FY2 SJT exam
  • All questions are unique to this course - not available online or in any books
  • Ideal for anyone sitting the FY2 standalone SJT
  • Includes access to our FY2 SJT online mock exam for 1 month after the course (worth 30)
  • Includes access to the course recording for 1 month after the course on request

This intensive course is dedicated to helping you boost your scores in the FY2 Standalone Situational Judgement Test.

Course Feedback

I scored 450 and was able to secure an interview. Attending your SJT course was so beneficial, and I could not have done this without your guidance.” Dr A R

“I found the Emedica FY2 SJT mock was quite informative and helpful, it really tailored my understanding on how to approach the SJT. I scored 433 on the SJT and was invited for an interview. Thank you.” Dr N O

“Thanks for reaching out. I ended up scoring well on the SJT exam (435 points) and secured an interview. To be fair, I did not do much extra prep outside of the E-medica FY2 Standalone SJT course (i.e., attending the 1-day course, and doing the online mock), reading the Good Medical Practice guidelines and doing the official UKFPO paper. So overall I think the course was extremely effective in prepping me for the exam and (most importantly) delivering the key information I needed in a concise manner so that I did not need to invest too much additional time for the SJT prep. Given that I was writing my PhD thesis at the same time, the course was exactly what I needed.” Dr R I

“I would like to deeply thank you for the FY2 standalone mock. It was a very informative and amazing resource and has really helped me in understanding the concepts behind the SJT exam as well as the methodology that is required to correctly answer the questions. I scored 427 as a result and got shortlisted to the interview.” Dr M A

I got shortlisted with a score of 426. Your course was really helpful especially that I was preparing for PLAB 2 and studying full-time.” Dr L A

“Wanted to let you know that I scored 424 in the SJT and was shortlisted for interview. I want to say heartfelt thanks to you and the Emedica team for the FY2 Stand-alone SJT preparation course which I found to be extremely helpful in my preparation for the test, as I only had 1 week to prepare. I found the course to be quite informative, yet concise and it really helped me to understand how to rank responses. The mock exam was also a good marker of my progress as well, so much so that the actual exam seemed so much easier in terms of the questioning.” Dr D R

I was successful in being shortlisted for the FY2 standalone, scoring 411 on my SJT and I found your course material which I subscribed to just a few weeks before my SJT extremely helpful in helping me to tackle the various scenarios and I look forward to your session on the interview.” Dr M M

I achieved a score of 421.00 on the SJT and was invited for an interview. The mock exam was very helpful with its accuracy to the final exam. I would argue it was a little more challenging than the exam itself however I didn’t find that to be a problem. Most importantly, the explanations for the correct answers I found extremely helpful and I believe they enabled me to score high enough for an interview.” Dr A L

“I am pleased to tell you that I have been shortlisted and offered an interview after having scored 416 in this year’s FY2 stand-alone SJT. I would like to take this opportunity to send you a massive thank you for the excellent course and mock exam. Your guidance was key and helped me feel well prepared.” Dr A S

I got shortlisted with a score of 410. I was happy with my score and honestly can attribute it to the course. You explained everything really clearly and cleared all my questions about the exam layout. The techniques you taught about timing and how to interact with scenarios really helped me and I used those techniques in the exam (I even finished with a couple of minutes to spare). The concepts and the domains also helped me to understand the exam, and the mock exams you provided were accurate to the exam and allowed me to track my progress. I can honestly say the course gave me the confidence for the exam and I am really grateful!” Dr R A

I did indeed get shortlisted for interview. My score was 408. Your FY2 Standalone SJT course was very good". I was a lot more confident in my ability to answer questions by my exam day, especially since I had not done much preparation for the exam before your course. What I liked about the course was that you outlined the structure of the exam, and the time management required. This helped a lot! The explanations of the principles applied to each question, were also very helpful of course. The verbal dilemma questions were the most difficult for me, but after the course I had a much clearer understanding of what the exam was looking for.” Dr C L

“Thank you for reaching out. The Emedica mock was extremely helpful as it was the only resource which gave the exact exam pattern. The real exam was very similar to the mock and it helped me immensely in getting a score of 408 and landing an interview. Thank you for all your hard work. Hoping to learn alot from your interview class.” Dr H Z

“I’m very pleased to let you know that I passed the SJT and was able to secure an interview! This was my 2nd attempt at the SJT and the 1st time taking your course. I must say, it was extremely helpful and I am beyond grateful for your help.” Dr R R

“I have been shortlisted with an SJT score of 408.I am deeply grateful for the course and for your guidance. The course, along with the two mocks was the single most important set of resources I used for prep.” Dr K A

“I scored 406 and got shortlisted. I felt the qbank helped me see the whole situation under different angles and from different perspectives.” Dr B B

“I scored 404 and have qualified for the interview. The material was very well prepared, and the platform brilliant, and it served my needs being the ONLY qbank that caters specifically to F2 standalone SJTs.” Dr U K

“My shortlist score is 381.000. I found your course extremely valuable. The practice questions with the relevant format were the most useful, but I also liked your presentation on common ethical dilemmas and relevant GMC guidelines. The mock exam was very similar, and the timed version helped me get the right pace.” Dr M H

The course covers:

Key Theory and Techniques for SJT exams - Key attributes and domains tested in the FY2 Standalone SJT exam. How to approach ratings SJT questions. Understanding how the FY2 SJT exam is marked. Key tips and techniques to boost your scores.

Core Knowledge for the FY2 SJT - Medical ethics, confidentiality, capacity, consent, GMC Good Medical Practice, child protection, raising concerns, prescribing, end of life care and advance directives, Do Not Attempt Resuscitation (DNAR) orders, personal beliefs and medical practice, maintaining boundaries. Fully updated to take account of changes to GMC guidance in 2024 and the recently updated DNAR and consent guidance.

FY2 SJT Mock Exam Full Mock FY2 SJT paper with the same timings per question as the real exam to get you used to optimum time management. This includes only ratings SJT questions, with examples of the new style evolving dilemam and speech dilemma ratings SJT questions. Detailed answers and explanations with discussion of WHY the best responses are correct, mapped to the Foundation Programme SJT attributes / person specification. All questions have been written specifically for the Foundation SJT exam in the same way as the real SJT questions - with a consensus panel including a subject matter expert (SME).

Questions and Answers - Dedicated question and answer session on SJT questions and FY2 Standalone programme entry.

SJT course

The course will be taught by Dr Mahibur Rahman - the author of the first article on Situational Judgement Tests in medical recruitment (Tackling Situational Judgement Tests - BMJ Careers 2007). Dr Rahman is a Portfolio GP and a consultant in medical education - he is an expert in medical careers, and has taught over 76,000 delegates since 2005.

Course Programme

09:30 Welcome and Introduction
09.35 FY2 Standalone - SJT overview
09.45 Key Techniques for SJT exams + SJT scenarios
11.20 Break
11.35 Core knowledge for the FY2 SJT
12.50 Lunch Break
13.35 FY2 Situational Judgement Test Mock Exam
14.25 SJT Mock: Answers, explanations and feedback Part 1
15.25 Break
15.40 SJT Mock: Answers, explanations and feedback Part 2
17.40 Questions and Answers, Summary and final tips
18.00 Close

We have helped students from every UK medical school prepare for the Foundation SJT since 2012, with excellent results and feedback every year: We have updated the course fully to cover the format of th FY2 standalone SJT, which has only ratings SJT questions.

You can see some feedback from past students for our SJT courses below:

"Great course, thank you very much! Helped me secure my first choice Deanery"

S L - University of Glasgow (49.16)

"Plenty of worked examples of SJT questions and explanations of all the domains. It really got me thinking about how to answer the questions, how to identify the key themes and also the layout of the exam and answer sheet which prior to this course I was completely unfamiliar with!"

A C - Leeds University Medical School (48.57)

"Really useful mock exam to practice with exam timings. I found the course most useful for helping me to understand what each question was testing and then could refer back to the key guidance we had covered."

K M - The University of Sheffield (48.30)

"The course was well organised and excellent value for money. There was advice given that you could not find anywhere online. Also good to be able to practise a realistic mock with good reasoning given for the answers."

I S- Swansea Medical School (47.48)

"Very well layed out course that covered all the relevant information regarding the SJT. Practice paper helped with managing time. Overall a fantastic course!"

R M - University of Glasgow (47.74)

"Good programme to keep students engaged. Plenty of practice questions, and great to get access to larger question bank."

R L - University of Dundee (46.93)

"Everything was great, thank you!"

M K - Cardiff University (46.43)

"The lecture itself was very concise and all of the information was useful and relevant. The timed practice paper and discussion was probably the highlight of the day."

C B - University of Sheffield (46.30)

"Very professional, concise, everything you need to know, practice paper plus booklet and questions to take away and do at home."

I B - Leeds (46.11)

"Mock exam was really helpful. Speaker took time to explain every answers & he was really funny hence the talk wasn't that dry."

D E - University of Scotland (46.16)

"Clear, concise and organised. Good starting point to help with my preparation for the SJT"

D G - University of Leeds (46.03)

"The explanation of the different exam sections and the rationale behind these was really helpful. The practice questions were brilliant, and the booklet provided was also really useful."

S W - Cardiff University (46.02)

SJT course

We also help many international medical graduates achieve great scores and successfully enter the Foundation Programme, with doctors attending from Poland, The Czech Republic, Slovakia, UAE, Sudan, Bulgaria and further afield:

"General overview of questions and how to answer them. The explanation of how the scoring worked was very useful. The practice paper at the end was also confidence boosting."

T C - Leeds (45.60)

"Method of explanation is clear and gives a good structure for answering questions"

J J - UCL (45.54)

"Good introduction, clearly outlining the key principles/contents for the exam and then good exam advice tips!"

S M - Sheffield (45.88)

"Good explanations, good advice, great booklet"

K R - KCL Medical School (45.50)

"Clear guidance on how to improve marks for each of the different types of questions."

V V - Imperial College London (45)

Whilst Oxford was my first choice deanery, I actually accepted an academic foundation training post in the NW Thames region. However, I'm still very pleased I attended the course as my SJT score would have given me an overall EPM of 91.58, which would comfortably have allowed me to rank jobs in the Oxford deanery confidently. Dr Rahman you spoke and taught with so much energy throughout the day. It really helps, particularly since the topics covered by the SJT are not necessarily what all medical students find interesting.

P S - University of Manchester (44.58)

Found the course useful and the past paper particularly good.

F K - King's College London (44.125)

Good use of questions and examples. The course leader was very good at explaining rationale behind answers.

I H - University of Leeds (43.678)

Really happy with the course and how it all turned out. I doubt I would have gotten into Scotland if my SJT score hadn't been high and it was only because of your brilliant course.

S M - Edinburgh (43.057)
N - Imperial College London (44.822)

I scored 44.148. I'm so happy with this and would like to thank you for all your help. I would really recommend the course to my peers in the year below. I found it useful to go on the course at the beginning of my SJ preparation as it allowed me to guide the rest of my studies.

L K - Foundation SJT 2018 Entry (44.148)

Telephone: 0121 744 6433 email: info@emedica.co.uk