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MRCGP AKT Masterclass - How to Pass the AKT:High Yield AKT revision

AKT Masterclass details:

You can purchase instant online access to the video recording of our MRCGP AKT Masterclass Webinar for 1 - 12 months by clicking the SUBSCRIBE NOW button below:

The next livestream AKT Masterclass half day will be in the autumn. If you would like to start preparing now, you can get instant access to the online recorded version by clicking the button below.

This half day AKT Masterclass will help doctors in GP training understand how to prepare and pass the MRCGP AKT. It is aimed at doctors in ST1 / ST2 / ST3 that want to prepare effectively for the AKT and pass first time or those preparing for a resit that want a clear plan to succeed. It will give you a clear idea of the structure of the exam, what to expect on the day, how to prepare effectively, common mistakes that lead to failure and how to avoid them, and the habits of those that score really well and how to apply them. There are interactive high yield sample questions for the stats, admin and clinical domains. The mastercalss also includes a 30 question teaching mock so you get a realistic idea of the types and level of questions in the exam. In total, there are over 50 high yield questions with up to date topic reviews to help you kickstart your AKT revision and get a clear plan on how to pass the exam!

The online recorded version has over 3 hours 50 minutes of videos and includes the PDF course booklet and topic review slides.

It consists of 4 modules:

Having an idea of what to expect and how to prepare early on will help you plan your revision and set you on the path to passing your AKT!

Feedback from our most recent AKT Masterclass in June 2020:

"Excellent structure, good quality material with very interactive teaching method, lots of invaluable tips given as well as encouragement and inspiration to continue our preparation for AKT"

"Excellent - good teaching with focus on difficult areas. Learnt about exam skills."

"Focussed, relevant at this stage, interactive and up to date"

"Excellent - I really liked the organisation of the course as I didn't feel bored at any point during the course. Very good information and eye opener on how to prepare for the AKT"

"Interactive. Wide range of questions to drive home learning. "

"I liked the fact that it was very interactive and Dr Rahman being very vast and patiently explaining difficult topics. I also like the mini mock which felt like a real exam."

"Interactive and engaging. Useful to do exam like questions."

"Interactive, feedback on why questions answered wrongly. Useful tips."

"Excellent - I liked the emphasis on exam technique & high yield areas"

"It is fantastic. Need deanery to either (run) similar course or regular Emedica course"

"Very in depth coverage of 50 questions discussed"

"Really helpful tutorial; teaching by Dr Rahman was excellent and will be signing up to more"

Feedback from our previous AKT Masterclass sessions:

"Structured approach Concrete advise on what materials to use and time to commit in order to pass the exam."

"It covered everything about the AKT and practical guide and advice on how to approach answering the questions. I now have idea of what to expect on the exam"

"Very concise. Dr Rahman explained all the mock questions and answers thoroughly. Explained how to focus my reading for the AKT and key areas to concentrate on and how much time needed. A really good course for someone not sure how to prepare for the AKT or where to start from."

"Good quality videos and able to log in from home. Plus the updated emails with additional learning material are good quality"

"Excellent course - concise, clear, covered the key topics and tips"

"Great first step in understanding where to start with revision"

"Main speaker is excellent, liked covering "why people fail" and "what examiners are looking for"

"Explained the facts clearly about the AKT"

"Easy to understand. Mock test very useful, great handouts"

"Really made me aware of the AKT...a definite eye opener"

Telephone: 0121 744 6433 email: info@emedica.co.uk