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MSRA Crammer Course Bundle - 2 day MSRA course + MSRA Online Revision questions

MSRA Crammer - 2 Day MSRA Revision Course

MSRA Crammer - 2 Day MSRA Revision Course

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Course Details

"The Crammer course had excellent teaching, exam advice and very beneficial practice questions. Very realistic and accurate reflection of the real exam. Thank you so much!" MSRA Scores: Clinical 312, SJT 315, Total: 627. Ophthalmology Offer London Deanery

You can subscribe now (instant access) to the recorded version of the 2 day course (14+ hours of videos) + access to 2200+ online revision questions (allow 100 hours to complete all questions) here:

1 month subscription - £449
2 month subscription - £469
3 month subscription - £489
6 month subscription - £499
12 month subscription - £519

MSRA 2 day Crammer course recording

Key Points:
  • Intensive 2 day course to prepare you for the MSRA - 1 day for the SJT, 1 day for the clinical
  • Key theory and technique for both papers - updated with key changes for 2024 exams
  • Realistic timed teaching mock exams for clinical and SJT papers
  • High yield clinical questions with rapid reviews of over 130 key topics based on current guidelines
  • The most comprehensive coverage of Situational Judgement Tests for the PD paper - 7+ hours
  • Key topics for the Professional Dilemma Paper - Ethics, confidentiality, consent, GMC guidance including the latest GMC updates
  • Ideal for anyone that wants to boost their MSRA scores and maximise their chances to get their 1st choice specialty and area
  • Suitable for ST1/CT1 applicants to GP, Radiology, Psychiatry, Anaesthetics, ACCS - Emergency Medicine, Paediatrics, Ophthalmology, Obstetrics, Neurosurgery, CAMHS, Core Surgical Training (CST) or CSRH
  • Includes access to over 2200+ online MSRA questions to consolidate knowledge / technique + 3 further full clinical mocks, and a full SJT mock exam for the duration of the subscription.
  • CPD - 14 hours / 14 Credits - certificate of attendance provided for study leave claims
This 2 day course provides focused preparation for the MSRA - we can help you boost your scores for both papers - we have helped thousands of doctors get into training, including many getting their top choice offers:

“Very useful to do full timed mock exams for both clinical and SJT paper and go through mark schemes. Gave a good overview of the breadth of content needed for both exams and helped identify weaknesses in my knowledge to go over” Dr S M – GP (ranked 24th) + Psychiatry (ranked 9th) – MSRA Score: 625

"Challenging questions. Good mock papers to practice before sitting the paper" Dr G H - GP - London (ranked 27th) - MSRA Score: 625

"Having struggled with other resources and finding that they didn't reflect the actual MSRA I came across emetic. It was revelatory for being accessible and properly tailored to the actual MSRA exam. I firmly believe it is what made the difference to me." Dr J M - GP - Bath - MSRA Score: 620

“The layout was great and the set number of questions per section was ideal. SJT questions felt as close to the exam of all the question banks that I used” Dr C C – Core Surgery, ACCS EM -MSRA Score: 618

"Focussed, good emphasis on high-yield/tricky questions, nice to have an "approach" for exam prep. Thank you!" Dr A L - GP - Oxford (ranked 83rd) MSRA score: 615

"Structured resources by specialty so I knew my time was being well spent across different topics and with milestones to keep me motivated." Dr J N - Anaesthetics (ranked 11th), Emergency Medicine (ranked 7th) - MSRA Score: 610

"Emedica provides a fantastic online course with questions that are highly representative of the actual exam. Each question provides an explanation and summary of the relevant topic, allowing a candidate to cover large subject areas quickly and effectively. This is ideal when balancing work with study. I sat the MSRA 2 years previously for O&G training. For various reasons I decided to leave O&G training and re apply for GP. I used Emedica the second time round and significantly improved by score from 540 to 610." Dr B R - GP - MSRA Score: 610

“I ranked 24/11000 of all GP applicants in the MSRA and got my first choice London GP job. I attended the emedica course and used the question banks and found them invaluable.” Dr S M - GP Offer

“Just wanted to thank you for the e-medica question bank! The SJT section and YouTube videos on this I found particularly helpful. I got 621 with a rank of 46.” Dr L M - GP Offer

“I am happy to let you know that I just got an offer for GP training in NI, MSRA 494, Rank 5781. I accepted with upgrades. What is interesting is that I only had 2 weeks to prepare as I had no information about MSRA exam previously. I bought the 1-month Emedica material, completed all the questions in 2 weeks. Alhamdulilah. It was worth it. Your material is epic. I would recommend to anyone.” Dr M H - GP Offer

“My score was 528, Rank was 3582. Emedica was a major part of my preparation. I found the questions similar to the exams and explanations just about the right length without being too lengthy. I got my first choice of Airedale and I accepted it. So, I’m very happy and thanks to you.” Dr A R - GP Offer

"The SJT was very realistic and helped me achieve my long life ambition of getting into ACCS on my first attempt." Dr R N - ACCS Offer

"The question format for clinical questions was the closest to the MSRA questions than other question banks" Dr C S - Anaesthetics Offer

"The course was presented in a simple format and laid out the ins and outs of the exam well. It was very useful for me given I had never given an exam like SJT before. The practice questions and going through their explanations together helped not only get familiar with the pattern of Qs but also an idea of what to look for while solving such Qs." Dr S Z - GP Offer

"Good questions and explanations. The crammer course was very well delivered and put together and really gave me a boost in getting my preparation in order. The key was in not underestimating the exam." Dr D Y - Psychiatry Offer

"Loved the mocks and revised them 2-3 times (including mini mocks). I think the 2 day crammer course was golden very concise and relevant. The YouTube one-hour videos again were fabulous." Dr J K B - Radiology, GP, Psychiatry, O&B Offers

"Platform is very similar to the one used for the MSRA so I felt confident navigating my way through the exam." Dr A C - GP Offer

This is the MOST COMPREHENSIVE MSRA preparation course available, with a full day of teaching (7+ hours) on the Professional Dilemma paper (Situational Judgement Test questions) and a full day (7+ hours) on the clinical paper.

For 2024 training posts, applicants to GP, Radiology, Psychiatry, Anaesthetics, ACCS - Emergency Medicine, Ophthalmology, Obstetrics, Core Surgical Training (CST), Neurosurgery, CAMHS, CSRH will all have to sit the same assessment (MSRA) as part of the recruitment process for ST1 / CT1 training posts, as well as ST3 applicants for Nuclear medicine. The same score can be used for all these specialties and will play an important part in the ranking process. In most cases the scores carry over to the next stage and can affect overall ranking and job offers, and so the MSRA will be an important thing in deciding your rank and therefore your chances of getting an offer in your desired specialty and location. For 2024, GP, Psychiatry, and CAMHS, there are no interviews / selection centres, so 100% of your rank will be based on your MSRA scores! For some compeititve specialties like Radiology, Ophthalmology, Anaesthetics etc., the MSRA is used to shortlist candidates for interview - so you need a good score to have any chance of securing a place.

The course covers the key theory and exam technique needed to get the best score possible, as well as providing you the chance to sit high challenge, high yield teaching mock exams for both the Clinical Problem Solving paper and the Professional Dilemma Paper (Situational Judgement Test questions). Feedback and explanations will be provided for both teaching mock exams.

The teaching mocks will be done under timed conditions, with questions shown on screen in exam format, to give you a feel for the real exam.
The questions used in the MSRA course mock exams are not available anywhere else.

The course covers : The MSRA – Clinical Problem Solving paper – types and level of questions, practice questions, reading lists, understanding keywords in the exam. High yield clinical topics - things doctors often find difficult or miss out in their preparation. Full 97 question teaching mock exam with feedback. We will cover over 100 key clinical topics and reviews of the current clinical guidelines.

Professional Dilemma / Situational Judgement Test paper – introduction to Situational Judgement, how to rank scenarios, sample questions, key GMC ethical guidance and how to apply them to SJT scenarios, high yield practice questions. Teaching mini mock SJT exam with feedback. 

The Course Director and main speaker is Dr Mahibur Rahman, an expert in the GP Recruitment process. He is a GP and Consultant in Medical Education, and has written and taught extensively on Getting into GP Training. He is the author of several books and articles on GP ST Entry, including the first article on Situational Judgement Tests for GP Recruitment (BMJ Careers 2007).

This course is suitable for anyone that wants to get onto a specialty training programme for GP, Radiology, Psychiatry, Anaesthetics, Emergency Medicine, Ophthalmology, Obstetrics, Neurosurgery, CAMHS, CSRH or Nuclear medicine. Whether you applied and did not secure a rotation last time (or didn't score well enough to get your choice or area), or are applying for the first time, this course is dedicated to helping you boost your scores in assessment to get shortlisted and to get your 1st choice job offer!

Subscribe now (instant access) to the recorded version of the 2 day course (14+ hours of videos) + access to 2200+ online revision questions.

Course Programme

Day 1 - Clinical Problem Solving Paper
09.15 - Registration opens
09.30 - Welcome and introduction
09.35 - MSRA exam basics and how different specialties use the MSRA score
09.45 - Clinical Problem Solving Paper - question formats and exam technique
10.15 - High Yield sample questions session 1
11.15 - Break
11.30 - How to prepare - effective revision + useful resources
11.50 - High Yield sample questions session 2
13.00 - Lunch break
13.45 - Clinical problem solving mock exam - full 97 question mock paper
15.05 - Break
15.20 - Clinical Problem Solving paper Mock answers and feedback
17.45 - Questions and answers
18.00 - Final tips and summary
18.15 - Day 2 preview and close

Day 2 - Professional Dilemma Paper - SJT questions
09.15 - Registration opens
09.30 Welcome and Introduction
09.35 MSRA - Professional Dilemma Paper - SJT overview
09.45 Key techniques for SJT exams + sample ranking and selection SJTs
10.45 GMC and ethical guidance for the SJT
11.30 Break
11.45 SJT practice: Section 1 - ranking questions
12.30 SJT practice: Section 2 - selection questions
13.15 Lunch break
14.00 Situational Judgement Test Mini Mock Exam
15.00 SJT Mock: Answers, explanations and feedback Part 1
16.00 Break for Refreshments
16.15 SJT Mock: Answers, explanations and feedback Part 2
18.00 Questions and Answers
18.10 Summary and final tips
18.15 Close

If you prefer to attend just 1 day, you can book this separately. Please note booking onto the full 2 day course includes access to our 2100+ MSRA online revision questions as part of the package (worth £99) - if you book just 1 day, you would need to subscribe to the online questions separately to get access.

Course Feedback

"I ended up scoring 600 on the MSRA, I secured my top choice GP training number at Imperial in London, and also my top choice CST job in an orthopaedics themed rotations in central London. I found the course extremely useful, the questions were similar to the real exam and the webinars were invaluable. Thank you for all your help getting there!"

"During my preparation for SRA Exam, Emedica was an invaluable resource. The question bank was fantastic for preparing questions and assessing progress along with the mock examinations for timing practice. I attended the SRA crammer course which definitely helped with exam technique and further preparation required. I scored in the top 10% allowing direct entry into Psychiatry Training and Emedica was part of this success."

Dr K S Psychiatry Direct Offer

"Thank you very much for the SJT course! Despite a rather short notice application and studying with three young children (hence the original plan of a career break) and the postman spending 15mins of my online sitting desperately trying to get my attention by any means I passed with a score of 618 (315 clinical and 303 PD). I wasn‘t so worried about the clinical exam but always find the PD very artificial and was very worried about getting a good score. I found your course helped as it gave me a more structured approach. I scored 2nd in psychiatry and 5th in GP and have accepted the only run through CAMHS post in the country (Maudsley) and hopefully someone else will enjoy the London GP post that they will be offered today!"

Dr G O - Direct offers for both CAMHS and GP - accepted CAMHS

"I'm pleased to let you know that I have secured an interview for Radiology. The cut off mark was 485 and I had 496. Many thanks for all your help and support with preparing for the MSRA."

Dr P J - Radiology

"I'd like to take the opportunity to thank you for your MSRA Crammer Course. I'm delighted to inform you that that I scored 573 in the MSRA for 2020 (287 in the Clinical Paper and 286 in the Professional Dilemma) Your course equipped me with the tools I needed to tackle the SJT component of the exam. Receiving a direct offer will significantly boost my chance at securing a place at a London hospital for ST1. Thank-you!"

Dr A S - Direct Offer

I am pleased to say I have received a direct offer for my GP training post! I scored 318 in the clinical section and 272 in the professional dilemma paper, giving me a total score of 590.

Dr O J - Direct Offer

Just wanted to thank you for your help with MSRA preparation. I only used Emedica resources for revision and was able to get a direct offer! The course was very useful too and helped me know what to expect and how to prepare.

Dr R G - Direct Offer

"I got a direct offer for Psych today. I must say the Emedica SRA Qbank really helped a lot in preparing me for the actual exam. During the exam I felt like I was just taking one of the mocks. The SRA crammer course which I attended online was likewise invaluable, especially on how to tackle SJT Qs. Totally changed the way I look at SJTs, for the better I suppose!Kudos to you and your team!"

Dr R V - Psychiatry Direct Offer

"I would like to thank you for your excellent presentation (I followed the webinar in Birmingham) on the MSRA; the Professional Dilemmas section was particularly helpful in demystifying the questions and giving us a framework for answering. Your workshop almost certainly played a part in helping me to secure a Direct Pathway to Offer for the GP training scheme. I am thrilled, and wanted to thank you for your very clear and informative presentation! I will definitely be recommending Emedica for any of my friends or colleagues revising for the exam."

Dr S R - GP Direct Offer

"I just wanted to thank you very much for all your help with the MSRA crammer course and online revision package. It really made a major difference for me, as I was successful in getting my first choice radiology training programme and I definitely wouldn’t have got it, if it wasn’t for the Emedica course. All the rapid review emails and your encouraging ‘keep going’ emails kept me going, in what can feel quite a lonely process. Your MSRA crammer course was invaluable, also, so a massive thank you from a very grateful (now) radiologist to be."

Dr A - Radiology

"I took your course for both the SJT & MSRA and I managed to get my top preference jobs in London for both the foundation programme and ophthalmology. Thank you for the excellent courses and post-course resources!"

Dr K T - Ophthalmology, London Deanery

During my preparation for SRA Exam, Emedica was an invaluable resource. The question bank was fantastic for preparing questions and assessing progress along with the mock examinations for timing practice. I attended the SRA crammer course which definitely helped with exam technique and further preparation required. I scored in the top 10% allowing direct entry into Psychiatry Training and Emedica was part of this success. Thank you for all the encouragement and help at such a crucial point in job application.

Psychiatry Direct Offer

Telephone: 0121 744 6433 email: info@emedica.co.uk