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GP ST Entry Pass+ Bundle

GP ST Entry Pass+ Bundle

GP ST Entry Pass+ Bundle

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Course details:

Key Points:
  • Complete preparation to get into GP training - our most comprehensive bundle to get into GP training including:
  • Getting into GP Training Step by Step course via Zoom on the 28th October 2023 - 3 hours CPD
  • 2 day MSRA Crammer course via Zoom 25th + 26th November 2023
  • Access to over 2200+ online MSRA questions with mock exams for clinical and SJT papers - over 100 hours of learning
  • Emedica clinical case cards digital edition - rapid revision based on current guidelines - 112 topic reviews for the clinical paper
  • Over 125 hours of learning in total to help you get your 1st choice GP training programme

The GPST Entry Pass+ Bundle is the complete package for doctors wishing to get into GP training in one of their top choice areas. It is over 125 hours of learning and includes the Getting into GP training step by step course + the 2 day MSRA Crammer course + access to 2200+ MSRA online revision questions until the end of January 2024 (worth £109) + the digital edition of our clinical case cards for rapid revision for the clinical paper. You can see more details of the individual resources that make up this discounted bundle below:

Course Feedback

We have helped unemployed doctors, SHOs, consultants, staff grades and F2 doctors get shortlisted and selected for GP training. The latest round of applications has been another successful one for our delegates, with success in EVERY deanery in the UK.

"Detailed explanation of all rounds and was given enough information about the ways to achieve the highest score."

"Dr Rahman was very informative of the entire GP application process. He knew the answer to every question! He was very empathetic and understanding. Amazing venue and food."

"I can't thank Dr Rahman enough! Without his help and guidance I would not have gotten into GP training. His excellent teaching skills and efficient time management throughout his courses made sure that I got the most HIGH YIELD information for the MSRA exam. The online Q bank is excellent as well and matches well to the exam content. I have attended E-medica courses for Stage 1-4 and will continue to attend courses through out my GP training as I find them to be extremely helpful. Thanks for helping me get into training Emedica !!"

Dr Veer Gupta (Poole GP Training scheme)

"I have done several courses with Emedica and I have found these extremely useful, informative and they have fully prepared me for the GP assessments. "

Dr L A - West Midlands Deanery Round

"Amazing! Thank you so much. Lots of useful pointers and tips that I would not have otherwise known."

Dr E C - KSS Deanery Round 1

"My success is getting my desired GP posting is solidly linked to Emedica courses I attended. Starting from Stages 1 to 4 to the Stage 3 Assessment. Thanks to Emedica courses."

Dr N S - East Midlands Deanery Round 1

"Very well run courses. Gave me an excellent overview of the entire process, highlighted potential pitfalls and provided excellent tips on how to avoid them and to excel at every stage."

Dr M B - GPST Entry Wessex Deanery

'It has been a wonderful experience at Emedica throughout the Selection process, Dr Rahman is very supportive and encouraging. The most incredible part is he answers all our queries even after his busy schedule!"

Dr U K - GPST Entry South West Deanery

"I found Emedica extremely useful as a service . The team were always able to update me with the latest information on the application process and the courses helped a lot with directing my revision . I would definitely recommend these courses for anyone applying to GP training."

Dr K V - GPST Entry London Deanery

"I would you like to thank Dr Rahman and his team. You taught me a lot and supported me and lots of other doctors during the preparation for GP. This began from filling the application form to every stage of the exams from written to scenarios. I am most grateful to you all. I could have not done it without your support and guidance . Thank you very much! "

Dr S N- GPST Entry Kent Sussex and Surrey Deanery

"Very useful in getting factual information about the exam format and content being tested. This is information that our hospitals and education departments do not seem to provide.Reassurance on the application process and deadlines. "

Dr A C - GPST Entry East of England Deanery

"I thought Emedica was the most organised course I had attended in my six years post qualifying as a doctor. Dr Rahman is extremely eloquent, knowledgeable in his area and a joy to listen to. He somehow made learning and preparing for the GP exams easy if not fun! I have a job in the south west deanery which I am very pleased with, many thanks to the Emedica Team."

Dr L P - GPST Entry South West Deanery

"I found Emedica to be extremely helpful. The 1-4 course was really important for me as I had absolutely no idea about how to apply for GP training and what to expect."

Dr S K- GPST Entry -London Deanery

"I ranked 7th in the KSS deanery and achieved a band 3 and a band 4 for the exam. I couldn't have done so well without Emedica. I attended both the stage1-4 course and the stage 3 assessment course and used the online material throughout. Both courses were extremely informative and as a result I felt prepared and knew exactly what to expect for each stage of the assessment process. Thanks very much".

Dr E K - GPST Entry - KSS Deanery

"The introductory course really helped me to understand the application process and made a lot of things clearer".

Dr T K - GPST Entry - Yorkshire & Humber Deanery

"I found the GP Entry course 1-4 to be very informative and attending it early meant I had the advantage of being able to plan for my application early".

Dr C L - GPST Entry - London Deanery

"Thank you very much for the SJT course! Despite a rather short notice application and studying with three young children (hence the original plan of a career break) and the postman spending 15mins of my online sitting desperately trying to get my attention by any means, I passed with a score of 618 (315 clinical and 303 PD). I wasn‘t so worried about the clinical exam but always find the PD very artificial and was very worried about getting a good score. I found your course helped as it gave me a more structured approach. I scored 2nd in psychiatry and 5th in GP and have accepted the only run through CAMHS post in the country (Maudsley) and hopefully someone else will enjoy the London GP post that they will be offered today!"

Dr G O - Direct offers CAMHS and GP

"Excellent! The course guided me through the entire process and helped me to obtain a good rotation in the deanery of my choice. I found the courses professional and in excellent locations with great services. I would highly recommend this"

Dr C W - GPST Entry - Wales Deanery

"I wish to thank you all for the wonderfully organised courses and constant support through my process of preparation. I feel that this has made a great difference and has played a very important role in my success in the recruitment stages"

Dr D B - GPST Entry - North-western Deanery

"Worth its weight in gold..The question bank contained hundreds of questions, and importantly, the questions were clearly grouped by topic area, which made it really easy to structure my revision and work through the topics systematically." Dr Evelina Russell - MSRA Score: 640

"A very accurate reflection of the real exam. Thank you so much!" Dr R T - Ophthalmology - MSRA score: 627

"After sitting the exam, it was apparent that Emedica is the most representative out of all the MSRA question banks that I have encountered - this is in terms of question style, exam format, and areas of knowledge tested." Dr Zeinab Dafalla - GP - MSRA score: 623

"Very realistic. Nice to be able to pick a subject to revise and also to have long and short exam papers" Dr S K - MSRA score: 559

"Extensive and the closest to the exam in all 3 question banks I solved." Dr A E- MSRA score: 551

"Excellent courses particularly for people that qualified in the pre-Foundation doctors / Core trainees era (aka PRHO's, SHO's) and those who are applying for GP training from a specialty or sub-specialty that is almost completely unrelated to GP training e.g. transplant surgery. These courses provide valuable info on the application process, the expected depth and breadth of knowledge. In doing so they instil confidence and reduce the risk of poor performance due to nervousness"

Dr H W- GPST Entry- Northern Deanery

"It's been a great learning experience attending the Emedica courses. I have learnt so many things through these courses and I am recommending them to my colleagues. Thank you Emedica for helping the GP aspirants to get into a training programme they desire".

Dr R K - GPST Entry - West Midlands Deanery

"It has been a very positive experience. I came top 20 out of all the West Midlands' applicants which is all credit to Emedica"

Dr S R- GPST Entry - West Midlands Deanery

"Truly the best preparation for the recruitment process - so many useful nuggets of information that I'm sure were key in helping me land my first choice deanery - so grateful! I would definitely recommend Emedica to my peers"

Dr A P - GPST Entry London Deanery

Emedica has been the backbone to my revision preparation for the GP recruitment process. The Stages 1-4 overview course was invaluable in setting me up on how to approach everything. "

Dr S K - GPST Entry KSS Deanery

"I attended the Getting into GP overview course. I got my first choice deanery (North Western) and first choice geographical location (Preston) and was thrilled to be ranked 16/285 in the deanery. Many thanks again."

Dr K G - GPST Entry North Western Deanery

"I was very pleased to discover I did well in the application process and obtained my first choice placement in my first choice deanery with my first choice rotations!! A placement in the penine region of west Yorkshire which I eagerly accepted...Emedica were extremely useful and helpful throughout the application process and I am certain it was money well spent - I'm not sure I would have secured any rotation without you let alone my first choice. I will happily join the alumni association and will look forward to attending future Emedica courses. Many thanks for your help once again."

Dr M M - GPST Entry Yorkshire Deanery

"I am very pleased to tell you that I have accepted a post in Chelmsford. I am extremely pleased with the outcome and am excited to start my training. I would encourage any applicant to go to the Emedica courses. I have had fantastic support from you and your team. You were absolutely right when you said that your application needs to be carefully checked...Thank you again for all the personal attention Emedica has afforded me. I wouldn't have got through this process without your invaluable advice. I am looking forward to a successful career in general practice. "

Dr S P - GPST Entry East of England Deanery

"Emedica is an excellent, professional company that provides extensive information about the GP application process, incredibly useful tips, and full support throughout the process. The GP ST Entry course provided extensive cover and information about all the stages of the application and the continued contact provided up to date information about the process avoiding worry when national delays occurred. They provided extremely useful information unavailable anywhere else, in a friendly format with the knowledge to answer any questions - far better than reading all the books in the world. They helped me get my first choice rotation in my first choice deanery and provided all the help and information I could ask for I could not recommend them highly enough."

Dr M M - GPST Entry Yorkshire & Humber Deanery

"The course was efficient and complete - good clear explanation of entry process which can be time consuming and confusing to read online. Good chance to ask questions and provided full answers.

Dr J L - GPST Entry Scotland Deanery

"Excellent and informative courses that helped boost my confidence and prepare thoroughly for the GP assessment process. I was thrilled to be offered a place in my first choice scheme and deanery of Oxford and think Emedica gave me a real boost to getting there."

Dr R M - GPST Entry Oxford Deanery

"Thank you for your informative emails during the GPVTS recruitment this year, they have been very helpful and reassuring. I thought you would like to know that I have been offered a training post in Barnet, North London, and cannot wait to start! I am sure the Emedica Stages 1-4 day course that I attended played a significant part in my obtaining this post and I would certainly recommend it to others in future. Thanks again for your help."

Dr A P - GPST Entry London Deanery

Telephone: 0121 744 6433 email: info@emedica.co.uk