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Medical Statistics Made Simple Webinar

MRCGP AKT Masterclass Webinars

MRCGP AKT Masterclass Webinars

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Medical Statistics Made Simple

  • Saturday 7th September 2024 (9.30am - 1.30pm)   


4 x AKT webinars (save £149) Stats + Organisational + 2 x High Yield Clinical

  • 7th September (9.30am - 6.30pm), 11th & 12th September 2024 (7pm - 10.30pm)   



Medical Statistics Made Simple

  • Saturday 7th December 2024 (9.30am - 1.30pm)   


4 x AKT webinars (save £149) Stats + Organisational + 2 x High Yield Clinical

  • 7th December (9.30am - 6.30pm), 11th & 12th December 2024 (7pm - 10.30pm)   



Webinar Course Details

If you want to join the live webinar, please use the "Book Now" button above.

If you want to revise now, you can purchase instant online access to the video recording of our MRCGP AKT Masterclass Webinars for Statistics / Admin / High Yield Clinical for 1 - 12 months by clicking the SUBSCRIBE NOW button below:

Medical statistics / evidence based practice is 10% of the MRCGP AKT - many doctors find it challenging / scary / difficult to revise - this webinar will help make it simple!

You can access the LIVE stream from the comfort of your home (worldwide access) - we will email you instructions on how to join the stream within 1 working day of booking and you will receive a link to the PDF handout by email a day before the webinar. The webinars are interactive - as well as rapid reviews of all the key topics, you will work through AKT style statistics questions covering all the key topics to test your knowledge!

This webinar is taught by Dr Mahibur Rahman - he has a Masters in Health Informatics and got 100% in the statistics domain when he sat his own MRCGP exams in 2007. He has helped many doctors overcome their fear of stats, and some have found what was their weakest subject became their strongest. Key topics will be explained with examples to help you really understand how to tackle questions in your exam.

The webinar includes 45 AKT style stats questions with worked examples of calculations and how to interpret data. We cover the new style data interpretation questions. Topics covered include:
• Incidence
• Prevalence
• Mean, mode, median
• P value
• 95% / 99% confidence intervals
• Standard deviation
• Types of error
• Sensitivity and specificity
• Positive predictive value / negative predictive value
• Odds ratio
• Risk – absolute, relative, RRR, ARR
• Null hypothesis
• Pearson’s correlation
• Spearman’s correlation
• Chi – square test
• Types of measurement – nominal, ordinal, interval, ratio
• Qualitative vs. quantitative data
• Mann Whitney U
• Student’s test (t-test)
• Paired t-test
• Z-test
• Wilcoxon Signed-Rank
• Kruskal-Wallis
• Friedman’s ANOVA
• Interpreting public health / practice data
• Mortality data
• Prescribing data
• Kaplan Meier plot
• Meta-analyses – forest plots
• Statistical process control chart
• Scatter plots / correlation / regression
• Cates plots
• L’Abbe plots
• Box and whisker plots
• Histograms
• Funnel plots
• Study terms - reliability / validity / generalisability
• Bias
• Confounding variables
• Blinding
• Types of study – descriptive / analytical / experimental
• Retrospective vs. prospective studies
• Case studies
• Cross sectional surveys
• Randomised control trial
• Case control study
• Cohort study
• Meta-analysis
• Cross sectional comparison study
• Systematic reviews
• Hierarchy of evidence

Course Feedback

Here is some feedback from our previous webinars:

"I passed first time with 82% overall. 81% in clinical, 90% in stats and 85% in admin. Emedica was an integral part of my revision, especially the webinars."

Dr S A - Passed AKT

"I have passed my AKT on my 3rd attempt with stats 90% and organisation 75%. I attended your high yield topics, stats and admin course this time round, and it was really useful for me. I would recommend this course to my colleagues and put feedback online as well. Thank you for your help."

Dr C C - Passed AKT

"I think I found the statistics webinar course most useful. It helped me answer most of the real life data questions in the exam. I applied the same principles you taught in the course, even in questions I wasn't sure of. I am very happy I scored 17/20 (85%) in Stats, considering how tough and abstract the questions were. So, thank you."

Dr I E - Passed AKT

"Just wanted to say thank you so much for the help! I failed 2 attempts before by 2 marks and this time I used your high yield and stats/organisation webinars and I really think that was the difference!"

Dr R H - Passed AKT

"I PASSED AKT! FIRST TIME! Very happy with my results. I absolutely put in the hard work but I do recognise how valuable your resources were to me, and most helpfully the video modules with the Clinical, Stats & Admin sections, and your day of questions 200 mcq's and your YouTube daily web series 30 days to AKT test. I am going to be signposting all of my GP trainee colleagues about your webinar series and thank you so much for your virtual support even tips with what to have for breakfast on the day all that kind of pep talk was all very comforting! I also used the flashcards which were nice as a separate way to test knowledge when fatigued with MCQ's. I Found Emedica thoroughly helpful even when emailing to discuss access to recordings ect all very thorough and professional."

Dr M E - Passed AKT

"Thank you so much for all your help - I passed the AKT. I am very grateful for all your help and support. I found the 3 evening webinars particularly useful in my revision."

Dr S D - Passed AKT

"Thank you for all your support and resources throughout preparation for AKT. I managed to pass with 80% across all three domains and know that I could not have done so without your courses tips evening teaching webinars and motivation!"

Dr P S - Passed AKT

"I would really like to thank you for your teachings and support in helping me to finally pass my AKT this time. I have scored 79 overall, with 82 (clinical) which was my weakest area. This is a 13 marks overall increase from my previous attempt. I'm grateful for having this achievement with your AKT course."

Dr N C - Passed AKT

"Thanks for this email and your thoughtful communications but more importantly thank you for your AKT resources. I'm pleased to say I passed. Your resources helped me to get a score I was really pleased with! The stats and admin videos made those difficult to revise sections seem much more straightforward and your clinical resources helped to bring some focus to what can seem like an overwhelming curriculum. I look forward to using your RCA resources in the future!"

Dr C P - Passed AKT

"Thank you for all your webinars and AKT videos on YouTube. I passed my AKT first time with a score of 85.5%. Your webinars really helped introducing the organisational and statistics topics before I started doing questions - I think they were the perfect length. I wish you had done them earlier in the month but I bought your previous ones from January so it was okay! I got 75% in your AKT mock the day before the exam so thought it was good practice. Thank you again as always!"

Dr A H - Passed AKT

"Yesterday I got the results to my akt exam, and to my surprise I found out I passed! I cannot tell you how invaluable/instrumental your webinars were in my passing. It was completely relevant and pitched at exactly the right level. The same goes for your 30 day challenge and YouTube videos."

Dr M L - Passed AKT

"I wanted to thank you for all your guidance and effort, Facebook group, videos and webinars, I PASSED my any this time round, I got 77%, last time I missed it by 1 mark but hamduallah this time I done well."

Dr M S - Passed AKT

"Thank you for your support. I passed my AKT. The emedica AKT course was really helpful along with the webinars and the YouTube clips.
Many many thanks."

Dr E C - Passed AKT

I'm happy to say I passed with a score of 85.35% overall Alhamdulillah, your one-day course and online resource was helpful alongside pass medicine and the recommended book on statistics.

Dr AD - Passed AKT

Alhamdulilallah I passed, scoring 81.81%! Thank you so much for your valuable advice.

Dr OG - Passed AKT

Many thanks for all your help. Passed at my first attempt. 78.28% overall achieving 90% in stats and 95% in the organisational domains. Your revision video crammer modules which I used in my final days of revision absolutely helped with my last-minute consolidation and certainly my exam technique.

Dr LA - Passed AKT

I am pleased to say I passed on my first attempt with 82.8%... Also you'll be pleased to know I got 100% on the statistics component!

Dr LJ - Passed AKT

Thank you so much Dr Rahman! I Passed the AKT with 78%. I am so relieved, happy and grateful. Couldn't have done it without the teaching, webinars and your support.

Dr AR - Passed AKT

I was very pleased with my AKT pass today and found the webinars extremely helpful! Scored 90% on both stats and admin and 75% overall. The format of the webinars was ideal with questions followed by debrief and explanations…The interactive component was also good as it kept one engaged during the session. I also used your online questions/AKT package and found that bursts of 20 questions was ideal. Explanations were also concise and had the key information needed!

Dr TA - Passed AKT

I just wanted to thank you for getting me through the AKT! Honestly, I thought I could never get through this. My scores this time was 73.73%. So just made it! This could not have been done without your support and your help in my preparation. The webinars were fantastic.

Dr TA - Passed AKT

Alhamdulillah I passed the exam with a good score! Thank you for all your support and revision sessions. The webinars were particularly useful.

Dr MK - Passed AKT

I passed! Thank you for your courses, webinars and online question bank ...I did the lot and it certainly paid off! I'm thrilled.

Dr HS - Passed AKT

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