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MRCGP AKT Online Revision

MRCGP AKT Online Revision

MRCGP AKT Online Revision

Key Points:
  • Comprehensive revision package for the MRCGP AKT
  • 2300+ questions covering all 3 domains
  • Clinical, oranisational and statistics questions mapped to the RCGP curriculum
  • 4 mini mock exams + 1 full, 200 question complete AKT mock exam
  • Exam level and layout - EMQs are 1 question per sceen like the real AKT
  • Interactive learning with answers and concise notes and explanations
  • Accessible on mobiles and tablets with internet access
  • Clinical and Statistics questions also suitable for doctors preparing for the MRCGP International AKT / MCQ exam

1 month - £49
2 months - £79
3 months - £99
4 months - £109
6 months - £119
12 months - £129
AKT Mock Exam - Full 200 question mock - 2 weeks - £30 (this is a different mock to the main AKT revision package)

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MRCGP AKT revision
There are currently over 2300 questions, with concise explanations to help you prepare for all 3 domains of the MRCGP AKT. There is concise feedback with each question so you can revise effectively as you go along. There are questions of ALL the main formats included in the exam and cover all 3 doains (clinical, stats, admin).

Questions are mapped to the domains in the RCGP curriculum, allowing you to systematically cover the topics covered in the exam.

MRCGP AKT revision

AKT Online Feedback

MRCGP AKT revision

“Happy to inform you that I passed my AKT exam. I got an overall 73.4% with a breakdown of 71% in clinical, 70% in admin and 95% in stats. Thanks for all your help and guidance especially your teaching sessions. You are a great mentor to all of us! The online question bank, mocks, 30 day challenge topics and admin/stats/ clinical webinars were such an integral part of my preparation. Thank you once again for helping me get through this in the first attempt itself.”

Dr A S – Passed AKT

“I just wanted to reach out to say thank you for your Emedica resources. Somehow, I have gone from completely fearing statistics and lacking confidence in that area to getting 95% in the statistics section of the exam. Your lectures, practice questions and extra videos were such an important factor in me passing the AKT so thank you!”

Dr H S – Passed AKT

“Just wanted to say thanks! Did your course, and 3 of the mocks (which were significantly more challenging than the exam! - but this served as excellent preparation!) I passed with 88% overall, and 100% for the statistics!”

Dr K N – Passed AKT

“I have passed my AKT exam with 76 % and I will like to thank you for your useful Question bank and webinars. Your admin material helped me secure 76% in that domain.”

Dr A W – Passed AKT

“I really enjoyed the question bank and your YouTube videos. Happy to say it was my first sitting and passed with 87%.”

Dr A M – Passed AKT

“I have passed my AKT with overall 75.5. I found your course and Emedica questions very useful. I enjoyed doing the 30 day challenge.”

Dr S S – Passed AKT

“I passed!!!! Your admin and stats webinars and online questions very extremely helpful - thanks so much for all your help.”

Dr G A – Passed AKT

“I would like to say a huge thank you for helping me get through the AKT with 85%. The online AKT resources were excellent… particularly the Webinars for clinical, stats and organisational with additional resources. The mock timed exams were also invaluable.”

Dr C S – Passed AKT

Telephone: 0121 744 6433 email: info@emedica.co.uk