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MRCGP SCA Intensive Preparation

MRCGP SCA Intensive preparation course

MRCGP SCA Intensive preparation course

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MRCGP SCA Pass+ Bundle - Observer Ticket (save over £260)

  • Observer ticket for SCA Preparation Course Thursday 11th January 2024 + 12 months access to GP 100 Case Crammer online course recording + Printed booklet + 2 hours 1 to 1 SCA Coaching   
Observers will get the same pre-course and post-course learning as participants, and will see all 20 role plays / see participants getting feedback during the live course, but will not get to practice / get individual feedback on the date of the live intensive course. Observers can ask questions via the chat / Q&A function. With this bundle, you will have 2 x 1 hour 1 to 1 coaching after attending the main course as an observer and will get detailed individual feedback from realistic mock cases during your 1 to 1 sessions.



MRCGP SCA Preparation Intensive Course - Observer Ticket

  • Thursday 11th January 2024 - LIVE Stream Webinar 9.15am - 6.15pm   
Observers will get the same pre-course and post-course learning as participants, and will see all 20 role plays / see participants getting feedback during the live course, but will not get to practice / get individual feedback. Observers can ask questions via the chat / Q&A function.


MRCGP SCA Preparation Intensive Course - Participant Ticket

  • Thursday 11th January 2024 - LIVE Stream Webinar 9.15am - 6.15pm   


MRCGP SCA Pass+ Bundle - Participant Ticket (save over £300)

  • SCA Preparation Course Thursday 15th February 2024 + 12 months access to GP 100 Case Crammer online course recording + Printed booklet + 2 hours 1 to 1 SCA Coaching   



MRCGP SCA Preparation + GP 100 Crammer Bundle - Participant Ticket (save £179)

  • SCA Preparation Course Thursday 15th February 2024 + 6 months access to GP 100 Case Crammer online course recording   



MRCGP SCA Preparation Intensive Course - Participant Ticket

  • Thursday 15th February 2024 - LIVE Stream Webinar 9.15am - 6.15pm   


Course Details

Intensive blended learning MRCGP SCA course with 20 live cases with professional simulated patients, and an opportunity to get detailed individual feedback on all 3 domains you will be marked on in the real exam.

Why choose this MRCGP SCA course?
  • Intensive and comprehensive preparation for the MRCGP SCA exam- unique blended learning
  • Start preparing before you attend with our SCA Masterclass half day course (usually 150) / access the recording - this covers key theory and includes 6 interactive SCA cases (4.5+ hours in total)
  • See 20 cases role played on the day including examples of all 12 case domains used in the SCA
  • Each doctor will take part in 1 interactive case in the morning and 1 full case in the afternoon with detailed individualised feedback
  • 4 months access to our 69 MRCGP SCA cases online to use after the course + bonus videos (worth 99)
  • Learn through practise throughout the day
  • Receive constructive and relevant individual feedback from a full mock SCA case
  • Work with experienced professional simulated patients - male and female
  • Learn the techniques that will help you boost your scores in all 3 domains
  • Demonstrations of how to handle difficult areas registrars often struggle with
  • Ideal for anyone in ST3 that wants to pass the SCA well
  • Receive a certificate for 12 hours CPD + 20+ hours further learning post course

MRCGP SCA course selector
Interested in joining a fully booked course as an observer, or booking a future SCA course date? Join our waiting list.

"Varied and challenging cases, lots of learning - just excellent" SCA Course Attendee - Participant

“Enjoyed simulated consultations and demonstrations of how to approach difficult subjects.” SCA Course Attendee - Observer

“Well structured course & helped me to identify things which I can improve on!” SCA Course Attendee - Participant

“Very good cases, high challenge cases, good feedback” SCA Course Attendee - Participant

"Excellent course. Things I liked: 1. A wide variety of cases covered, 2. Interaction throughout, responding to questions, 3. Giving advice on practical aspects of preparation, 4. Breaking cases down into 3 different domains and what is required in each. Thank you so much, really useful!!!" SCA Course Attendee - Observer

"Excellent – liked the interactive nature and the constructive feedback. I used Emedica for my AKT revision. It was a late find in my revision process but I am fully certain that's why I passed the AKT first time. Keep doing what you’re doing! You’re all amazing! Thank you." SCA Course Attendee - Participant

Run by Dr Mahibur Rahman who passed his CSA in 2007 with merit after passing every case. He has been helping doctors pass their MRCGP exams for over 17 years, and also trained when video submissions were used as part of the licensing exams


Pre Course Study - MRCGP SCA Masterclass videos
  • RCGP mark scheme for the SCA + what examiners look for
  • How to hit all the criteria and common reasons for failing
  • Communication and consultation skills - how to structure a consultation using the CARE structure
  • Breaking bad news - a structured approach


Course Programme
09.15 Welcome and Introduction + pre-course Q&A
09.30 Interactive Cases 1-7 + best practice demos
11.20 Break
11.35 CARE + Case 8 – Demo full high scoring case
11.55 Full mock SCA cases 9-11 with individual feedback
13.15 Lunch break
14.00 Full mock SCA cases 12-16 with individual feedback
16.00 Break
16.15 Full mock SCA cases 17-20 with individual feedback
18.00 Final Tips and Q and A
18.15 Close

Post Course Study
  • 4 months access to the Emedica MRCGP online cases (usually 89)
  • Additional video lectures and demonstration cases
  • Access to 69 additional SCA specific cases with detailed mark schemes - use to practise cases
  • Detailed role play sheets for accurate patient simulation
  • SCA style candidate sheets for familiarity
  • Detailed and specific examiner sheets with SCA style mark schemes to assess how you are progressing
  • Key learning points for discussion and links for further learning for each case

This course has been developed specifically for the MRCGP SCA - it includes a mix of all 12 SCA case domains (including third party cases and professional discsussion / dilemma) and includes both telephone and remote video cases with professional simulators. The focus is on learning through realistic practise and individual feedback.

We have been helping doctors pass the MRCGP CSA and RCA since the inception of both exams - you can see feedback from past courses below:

MRCGP CSA course feedback

The Course Director and main speaker is Dr Mahibur Rahman. He is a Portfolio GP in Birmingham and a Consultant in Medical Education. He passed the CSA with merit after passing every case, and his article on 10 Tips to pass the CSA was published in InnovAit. He has helped thousands of doctors succeed in their Membership examinations since 2006. He has been involved in helping GP trainers prepare their registrars for the CSA through the MRCGP CSA for Trainers course. You can find out more about him HERE.

Course Feedback

Feedback from our previous MRCGP courses:

"I just wanted to pass on some news to Dr Rehman. I attended his pass the RCA course many months ago and I found out in March 21 that I passed the RCA with a score of 190. This was the fifth highest score in the NW deanery." Dr Beita Khadem

"Thank you so much for your help and support. I am pleased to say that I passed my RCA at the first attempt with 174. You have been an amazing help and support since the beginning of GP training when I was taking the entrance exam." Dr K H

" I passed the RCA!..Thank you for all your help and for the course, it was really great." Dr P P

"Many thanks - I have passed the RCA. Lord is great and you have helped achieve the goals. I only started recording 5 week prior to exam and I could not have done this without your help and support." Dr F S

"I passed the RCA with a very clear pass at first sitting. I would like to thank you and you team so much for getting me through GP training. I attended your MSRA, AKT and RCA courses and passed all of these exams at first go! You are indeed an asset to GP trainees.
God continues to bless you and the work of your hands." Dr A A

" BY the grace of Allah I have passed the RCA in first attempt. Many thanks for your guidance and motivation. Indeed this was the major part of the medical career struggles and cant be thankful enough to think about not having to take any more exams!!" Dr R F

"Many thanks for all your help over the years. I have attended all your courses for gp training, most recently the CSA course. I have passed my CSA today with 104! "

Dr S A - Passed CSA

"Yes results did come out this evening as you predicted - I got 102/117 so was really pleased! Thank you so much for your help. I used the CSA 100 case crammer webinar as well as attending your course in Birmingham and both were invaluable so thank you very very much!"

Dr L P - Passed CSA

"I passed my exam with a score of 95!! Thank you for your course it was so useful."

Dr A C - Passed CSA

"Just wanted to let you know I passed my CSA in May with an 86 in the end on my 3rd attempt. Thank you for your help I found your course very helpful."

Dr J T - Passed CSA

"I passed with 85. Thanks for the online help and the last-minute revision emails you sent us regularly."

Dr R S - Passed CSA

"Thanks for your wishes. I am happy to inform you that I have passed CSA on my first attempt with a score of 80! Used to listen to the crammers daily on my 40 minute commute to work- really helped. Thanks for all the guidance and push for improving myself. Really grateful."

Dr D J - Passed CSA

"Alhamdillah I have passed my CSA in the April setting. I did attend your course and purchased the 100 case crammer video which I found very helpful."

Dr S Q - Passed CSA

"Alhamdulillah I passed and the cases were the closest to the exam than any other material I used! "

Dr M S - Passed CSA

"Many thanks for your support and encouragement. I passed the exam in May and can't thank you enough for your invaluable resources. It wasn't my best performance but managed to get through the hurdle and I'm very pleased with the results."

Dr P P - Passed CSA

"It gives me great pleasure to inform you that I have been able to pass the CSA in my second attempt. I am grateful to you for all your support and advice."

Dr A H - Passed CSA

"I passed with a decent score. Your revision course was very helpful, and the cases were spot onthanks."

Dr M C - Passed CSA

I passed my CSA first attempt. Thank you for all your good work and support.

Dr E D - Passed CSA

Thanks a lot Dr Rahman, I passed the CSA and your course definitely helped me.

Dr M Y - Passed CSA

I have passed my CSA in the first time. Thank you so much for all your help. Your course was really helpful for the exam preparation including the online bank which is an extremely useful resource.

Dr S W - Passed First Attempt CSA

"I’m pleased to inform you & Dr Rahman that I managed to pass the CSA, first time around. I will be recommending emedica to colleagues for sure!"

Dr M S - Passed First Attempt CSA

I have passed my CSA exam! Thank you so much for all your help on Emedica prep course and ongoing revision resources that were emailed to us regularly!

Dr V A - Passed CSA

I just wanted to say thank you so much for your help on the CSA course, it was really useful and I passed with a score of 100!

Dr R H - Passed CSA

Thank you so much, and your team for all of your help. I passed the CSA: 86 out of 117! I found your revision day and your one day crammed to be extremely helpful. I also practiced, in my study group, with all of the case scenarios on the e-medica website. Again, I found them invaluable for my preparation and I am extremely grateful for the content of your course and your website.

Dr J G - Passed CSA - First Attempt

Thank you Dr Rahman! I passed first time! I've always used emedica- from when I wanted to get into GP training 3 years ago to my CSA exam! Thank you for providing ongoing high-quality preparation content! Keep up the good work!

Dr M W - Passed CSA - First Attempt

Thank you so much! Passed again! Obviously Emedica has been very much instrumental in this.

Dr O C - Passed CSA

I passed CSA in this sitting. Thank you very much for your support. I am looking very much forward to your course on tips for life after CCT.

Dr A C - Passed CSA

"I attended your course yesterday, and it really was phenomenal... the best course I’ve been on yet... so informative and such a high quality I can’t tell how grateful I am to have attended can’t say enough good things about it. It’s done wonders to awaken my needs for the CSA exam and I already feel so much more confident approaching it from just one day with you guys! Dr Rahman really is exceptional and we’re so lucky to have someone so inspirational for up coming trainees in what seems to be a difficult time for our profession, and in the gruelling nature of training, he really makes it fun again. It really was a pleasure and I don’t recommend courses to anyone but this one I’ve told everyone to go on!"

"Really interactive - plenty of chance to practice. Friendly staff throughout. Good learning materials to take away/cases to practice. Encouraging! Relevant. Fantastic course - many thanks as always for your hard work."

"Great simulators and practice cases really getting to the bottom of what we need. Really brilliant resource."

"Amazing course, very useful highlighted my weak points of consultation will definitely recommend it to anyone preparing for the exam and I'm so pleased that I attended Emedica."

"Very useful insights into difficult cases were provided and there were some excellent examples of communication skills in action."

"Very detailed. Focused on each candidate. Identified my weaknesses"

"Vast range of topics covered more than I was hoping for! Really good opportunity to ask data gathering questions. Always entertaining (despite a long day of teaching!) and engaging :)"

"Small number of candidates, lots of practice cases was fantastic. Feedback was very helpful, I'd recommend this course to friends"

"The practice consultations (and actors) were excellent."

"Very constructive feedback about how to add marks and improve performance + body language."

"Excellent course. Really like the practice sessions with actors and feedback. Valuable tips on exactly what the examiners are looking for."
MRCGP CSA course

Just to let you know I passed CSA with a score of 105. I have done all your courses, from applying to GP training through to your CSA Immersion course and I have found them invaluable to my training and to help me focus my revision.

Dr L J - Passed CSA

Just want to say a huge thank you to Dr Rahman. I attended the GPST entry course, used the SJTs, watched the 30days AKT revision videos and attended a one day CSA course. 3 years in the making. Passed AKT & CSA first time comfortably.
Sharp succinct materials. I thoroughly recommend all his courses.

Dr U G - GPST3 East of England Deanery

Allhumdullilah, I passed CSA with a score of 85. My ST3 year has been a challenge, having returned from an OOPE in South Africa in January 2018. Hence I have found it difficult to find groups to revise with. My only preparation was work based assessments, and your course. I was not too hopeful of a pass first time. But, thankfully your course and revision material really does dissect the CSA examination, remove any mysteries surrounding it, helped me focus on consultation structure, and thankfully pass.

Dr M A M - Passed CSA

Just to let you know that I passed my CSA - score was 81. Thank you so much for your support and encouragement. God bless you and your team.

Dr O N - Passed CSA

Thanks for the course, I found it really helpful, and passed my CSA first time! So chuffed. Thanks for all your help. Best wishes and keep up the good work!

Dr N C - Passed CSA

"I got a good pass at 99 with a pass mark of 75 for my day. I attended your course early December as I was taking the CSA earlier than my colleagues due to pregnancy.
I thought the course was brilliant and I've recommended it to all my friends. My trainer and my husband (who I did most of my case practices with) said I changed significantly after the course, for the better! It really got me motivated and focussed for the day.
I found the personal feedback really useful not only for the exam but for everyday life. I was spending far too long looking at my papers (in real life computer) and acting under confident, especially when unsure. I went on to have more confidence in being direct and focussed and being able to say when I wasn't sure and what I would do about it. I also felt more confident handling requests that I needed to refuse and dealing with difficult patients.
The CSA certainly was not all about 'ICE' which is a big focus of Bolton, where I train. I'm not sure I did too much ICE at all on the day.
The biggest help of the day was to push that this was not a communication exam, it's not all about ICE and clinical knowledge and management is just as important. I used all the tips and skills I gained on your course and honestly feel there is no way I would have passed without it and as I said it has helped me enormously in my day to day practice."

Dr K A Passed CSA First Attempt

I attended your CSA preparation course on Saturday and I just wanted to say thank you. Prior to attending the course my confidence was low, I was looking at alternative careers and was wondering how I could ever finish my training. Following on from your course I have a new found confidence and self belief. I have identified what I need to work on to pass CSA (and importantly to become a GP) and I am excited to learn.
I have attended all your courses since applying for GP training back in 2012 and I have never been disappointed.

Dr L J

Thank you for all your online support and resources that you provided for the CSA exam. I passed with 102 and am absolutely delighted. The support I got from Emedica certainly contributed to that, so thank you again.

Dr A W - Passed CSA

"Passed with 88 points! Thank you so much for everything."

Dr E M - Passed CSA

Telephone: 0121 744 6433 email: info@emedica.co.uk