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MRCGP SCA Masterclass - How to pass the SCA

Pass your Simulated Consultation Assessment

You can subscribe now to get instant online access to the recorded version of our MRCGP SCA Masterclass for 1-12 months here:

This half day MRCGP SCA Masterclass will help doctors understand how to prepare and pass the new Simulated Consultation Assessment (MRCGP SCA) - the replacement for the RCA and CSA. It is aimed at doctors who plan to sit the SCA in the next 12 months.

It will help you understand the new exam and learn how to prepare for so that you can pass the SCA on your 1st attempt. It will give you a clear idea of how to structure your consultations, how to manage your time in the exam, learn key communication and consultations skills, common mistakes that are likely to lead to failure and how to avoid them, how examiners mark the SCA, and how to use the 25 SCA feedback statements to get into good habits. It also includes 6 live interactive cases, and will give you a good understanding of possible cases for each of the 12 case domains that will feature in each exam.

The recorded course is split into the following 5 modules:

This course is specifically tailored towards the MRCGP SCA. The SCA is marked using a similar mark scheme to the MRCGP RCA and CSA, but there are key differences in both the mark scheme and how to prepare. We have been helping doctors pass the CSA and RCA since the inception of both exams.

Feedback from RCA and CSA Masterclass sessions in the past:

"Interactive, good demonstration of skills. Dr Rahman is naturally good at communicating and it’s always a pleasure to attend his courses."

"Excellent - I liked the relevance and providing clarity on preparation for the RCA"

"I found the webinar very useful. It provided clarity and perspective to current situation. The information about recording the consultations, instrument suggestions, marking by examiners was excellent. The cases chosen are commonly encountered these days and it was great to discuss them to improve day to day consultations as well. Dr Rahman as always provided moral support, sincere advice and insight to RCA exam."

"Dr Rahman is always very good, thorough and very informative. Detailed and relevant to the RCA."

"Good breakdown on marking scheme, steps to take to assist with RCA etc"

"Excellent. As always, Dr Rahman is very helpful. I liked everything- learning objectives, tips for recording. Overall, tips for success"

"Excellent - very informative. Gave useful tips for preparing"

This masterclass has been adapted from our MRCGP CSA Masterclass with additional material specifically for the RCA - you can see feedback from our CSA Masterclass below:

Feedback from previous CSA Masterclass delegates:

"Good introduction to the CSA and a good starting point for my revision. Great use of actors and example cases."

"Very informative and interactive. I am more empowered about things I didn’t know and to watch out for. Had a great time"

"It really helped give me a broad sense of what to expect in the CSA exam and has motivated me to start my preparations early enough, embrace feedback and practise, practise, practise."

"Role play with simulators gave the idea of digging for patient agenda"

"Very helpful to see what CSA marksheets are"

"Well thought out for someone newly thinking about CSA"

"Really good introduction + way to kick start my CSA revision. Great to have the CARE structure for consultations and very good value for money"

"Gives us an insight on what CSA is about and how to approach learning for it"

"Great first step in understanding where to start with revision"

"Main speaker is excellent, liked covering "why people fail" and "what examiners are looking for"

"Cleared up common myths, broke down the exam and the marking scheme."

"A definite eye opener"

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