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Clinical Case Cards

Clinical Case Cards - Pre Order and save 25% - dispatch by 2nd September 2019

Clinical Case Cards - Pre Order and save 25% - dispatch by 2nd September 2019


We are now fully sold out of the Clinical Case Cards - Pre-order and save 25%

The cards will be sent to the UK address provided at the time of purchase.

Topics covered include:

1. Atrial Fibrillation: Risk Factors

2. Coronary Heart Disease Risks

3. Diabetes Diagnosis criteria

4. Gestational Diabetes Screening

5. Assessing Blood Pressure

6. Hypertension: Management

7. Non-specific low back pain

8. Cauda equina syndrome

9. Notifiable diseases

10. Childhood Immunisations

11. Antibiotics in sore throat: FeverPAIN

12. Pre-eclampsia: risk factors

13. Stable Angina: Assessment

14. Stable Angina: Testing

15. Parkinson’s disease: key features

16. Parkinson’s disease: management

17. Mild acne: management

18. Oral antibiotics in acne

19. Acute migraine: management

20. Prostate cancer: referral

21. Vitamin D deficiency: who to test

22. Vitamin D deficiency treatment

23. Osteoporosis risk assessment

24. Drugs that increase risk of fractures

25. Neuropathic pain: management

26. Diagnosing IBS in Primary Care

27. Reactive arthritis

28. Jarisch-Herxheimer reaction

29. eGFR -creatinine

30. Bell’s Palsy

31. Whooping cough management

32. Impetigo

33. Lipid therapy - primary prevention

34. Lipid therapy - CVD prevention

35. CHA2DS2VASc score

36. HAS-BLED score

37. Chronic Plaque Psoriasis

38. Hirsutism: Referral guidelines

39. Genetic conditions - inheritance

40. Chromosomal genetic disorders

41. Asthma: diagnostic tests

42. Frozen shoulder

43. Infertility - early referral criteria

44. Infertility - Investigations (females)

45. Infertility - investigations (males)

46. Infertility - semen analysis

47. Influenza vaccination groups

48. Anaphylaxis management

49. Safeguarding: maltreatment

50. Obesity - increased risk

51. Alcohol withdrawal symptoms

52. Hypertension: risk factors

53. Generalised Seizures: Features

54. Seizures - Differential Diagnosis

55. Seizure management: <5 minutes

56. Seizure management: complex

57. Polycystic Ovary Syndrome

58. Polycystic Ovary Syndrome: Tests

59. Higher risk pregnancies

60. Pregnancy: 1st Trimester

61. Pregnancy: 2nd Trimester

62. Pregnancy: 3rd Trimester

63. Alopecia areata - diagnosis

64. Alopecia areata - differentials

65. Alopecia areata: management

66. Suspected Lung / Pleural cancers

67. Febrile Seizure - diagnosis

68. Febrile Seizure: Management

69. Analgesia: opioid strengths

70. Managing Pain - WHO ladder

71. Achilles Tendinopathy

72. Addison’s Disease: investigations

73. Addison’s Disease: management

74. Allergic rhinitis

75. Allergic rhinitis - assessment

76. Allergic rhinitis - prescribing

77. Amenorrhoea

78. Amenorrhoea - assessment

79. Amenorrhoea: investigations

80. Amenorrhoea - management

81. Iron deficiency anaemia - signs

82. Iron deficiency anaemia - treatment

83. Angina management - new diagnosis

84. Angina management: poor control

85. Analgesics in children

86. Body Mass Index

87. Angioedema

88. Angioedema - management

89. Ankylosing Spondylitis - diagnosis

90. Ankylosing Spondylitis - tests

91. Migraine: Prophylactic Treatment

92. Prescribing Migraine Prophylaxis

93. Medication Overuse Headache

94. Cluster Headache

95. When to suspect AF

96. Rate-control for new AF

97. Aphthous Ulcers

98. Aphthous Ulcers - Management

99. Appendicitis

100. Appendicitis - atypical presentations

101. ADHD: key features

102. ADHD: management

103. Autism in children: risk factors

104. Autism in children: history

105. Baker’s Cyst

106. Baker’s Cyst: diagnosis

107. Cataracts

108. Cataracts: diagnosis

109. Meniere’s Disease: Diagnosis

110. Meniere’s Treatment

111. Meniere’s Prophylaxis

112. Benign paroxysmal positional vertigo

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Clinical Case Cards - with international shipping (Pre-order and save 25%)

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Clinical Case Cards Feedback

Clinical Case Cards Feedback

"These are fab! Wide range of topics covered; concise and up to date. Perfect for revision - would definitely recommend!" Dr R H

"I am currently preparing for AKT and I take the cards to work every day and thoroughly cover at least one card (both sides) - this is so easy to do!" Dr M H

"It's useful because I don't need to spend the time making my own. I like that the topic is clearly defined allowing us to imagine a CSA scenario and then look to see if the points were all covered." Dr B T

"Short To the point Handy tips to make you remember things Based on guidelines Easy to use anywhere." Dr K P

"I am really thankful to team Emedica for their wonderful effort. The case cards are really handy and attractive." Dr F A

"Relevant information, easy to use. The cards are easily portable and can be used between patients in clinic." Dr A L

"Great quality card. Easy to read and revise! Even my daughter loved looking at the cards! :)" Dr S V

"The clinical case cards were concise and a good way to study brief points when on the move. Presented well and easy to read." Dr R S

"Easy to carry around and revise anytime anywhere. Concise and useful information. Able to cover more topics in less time." Dr A A

"Handy with all the information required about the topic. Covers the topic precisely with highlighting important points." Dr M F

"The case cards are very helpful and am happy I bought it to start early preparation for CSA." Dr C M

"Very concise and cover all important points related to the topic and exam." Dr M A

"Easy to read Perfect amount of information on each card Good formatting Images make them eye catching Pitched at the right level Good price." Dr T W

"Concise, up to date information covering a vast range of topics. Printed on high quality card too which is a big plus."

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