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GP Stage 3: 1 to 1 Coaching

GP Stage 3: 1 to 1 Coaching

GP Stage 3: 1 to 1 Coaching

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Consultation Skills 1 to 1 Coaching - Skype

  • 2 hours 15 minutes - Coaching via Skype - we will contact you to arrange a suitable time   



Intensive 1 to 1 coaching for the consultation and communication skills. Aimed at candidates preparing for the consultations for the GP Stage 3 assessments. All cases are different to our GP Stage 3 course. We would recommend attending our main GP Stage 3 preparation course prior to attending the 1 to 1 coaching. Also suitable for doctors preparing for communication skills OSCEs or assessments for other specialties.

Key Points:
  • Intensive 1 to 1 coaching for the GP Stage 3 assessments
  • Realistic cases, including high challenge cases
  • Individual feedback on on communication and consultation skills
  • Constructive feedback with emphasis on improving your weaknesses
  • Strategies and techniques to boost your score based around the real Stage 3 mark scheme
  • 2 hour 15 minute session typically includes 4-5 mock cases with feedback
  • Wide range of cases - including with patient, relative or carer, and colleague
  • Demonstrations of best practice for challenging areas
  • Ideal for anyone sitting the Stage 3 Assessments - 1st time or resit candidates
  • Also suitable for doctors preparing for communication skills assessments for the GMC
Intensive Stage 3 1:1 Coaching dedicated to helping you boost your Stage 3 Scores.

Our 1 to 1 consultation skills coaching team have extensive experience in helping doctors improve their consulting and to pass the GP Stage 3 exam. They are highly trained to offer a range of cases, indentifying the areas which most need improvement and giving you feedback accordingly.

Cases are carried out in a realistic setting, and timed just like the real exam. You will have 10 minutes for the case including reading.

In this Coaching Session, you will get the chance to practise all 3 types of consultations - with a patient, with a relative or carer and with a colleague.

Each session can be tailored to meet your individual needs. If you are re-sitting, we can analyse your feedback from your last attempt and work on any specific areas of weakness highlighted.

Sessions are available in Birmingham and London.

Refreshments will be provided at the start of the session.

Please contact us on 0121 744 6433 or via Email to request an alternative date to those available for booking online.


Sessions last 2 hours and 15 minutes - please ensure you have selected the correct time for your booking.


Feedback from previous 1 to 1 coaching sessions

I attended the 1:1 interview preparation course with Gillian. As the morning progressed I learnt how to improve my performance and how to demonstrate my skills to the examiner. I practiced some of the scenarios with friends and colleagues. In the end I got 51/52 in the assessment center and secured a London job. Thank you!

Dr S G - Round 1 January 2019

I am delighted to write this email to let you know that I have got a job offer at my 4th preferred area (Bexley and Sidcup).
I have scored 51/52 in my interview. I would really like to thank my 1:1 trainer Ed Keneddy as he pointed out what I was doing wrong and the tweaks I needed to ace the best results. He was very kind and helped me improve without losing my confidence.

Dr A S

I wanted to inform that I have got through the stage 3 GP exam and have been offered a place in Lincolnshire. I scored 47/ 52 in the Stage 3. I want to thank Gillian, my 1 to 1 coach, who guided me so close to the exam. She is an excellent trainer and I was able to learn a lot from her. She made me aware of both my strengths and weaknesses.

Dr M F- Round 1 re-advert 2018

Thank you very much for the training from Emedica. My 1:1 coaching with Ed Clark was excellent which helped me to secure this place.

Dr A R - Round 1 re-advert 2018

Thank you so much for all your dedication and special thanks to Gillian Knight as I did the 1:1 course with her and got to know in a jiffy as what I was doing wrong.

Dr S J - Round 1 re-advert 2018

"I wanted to say thank you for your courses and brilliant teaching . I am happy to say I have got my second choice hospital, Queens Hospital Romford. I have attended the 1 to 1 course with Gillian and although at that time I was nervous and was not well prepared I found her advice practical and concise with emphasis on what exactly I should aim at the exam."

Dr A G - GPST Entry London Deanery 2017

"I have secured my first choice offer for GPST (West Midlands deanery). I would like to mention Gillian especially, because I had two sessions with her. The first one really made me aware of where I was going wrong , the second session gave me confidence . In one word, Gillian was awesome. I owe my success to her, honestly. Also, I would like to thank the team. I could only book sessions for weekends, and you always accommodated me ! Again, Awesome!!

Dr A D - GPST Entry - Round 2 April 2016

"I found the session very useful. I was amazed by the quality of the coaching. In 2 hours I had learnt more about my consulting skills than I had in 2 years from various GP trainers. I would highly recommend.

Dr S G - GPST Entry - Round 2 April 2016

"I had a 1:1 coaching session with Ed Clark in January and it was brilliant. It was the most useful course/session that I have attended. Ed was really helpful and gave me really good constructive feedback. I got my first choice job in London and I felt this was because he helped tweak out any minor flaws.

Dr S P - GPST Entry - Round 1 January 2016

"It's not just good stage 3 preparation but as a tool to become a better doctor. I have already used some of the skills learnt in the hospital. Gillian is amazing. Just plain brilliant. I cannot speak highly enough of her abilities. Please send her back to London immediately."

Dr A R - GPST Entry - Round 1 February 2015

"I found the session yesterday very useful, and I thought my tutor Gillian was extremely kind and helpful, and gave great feedback. I am not too sure on any suggestions for improvement as everything was so well organised, I didn't even have to bring a pen or paper as this was provided."

Dr H M- GPST Entry - Round 1 February 2015

Just to let you know, I got into GP training in KSS. I wanted to thank you both for your guidance and support.

Dr A V- GPST Entry - Round 1 February 2015

"Very helpful and beneficial, I was unsuccessful last time, but I attended one to one sage 3 course this time which was really helpful."

Dr H A - GPST Entry Resit - Round 3 2014

Finally I got it! After 2 years of failing stage 3 I finally got an offer in the Northern deanery. I would say the 1-to-1 course was really helpful overall and it's just to remember to never give up!

Dr H K -GPST Entry Resit - Round 2 2014

Alhamdulillah, I passed this time and also 2nd in the ranking! I'm so so thankful to Almighty Allah! I got North East, my first choice and Northumbria as my area.

Dr SA -GPST Entry Resit - Round 2 2014

"Thank you Gillian and Emedica. From this course I secured my first choice deanery and my first preference."

"It really focused me on my weakness. The session was very much tailored to me and having specific feedback it was useful to know what I did well and also very good that if I didn't do something well, I was told straight to my face. This ensured I improved well. I would you recommend this course to colleagues."

Telephone: 0121 744 6433 email: info@emedica.co.uk