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UCAT Crammer Course

Course Details

You can subscribe to get access to the video recordings (4.5 hours of videos) of our recent UCAT Crammer course. To make the purchase, please click the link below (you will get instant access):

Key Points:
  • Overview of the UCAT
  • Walkthrough of each UCAT section with key tips, practice questions and full explanations
  • Mini UCAT mock with UCAT timings
  • Review the answers, explanations as a group
  • Spot easy errors and learn useful shortcuts
  • Hone your exam technique
  • All questions specially selected for this course
  • Ideal for anyone sitting the UCAT in 2020 for entry to Medicine or Dentistry in 2021
  • 10am - 5.30pm
  • FREE access for 3 months to our online UCAT revision service after the course - over 2000 UCAT questions - worth 50!
  • This intensive course is dedicated to helping you boost your scores in the UCAT

    The course will give you a useful insight into your UCAT preparation and progress. We hope this will maximise your chances of getting into Medicine / Dentistry.

    This course is aimed at anyone applying for Medicine or Dentistry at UK universities. For entry in 2021, the deadline for sitting the UCAT is 1st October 2020. The course covers:

    UCAT tuition from a tutor who takes the UCAT every year.

    All 5 sections of the UCAT exam - each section of the UCAT will be looked at in detail with explanation of how to tackle the different question types and practice questions in each section. This includes the key changes made to the exam this year.

    Mock UCAT - realistic mock with the same timings as the real exam, all question formats included, detailed answers and explanations.

    Course Programme

    10.00 Registration
    10.10 UCAT Overview
    10.25 Verbal Reasoning overview
    11.00 Decision Making overview
    11.40 Comfort Break
    11.55 Quantitative Reasoning overview
    12.30 Abstract Reasoning overview
    13.05 Lunch break
    13.30 Situational Judgement overview
    14.10 Mini Mock
    15.15 Comfort break
    15.30 Mini Mock answers and explanations
    16.30 How universities use the UCAT
    16.45 Question and answer session
    17.00 Closing tips and end

    Course Feedback

    Feedback from students who have attended our UCAT teaching sessions in the past:

    "The session was informative and provided me with a very useful insight into what the UCAT test was like. It was useful to have some practice questions from each section and the extra tips were very helpful. It was also good to know how universities use the UCAT"

    "Everything was explained in depth, the mock tests gave a good indication of what to expect, all key info clearly explained, essential points of presentation"

    "Practice and clear breakdown of each section and very clear explanation"

    "The practice questions and explanations were really good, as well as the tips"

    "I liked the fact that everything was explained. The session was well structured and run"

    "All sections were thoroughly explained and examples were provided. Engaging and confident speaker :D"

    "Confidence, politeness and great in depth understanding of the UKCAT system, Brilliant advice"

    "Direct, idea portrayed simple. Tips on each section. Opening our minds up to how tough UKCAT is."

    "Gave a good representation of the types of questions likely to come up in the exam"

    "Enthusiastic atmosphere, good number of practice questions, useful information"

    "A very helpful presentation, that has heightened my confidence and preparation for the test"

    "It was an excellent presentation which was very informative and useful. Thank you :)"

    "The session was very useful, I would definitely recommend it to others"

Telephone: 0121 744 6433 email: info@emedica.co.uk