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MRCGP AKT Masterclass - How to pass the AKT

MRCGP AKT Masterclass Webinars

MRCGP AKT Masterclass Webinars

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MRCGP AKT Masterclass Webinar - How to Pass the AKT

  • On demand webinar (2 weeks access) - login details will be emailed to you within 1 working day   


Webinar Course Details

This 2 hour on demand webinar will help doctors in GP training understand how to prepare and pass the AKT. It is aimed at doctors in ST1 / ST2 / ST3 that have not yet started preparing of the exam. It will give you a clear idea of the structure of the exam, what to expect on the day, how to prepare effectively, common mistakes that lead to failure and how to avoid them, and includes a 24 question teaching mock so you get a realistic idea of the types and level of questions in the exam.

Access details will be emailed to you within 1 working day of booking. You can view the lectures multiple times within your 2 week subscription period.

Having an idea of what to expect and how to prepare early on will help you plan your revision and set you on the path to passing your AKT!

Feedback from the live version of this course:

"Excellent course - concise, clear, covered the key topics and tips"

"Great first step in understanding where to start with revision"

"Main speaker is excellent, liked covering "why people fail" and "what examiners are looking for"

"Explained the facts clearly about the AKT"

"Easy to understand. Mock test very useful, great handouts"

"Cleared up common myths, broke down the exam and the marking scheme."

"Really made me aware of the AKT and CSA exams - a definite eye opener"

Telephone: 0121 744 6433 email: info@emedica.co.uk