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Specialty Recruitment Assessment Online Revision

Specialty Recruitment Assessment Online Revision Service

Specialty Recruitment Assessment Online Revision Service

Key Points:
  • Complete revision package for the Multi Specialty Recruitment Assessment
  • Suitable for ST1 applicants for GP, Radiology, Psychiatry, Ophthalmology and Obstetrics
  • 2000+ questions covering both papers - in the current format
  • 1920 clinical questions - all updated with 1000+ new questions
  • 6 mini mock exams + 3 full, 100 question clinical mock exams
  • 150+ SJT questions, including a full, 58 question SJT mock exam in the 2018 format
  • SJT questions marked using keyed responses like the real exam
  • Interactive learning with answers and detailed notes and explanations
  • Same screen layout as the exam for all clinical questions - "The closest to the real thing"
  • Accessible on mobiles and tablets with internet access
  • The Number 1 Specialty Recruitment Assessment online revision since 2005
  • Also used by many doctors preparing for the MCQ Assessment as part of the Induction and Refresher (I&R) Scheme
The complete online revision tool to help you prepare for the Multi Specialty Recruitment Assessment for GP, Radiology, Psychiatry, Ophthalmology and Obstetrics.

1 month subscription - £49
2 month subscription - £69
3 month subscription - £79
4 month subscription - £89
6 month subscription - £99
12 month subscription - £119
Includes FREE study guide

GP Stage 2 online revision

There are currently over 2000 questions, to help you prepare for both papers in the Multi Specialty Recruitment Assessment as well as a study guide with advice on how to prepare. There is detailed feedback with each question so you can revise as you go along. There are questions of ALL the formats included in the exam.

***Special Offer - Get the Emedica Specialty Recruitment Assessment Study Guide 2017/18 E-book FREE with your subscription (worth £10) ***

Clinical Problem Solving paper revision

Single Best Answer (SBA) questions, and Extended Matching Questions (EMQs). Examples of some of the less common question types are included so you know what to expect (Multiple best answers, algorithm, fill in the blank). There are also 6 MINI MOCK EXAMS and 3 complete 100 question clinical MOCK EXAMS. Subjects are grouped by curriculum area to allow easy identification of your weaker areas.

GP Stage 2 online revision

There are questions covering the entire syllabus for the exam, including:

*Cardiovascular medicine *Respiratory medicine *General Surgery *Gastroenterology *Neurology *Obstetrics and Gynaecology *Psychiatry *Ophthalmology *Rheumatology *Haematology *Renal / Urology *Musculoskeletal *Dermatology *Paediatrics *ENT *Infectious diseases *Immunology *Endocrinology

Each question comes with a detailed explanation, allowing you to revise important topics as you go.

GP STage 2 online revision

Professional Dilemma / Situational Judgement Test paper revision

Practice questions for both section 1 and section 2 of this paper, with detailed answers and feedback. Tips on how to avoid common mistakes and a reading list for this paper are included in the study guide. 150+ SJT scenarios, including a 58 Question TIMED FULL MOCK EXAM and new questions added for 2017/18.

This service has questions pitched at the same level and style as the real exam, to offer you the best preparation possible. We also have more clinical questions in the current format than any other service!

Feedback from past users:

"Thank you for your emails. I'm sorry I meant to get in contact with you earlier to let you know I scored 610 (Band 4 in both papers) in the stage 2 this year, so qualified for the Direct Offers Pathway! Your stage 2 online revision is fantastic and has a very similar question format (including phrasing) to the actual exam."

Dr A T - Scotland Deanery Round 1 2017 - Direct offer

"Thank you very much Dr Rahman. I got my first choice. Emedica aims to make the candidate perfect."

Dr M K - East of England Deanery Round 1 2017

"It was beneficial in teaching the technique to passing exams with high scoring marks."

Dr E N - Yorkshire & Humber Deanery Round 1 2017

"I used the Emedica online courses and got my first pick scheme! I scored highly in the SRA and in the interview. The online courses were perfect for preparing for what was required. I would highly recommend to others."

Dr C T - Wales Deanery Round 1 2017

"Comprehensive online revision, well worth the money. Advise and revision notes provided in short bursts which helps with retention of information. I would definitely recommend Emedica".

Dr D Z - South West Deanery Round 1 2017

"With regards to Emedica, I thought it was excellent and prepared me really well. It was the only question bank that I felt truly reflected the stage 2 exam, with detailed enough and succinct enough explanations, allowing one to practice a great volume of questions, of particularly high quality. I am definitely going to use your question bank for my further exams. Many thanks for your help and I will definitely recommend this bank to my colleagues"

Dr C R - Scored Band 4 in both papers, total score 597 - Direct offer in Round 2 2016

Excellent tips obtained at the revision courses. I found the online revision more like the actual stage 2 exam than other online revision resources.

DR R M- GPST Entry Northern Ireland Deanery 2016

Emedica was a vital aspect of my preparation towards the GPST entry exams and in securing my first choice trust! The online stage 2 revision was structured in a way that allowed to me easily slot revision in around my busy schedule and contained sufficient information.

Dr T O - GPST Entry North West Deanery 2016

"The stage 2 online revision subscription was useful. It was at the appropriate level and reflective of the style and content of the actual exam."

Dr S S - GPST Entry London Deanery 2016

"I used the online revision for both stage 2 and 3 and managed to get in to one of my top 5 choices. The questions were helpful for stage 2 as it allowed me to master exam technique as well as identify my weak areas and learn while I worked my way through the questions.....I would highly recommend using Emedica if you are thinking of applying for GP!"

Dr S S - GPST Entry KSS Deanery 2016

"Excellent courses for stage 2 and 3, with the additional online revision. They really helped me get my first choice. Thank you"

Dr R I - GPST Entry North West Deanery 2016

"This year I used stage 2 online revision questions which were pitched at the right level and very useful. I gained a place in my first choice deanery."

Dr L N - GPST Entry Northern Ireland Deanery 2015

"Very useful in preparing for Stage 2 instead of reading textbooks. Allowed for focussed examination preparation. Easy to navigate and I liked the separation into different specialities so I could see where my gaps were."

Dr R K - GPST Entry London Deanery 2015

"I found the online resources highly useful, it gave me plenty of opportunity to practice at my own place and in my own time and has played a huge part in being offered a place in GP training. Thank you"

Dr H H - GPST Entry North East Deanery 2015

"Found the Stage 2 online revision very useful in revising adult medicine and felt it was of an appropriate difficulty and similar questions to those in the actual exam. The Stage 3 assessment course was very useful in understanding exactly what they were looking for on the assessment day - I only wish I'd gone to an earlier course so I could have practised the written part more. Having said that I got my first choice county within my first choice deanery so very happy."

Dr R H - GPST Entry East of England Deanery 2015

"It was a useful revision tool! Recommend to everyone. Many thanks to Dr Rahman and his efforts."

Dr H A - GPST Entry Kent Sussex and Surrey Deanery 2015

"I secured a post for Broad Based Training for Wessex Deanery. Hopefully in 4 years' time now I will be a GP. I loved the Emedica courses and online revision. Thank you again for all the help."

Dr H M - GPST Entry Wessex Deanery 2015

Highly professional website. Very useful guides to applications and kind reminders via email during key application dates.

Dr J S- GPST Entry London Deanery 2015

I enrolled in both of the Stage 2 and 3 online courses and went to the day courses for both stages. I found all of the input I received extremely helpful in achieving my first choice. The stage 3 assessment course was enjoyable and encouraging- it built up my confidence and was a vital factor for me performing well on the day.

Dr S H - GPST Entry North West Deanery 2015

"Your Stage 2 online course and the Stage3 course helped me to prepare for the exam as well as know what is expected. Thanks to the Emedica team."

Telephone: 0121 744 6433 email: info@emedica.co.uk