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MRCGP AKT Preparation

MRCGP AKT Preparation Online Course

  • 2 months online access to all the lectures + 2 teaching mocks + full 200 question mock - Access today!   


MRCGP AKT Preparation

  • Saturday 17th March 2018 - MANCHESTER *New date*   


MRCGP AKT Preparation

  • Sunday 18th March 2018 - BIRMINGHAM *New date*   


MRCGP AKT Preparation

  • Sunday 18th March 2018 - LIVE Stream Webinar - take part from anywhere in the world - 9.30am - 6.30pm   


MRCGP AKT Preparation

  • Sunday 25th March 2018 - LONDON *New date*   


Course Details

SAVE £20 each - Book with a friend and pay just £227 each.
SAVE £30 each - Book as a group of 3 and pay just £217 each.

Key Points:
  • MRCGP AKT exam preparation - intensive 1 day AKT course
  • Covers all 3 AKT domains - Clinical medicine, Organisational, Evidence interpretation
  • Learn how to boost your scores and pass the AKT
  • High yield topics for the AKT - based on examiner feedback
  • Statistics made Simple - key stats, graphs and types of study for the AKT
  • Organisational domain - practice management, DVLA, medicolegal issues, certification, safeguarding
  • Over 100 key clinical topics covered
  • New question formats covered - including video and short answer questions
  • 2 realistic timed mini mock exams with exam screen layout
  • 9.30am - 5.45pm
  • FREE access to the Emedica AKT Mock Exam - complete 200 question AKT mock (usually 30)
  • CPD - 6.5 hours / 6.5 Credits
1 day intensive preparation for the MRCGP Applied Knowledge Test (AKT) examination focused on helping you cover the difficult areas to pass the AKT.

MRCGP AKT course feedback

This 1 day course will help you prepare for the AKT examination. The course covers the key theory and techniques needed to perform well in the exam. This course will provide you with a concise review of over 100 key topics covered in the exam, as well as offering you a chance to sit 2 mini mock exams with detailed feedback and discussion.

You will also get access to our exclusive AKT Mock Exam after the course - this has 200 AKT questions in the current exam format with feedback and explanations.

The course covers:

Examination technique - keywords to watch out for, question formats, time management, common mistakes to avoid.
High yield topics - Areas you need to focus on based on examiners' feedback, as well as areas which crop up again and again and offer you a lot of marks for a little bit of study time.
Statistics made simple - basic statistics for the AKT, interpreting charts and graphs, understanding studies and results tables - all presented with examples in an easy to understand format.
Informatics, medicolegal issues, administration and practice management - Including DVLA regulations, sickness / death certification, GMS / PMS / other GP contracts, DES, LES, NES, safeguarding etc. These areas are easy marks if you learn the key facts.
Medical picture tests - Coverage of common picture type questions - includes high quality images for skin lesions, fundoscopy and otoscopy.

You can see the full programme at the bottom of this page.

The Course Director and main speaker is Dr Mahibur Rahman. He is a Portfolio GP in Birmingham and a Consultant in Medical Education. He has helped thousands of doctors succeed in their Membership examinations since 2006. You can find out more about him HERE.

Course Feedback

Feedback from previous courses:

"Excellent course, liked the course material and the booklet covering the core knowledge and topics."

"Very good handouts + notes. High yield topics very helpful, liked mock exams - helpful for time management"

"Stats and health informatics very good"

"Mock exam gave idea of real time and format of exam. Useful tips on revising and areas highlighted by examiners."

"Excellent course, I liked the Hot topics - Dr Rahman always makes things so simple!"

"I passed my AKT...your emedica course was really helpful, as were your 30-day-challenge online videos. It was also good motivation to have someone tell me every day to keep pushing, keep practicing and revising...in case you're wondering how helpful your course really was, I got 100% on the Stats part! So many thanks for your help preparing me to pass this big hurdle of my training!"

Dr M D - AKT November 2017

"Your course was brilliant and I am sure it was a key factor in me passing the exam and giving me confidence. The booklet was fab and the online tests of yours I accessed after the course made a real difference by adding new key areas on knowledge. As an aside I think the email follow up support and the YouTube videos are amazing, it shows a lot of dedication and makes a real difference going to extra mile to help candidates. Thanks again! I will be coming again for the CSA courses"

Dr L F - AKT November 2017

"I passed the AKT, thank you so much for your course and your dedication to our training and teaching - it's appreciated so much! Really helped me keep going with last month of revision, I'm so pleased to pass as I've found this year so hard coming back from a year maternity leave and chronic sleep deprivation my confidence couldn't have been lower, but I scored 92%!!! Really given me a boost to take on CSA now. Thanks so much"

Dr K M - AKT November 2017

"Just to say thanks loads for the guidance and support provided by the entire team. I passed the AKT October exam. The Emedica course is an amazing resource. Your hard work and effort in training is highly appreciated. I would recommend the course anytime. Thanks so much again."

Dr E U - AKT November 2017

"Thank you to Dr Rahman and all the Emedica team for the amazing AKT revision course! I most definitely put my success in the exam down to the course!"

Dr B C - AKT November 2017

"I attended your course in March and it structured my revision. I got 90% overall (94% in clinical - stats is a weak point!). I am delighted and found your course invaluable. It was also a thoroughly enjoyable day - I love to learn...I absolutely loved your 30 day challenge. They were motivating, stimulating and I learnt a lot from them."

Dr L J - AKT April 2017

"I am pleased to say that I did pass the AKT on my first attempt, and I got 85% in the stats section. I mainly attended the course to familiarize myself with the statistics section. Overall I found the course extremely helpful in all 3 areas and very useful for exam technique."

Dr H D - AKT April 2017

"I passed...really pleased to have 84%. Your course was invaluable to focusing my revision and targeting my learning. I look forward to attending your CSA course shortly."

Dr K E - AKT April 2017

"I passed my test with a really good mark (wasn't expecting that) - I scored 87%."

Dr S S - AKT April 2017

"I am so glad I have passed AKT in first attempt. The one-day course has been very helpful and the 30 day challenge was amazing to push myself every day coming up to exam date. Felt very supported. Have recommended your course to several colleagues already!"

Dr A A - AKT April 2017

"I would like to tell you that I passed the AKT and it was my first attempt. I also managed to score high, my overall score was 90.5%. I take then the opportunity to thank you for the course which was very useful for my last month of revision as I managed to focus on my weakness."

Dr G S - AKT January 2017

"Just wanted to thank you for your help with the AKT revision. Your advice about stats and admin really helped. Couldn't believe I got 100% in evidence medicine and 95% in admin. Much appreciated."

Dr A L - AKT January 2017

I just wanted to say thank you so much for your course. I had hit a road block with revision but attended your course in January and it helped me so much. I was weak on statistics and the course helped me with this. I passed the AKT, it was my first attempt and I scored 90% in evidence interpretation. Thank you again for a wonderful course.

Dr N S - AKT January 2017

"I Passed the exam - 86.5% - Thank you for all your help."

Dr N B - AKT January 2017

"Dear Dr Rahman, I passed. Grateful for your tips and encouragement with 73% second attempt with a 80% score in Stats. Stats was my weak point in my first attempt so really pleased I showed a big improvement."

Dr A E - AKT October 2016 - Resit Candidate

"I just wanted to say a huge thank you to you for your course as it allowed me to pass my AKT!! I took it for a second time in October and managed to pass (only by 4%) despite a significant life event. I'm pretty sure those extra percent are due to your teaching on exam technique and Odds ratios!! Thank you so much, I am very grateful. I will certainly be recommending your course to others!"

Dr A P - AKT October 2016 - Resit Candidate

"Dr Rahman, I just wanted to let you know I scored 83.5% on the AKT. I was hopeful but I didn't think I would do so well. Your preparation course definitely had a big part to play. I scored 70% on your mock exam 2 weeks before the exam."

Dr H D - AKT October 2016

"I was delighted to find I had scored 86% in my AKT (1st attempt) . Thank you very much for your course - it was very helpful."

Dr A L - AKT April 2016

"I just wanted to inform you that I passed my AKT. This was my 3rd attempt and your course helped me focus on my weak areas. One of the most useful tips you gave was to build my knowledge of medicine as 80% of the paper is from medicine. The hot topics was a good guide to make sure that all important topics were covered in revision."

Dr L H - AKT April 2016 Resit Candidate

Just to let you know I passed with 90.5% Thank you for your brilliant revision course."

Dr J L - AKT January 2016

"Just to let you know that I passed the AKT with 92%! I couldn't believe it. Your revision course definitely helped to focus my revision and I have recommended it to my friends."

Dr N W - AKT October 2015

"Thanks for the great help from Emedica towards my AKT result.I was sitting it as part of a GP returner year, having been out of GP for 11 years. My mark 90% Overall was beyond my wildest expectations. On the Emedica course my mock grades were borderline. Your material certainly helped me focus in the final weeks and days."

Dr N C - AKT October 2015

"Just to let you know that I passed my AKT with 85% (82.5% in clinical medicine, 95% in EBM and 90% in organisational).Many many thanks for yet another great course and for all your excellent tips for passing the exam."

Dr J M - AKT October 2015

"Thank you for your ongoing support through Emedica. I am very happy to report that I passed the AKT in the recent April 2015 sitting with 80%. I scored 81% in clinical medicine, 85% in stats (unbelievable for me!) and 70% in organisational domain. I think your course provided me with everything I needed to focus on in the last month of my revision. I am so glad I went to it."

Dr S M -AKT April 2015

"I passed my AKT 1st time with 82% overall! I got 100% in evidence based medicine, 85% in the organisational domain and 79% in clinical medicine. Thank you for all your advice- it really helped!"

Dr K C - AKT January 2015

"Just to let you know I did your mock exam 10 days prior to the AKT and scored 80%. Over the week prior to the exam I went through the "hot topics" and statistics and organisational domain. Having recently had 8 months out I wasn't feeling too confident, but pleased to say I achieved 86%, with 90% on statistics, 95% on organisational domain."

Dr L E- AKT October 2014

"I got 83% overall, with 90% in stats and 95% in practice management. I appreciated your course, it helped crystallise what I knew and bring it up a notch.

Dr S B- AKT October 2014

"I have managed to pass first time Alhamdulillah. God has been very merciful. I got 73 % overall with 80% in stats and 75% in organisational. I have been attending your courses now since before I joined the VTS. I feel each and every one has been extremely beneficial and has really helped to guide my revision and the areas of weakness. I get on very well with the way you teach in the courses and feel the short sharp bursts get me motivated with a direction. Thank you for the emails, the courses, the guidance, the halal food and I hope to see you in the CSA course in the near future Insha'Allah."

Dr F C - AKT April 2014

"Thank you for your excellent course. Like many others who have attended, I too feel that my success in this exam was largely influenced by your advice on what to focus on. I didn't do very well during the course mocks and this made me intensify my revision in my weak areas. I passed this sitting with a score of 86% and my most dreaded section of statistics was ultimately what I scored the highest in. Thank you once again for the effort you put into your courses."

Dr N R - AKT January 2014

"Thank you very much for all your advice and help with the preparation for the AKT. I received 85% overall and I am overjoyed. I got 75% for the online mock exam. ... I felt that your course helped me really focus my revision as I attended it about a month before the exam. The organisational part of the curriculum was also very well covered at the course."

Dr S J - AKT January 2014

"I passed! I can't thank you enough for taking the time to go through with me where I could improve. This was my fourth attempt. I PASSED! My dream has now been fulfilled and I thank you and your amazing team from the bottom of my heart."

Dr F R - AKT November 2013 Resit Candidate

"I'm gobsmacked because I passed the AKT. In the Emedica mock I got 68% and I felt dejected. I did this 10 days before actual exam. In the real exam I got 78%. Got 90% on organisational and 85% on evidence based."

Dr F H - AKT May 2013

"I've passed with a score of 82.5% in the real exam which was a massive surprise given that my score in the mock test was 73%. I would like to thank you and the whole Emedica team for your sincere dedication to the excellent job that you do. My GP career has been hugely influenced by what I've learned from your courses through the years I'd attended GP Entry Stage 3, GP ST: Getting Started course and the AKT course."

Dr K A - AKT May 2013

"I am a GPST2 and have only started my first GP rotation after the AKT exam. I passed at my first attempt with 80% pass mark. I attended your course and it was excellent. I did your mock exam about 10 days before the exam and scored 65%. I then followed your tips and focused on high yield topics, GP admin and stats over the last week or so and I think this made all the difference. I scored 80% on Stats and 95% on GP admin/Organisational areas..

Dr A A - AKT January 2013

"Many thanks for your fantastic course. Just to let you know I passed and achieved 94% in the exams A wonderful course and unreservedly recommended

Dr R A - AKT April 2012

Course Programme

09.30 Registration
09.45 Welcome and introduction to the AKT
10.00 Tips and techniques for the AKT
10.20 Statistics made simple for the AKT
11.20 AKT Mini Mock 1
11.55 Break for refreshments
12.10 Mini Mock 1 answers, feedback and discussion
13.00 Organisational domain
13.25 Lunch
14.15 AKT Mini Mock 2
14.50 Mini Mock 2 answers, feedback and discussion
15.50 Break for refreshments
16.10 High yield topics for the AKT
17.10 Picture tests for the AKT
17.25 Questions and answers
17.35 Summary and final tips
17.45 Close

*Hot buffet lunch provided - there will be halal and vegetarian option

Telephone: 0121 744 6433 email: info@emedica.co.uk