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Life after CCT: GP Survival Skills

Life after CCT: GP Survival Skills

Life after CCT: GP Survival Skills

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GP Survival Skills

  • Saturday 8th June 2019 - BIRMINGHAM *New date*   


GP Survival Skills

  • Saturday 8th June 2019 - LIVE Stream Webinar - take part from anywhere in the world - 9.30am - 6.00pm *New date*   


GP Survival Skills

  • Sunday 30th June 2019 - LONDON *New date*   


Course Details

The next live course will be running in summer 2019. You can purchase 14 days access to the video recording of our most recent Life after CCT: GP Survival Skills course for £149.00. To make the purchase, please click the link below:

Key Points:
  • 1 day course covering key skills to help you survive and thrive as a qualified GP
  • Aimed at GP registrars in ST3 and qualified GPs
  • GP job interviews - what to expect and how to prepare
  • Portfolio GP career options - including GPSI, medical education, prison work, telemedicine etc.
  • How to succeed as a GP Locum
  • Understanding salaried GP contracts and job plans
  • How to negotiate key areas of your contract - pay, terms, leave
  • GP Partnerships - understanding partnership agreements, accounts, income and parity
  • Alternative GP careers - including working abroad, MOD, ship's doctor
  • 9.30am - 6.00pm
  • CPD - 6.5 hours / 6.5 Credits
1 day course aimed at newly qualified GPs and GP registrars coming to the end of GP Specialty Training. This course will help you understand the career options open to new GPs, and practical skills to help you not just survive, but thrive as a qualified GP!

This course covers both conventional and alternative career options for qualified GPs, with detailed coverage of the most popular career choices for MRCGP trained GPs. The course will cover:

Locum GP (Freelance GP) - how to set yourself up as a freelance GP, registering as self employed vs setting up a limited company, IR35, tax matters, terms and conditions, getting work, setting rates, how to earn £125k+ a year as a GP locum and still have 8 weeks leave.

Salaried GP - BMA model contract, what to watch out for, APMS / PMS / GMS / PCTMS practices, understanding job plans.

GP Partnerships - understanding practice accounts and pay, making the most of mutual assessment periods, parity, buying in to property, partnership agreements.

Portfolio GPs - What is a portfolio GP? Why would you want to be one? How do you go about it? Developing a Specialist Interest (GPwSI) as part of a portfolio. Portfolio options - medical education, appraiser, CCG work, prison GP, forensic medical examiner, telemedicine, occupational health, medical assessments + more.

Out Of Hours GP - options for working OOH, benefits and drawbacks.

Negotiating skills - what you can negotiate on, how to negotiate a better deal - both for initial contracts and after being in post for some time.

Life after CCT course feedback

Alternative GP Careers - Working overseas as a GP, MOD doctor, ship's doctor, humanitarian medicine, etc.

Appraisal and Revalidation for Qualified GPs
- Preparing for appraisals, CPD requirements for revalidation.

Finding the right job - Understanding job adverts, where to find jobs, how to get shortlisted.

GP Job Interviews - what to expect, interview formats, common interview questions, interview technique.

The Course Director and main speaker is Dr Mahibur Rahman. He is a Portfolio GP in Birmingham and a Consultant in Medical Education. He is the author of GP Jobs - A Guide to Career Options in General Practice and has helped over 20,000 delegates at various stages of their GP careers since 2005. Read more about him HERE.

Course Programme

09.30 Registration
09.45 Welcome and introduction
09.50 Career options for the newly qualified GP - an overview
10.15 Finding the right job - understanding the advert
10.40 GP job interviews - what to expect and how to prepare
11.20 Break for Refreshments
11.40 How to succeed as a GP Locum
13.10 Lunch*
14.10 Taking up a Salaried GP position
14.40 Becoming a Portfolio GP + alternative GP careers
15.40 Break for refreshments
16.00 GP Partnerships - what to look for in a partnership
16.50 Negotiating skills for GPs
17.30 Appraisal and Revalidation for qualified GPs
17.50 Questions and Answers and Summary
18.00 Close

*Hot buffet lunch provided - there will be halal and vegetarian options available

Course Feedback

Feedback from our previous GP Careers courses:

"Great insight into life after CCT. Covered a broad range of topics, all of which are relevant in a short period of time, bringing up lots of topics that I would never have thought about. Excellent course, very engaging presentations, glad I came."

"Excellent Course. Made me come to a decision on what I'd like to do after August. Lots of options I was unaware of."

"I loved everything about the course! It was a brand new experience for me! Lots of things no one ever taught us in our entire career. Thank you Dr Rahman. It not only shows that you're passionate about what you do, but also willing to help others on how to have a fulfilling career. Thank you!"

"The course really was immeasurably useful! I think every ST3 ought to come!"

"Extremely informative and useful course, answered many questions relating to options available as a newly qualified GP as well as practical advice on how to achieve this. I have attended many Emedica courses from prior to entering GP training, courses throughout and finally as I am due to complete training all of which have helped during these various stages. I find the presenter, Dr Rahman to be very knowledgeable about the process and also makes the talks fun and enjoyable, covering areas which most trainees find daunting or difficult. Highly recommended."

"Eye opening course to the realities post-CCT. Good insight into varying options including travelling abroad, locum vs salaried vs partnerships. Excellent section on negotiating contracts. Covered areas I wouldn't have immediately thought about, an Excellent course."

"Comprehensive coverage of issues regarding career pathways for GPs."

"Excellent Course. Good overall understanding of common areas to focus on for work after CCT. How to avoid pitfalls and problems and how to avoid issues. Very well presented and very thorough."

"Fantastic presentation, excellent knowledge (practical, workable). Good overview over available opportunities. Must attend for all ST3, highly recommended."

"Excellent - well delivered, well structured, very relevant, summaries were really helpful. Keep it up."

"Excellent. Good explanation of advantages/disadvantages of partnerships/salaries/locum GPs and what pitfalls to look out for. Your courses are such an enjoyable way of covering a lot of ground in a short time."

"Fantastic overview of how to locum, how to apply for salaried posts, how to negotiate your contract. Best course I've been on all year…I thought it was pitched at exactly the correct level, I learnt all the things no one else tells you! Really really good."

"Very Practical advice - things that I think are essential to know but will not find out anywhere else until learning about them the hard way. Well done…I think the course should be run more often to give the opportunity to more people. Well done."

"Really appreciated a view of the financial look of pay as well as how practices run and the good and bad points for locum/salaried and partnerships. Brilliant as always".

"Excellent course. Very insightful, useful, practical information. The best Emedica course to date!"

"Excellent speaker - very slick and fluent. Good section on locum - things you need to do. Also, helpful to mention pitfalls. Useful to include negotiation as hadn't thought of this."

"Very useful information about different types of work we are likely to get. I especially appreciated the session on accounts and negotiation skills. Well worth it! thank you."

"Excellent session on working as locum GP. Example terms and conditions were good. Appraisal and negotiating session were useful."

"Has enlightened and helped me feel more confident regarding venturing into the known - and not unknown now. I would say keep this up…it is a lot of new information for ST3."

"Very Detailed and informative. Very useful. Good organisation, well done. I came for courses throughout my GP training - GP ST, AKT, CSA. Helpful throughout. Many thanks."

"Very organised and focused. Relevant stuff, good on practical things…Gained a lot of information which the VTS never provides! Thank you."

"An excellent overview of entering working life as a gp."

"Very useful practical information re: reading a job advert and targetting your covering letter specifically to get shortlisted. Nice to know what to include in terms and conditions as a locum and locum pack."

"Excellent, honest, balanced advice"

"Informative - lots of useful details. I learnt a lot"

Telephone: 0121 744 6433 email: info@emedica.co.uk