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Specialty Recruitment Assessment Crammer

Specialty Recruitment Assessment Crammer

Specialty Recruitment Assessment Crammer

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Course Details

The next live course will be for Round 1 Re-advert. You can purchase 14 days access to the video recording of our most recent SRA Crammer course for £195.00. To make the purchase, please click the link below:

Key Points:
  • Intensive preparation for the Multi-Specialty Recruitment Assessment (formerly Stage 2 exams)
  • Key theory and technique for both papers - updated with key changes for 2018
  • Realistic timed Mock exams for clinical and SJT papers
  • The most comprehensive coverage of Situational Judgement Tests for the PD paper
  • Key topics for the Professional Dilemma Paper - Ethics, confidentiality, consent, GMC guidance
  • Ideal for anyone that wants to boost their specialty recruitment assessment scores
  • Suitable for ST1/CT1 applicants to GP, Radiology, Psychiatry, Ophthalmology, Obstetrics, Neurosurgery, CAMHS or CSRH
  • Also suitable for doctors preparing for the MCQ Assessment as part of the Induction and Refresher (I&R) Scheme
  • 9.30am - 6.15pm
  • CPD - 7 hours / 7 Credits
This 1 day course provides focused preparation for the SRA - we can help you boost your scores for both papers!

This is the MOST COMPREHENSIVE Multi Specialty Recruitment Assessment (MSRA / SRA) preparation course available, with over 4.5 hours teaching on the Professional Dilemma paper (Situational Judgement Test questions).

In 2018, applicants to GP, Clinical Radiology, Psychiatry, Ophthalmology, Obstetrics, Neurosurgery, CAMHS and CSRH will all have to sit the same Specialty Recruitment Assessment (also known as the Stage 2 exam or MSRA ). The same score can be used for all these specialties, and will play an important part in the shortlisting process. In most cases the scores carry over to the next stage and can affect overall ranking and job offers.

The course covers all the theory needed to get shortlisted, as well as providing you the chance to sit mini mock exams for both the Clinical Problem Solving paper and the Professional Dilemma Paper (Situational Judgement Test questions). Feedback and explanations will be provided for both mini mock exams.

The mini mocks will be done under timed conditions, with questions shown on screen in exam format, to give you a feel for the real exam.
The questions used in the SRA mini mock exams are not available anywhere else.

The course covers : The Specialty Recruitment assessments – Clinical Problem Solving paper – types and level of questions, practice questions, reading lists, understanding keywords in the exam. Mini mock exam with feedback.

Professional Dilemma / Situational Judgement Test paper – introduction to Situational Judgement, how to rank scenarios, sample questions, practice questions. Mini mock exam with feedback. 

The Course Director and main speaker is Dr Mahibur Rahman, an expert in the GP Recruitment process. He is a GP and Consultant in Medical Education, and has written and taught extensively on Getting into GP Training. He is the author of several books and articles on GP ST Entry, including the first article on Situational Judgement Tests for GP Recruitment (BMJ Careers 2007).

This course is suitable for anyone that wants to get onto a specialty training programme for GP, Radiology, Psychiatry, Ophthalmology, Obstetrics, Neurosurgery, CAMHS or CSRH. Whether you applied and did not secure a rotation in 2018, or are applying for the first time for 2019 entry, this course is dedicated to helping you boost your scores in assessment to get shortlisted and to get your 1st choice job offer!

Course Programme

09.30 - Registration
09.45 - Welcome and introduction
09.50 - SRA exam basics and how different specialties use the SRA score
10.00 - Clinical Problem Solving Paper - how to prepare and sample questions
10.35 - Clinical Problem Solving paper Mini Mock exam
11.15 - Break for Refreshments
11.35 - Clinical Problem Solving paper Mock answers and feedback
12.45 - Lunch*
13.35 - Professional Dilemma Paper (Situational Judgement Test) - how to prepare, key ethical guidance
15.00 - Professional Dilemma paper - SJT mini mock exam
15.50 - Break for Refreshments
16.10 - Professional Dilemma paper Mock answers and feedback
18.00 - Questions and answers
18.15 - Summary and close

*Hot buffet lunch provided - there will be halal and vegetarian options available

Course Feedback

Feedback from previous courses:

I used Emedica to revise for the SRA and I managed to get a direct offer! The format of the clinical questions was very similar to the actual exam, which was really useful!

Dr R D SRA January 2018

During my preparation for SRA Exam, Emedica was an invaluable resource. The question bank was fantastic for preparing questions and assessing progress along with the mock examinations for timing practice. I attended the SRA crammer course which definitely helped with exam technique and further preparation required. I scored in the top 10% allowing direct entry into Psychiatry Training and Emedica was part of this success. Thank you for all the encouragement and help at such a crucial point in job application.

Dr K S SRA January 2018

I used Emedica to revise for the SRA and I managed to get a direct offer! The format of the clinical questions was very similar to the actual exam, which was really useful!

Dr R D SRA January 2018

Thank you for your genuine enthusiasm and hard working in helping me achieve a direct offer in this round for GP VTS. I attended your crammer course and also stage 3 course on Sunday - although I now do not have to prepare for stage 3, any clinical communication skills training with directed feedback is always useful. I would also like to extend my thanks to David who has been a professional, friendly and familiar face at your courses.

Dr M D SRA January 2018

This course was amazing, the content was very accurate and true to the blueprint of the test and all the information about cut off scores and weight of scores for each specialty was correct. The questions were high quality and prepared me very well for the real exam the question bank (available separately) is the one out of all other question banks I have tried that has the best quality questions and closest in difficulty to the real exam. Thanks to the tips I have learned in this course I got unconditional offer with good score and into my top choice for London area for CT1 psychiatry. Thank you very much and keep up the excellent work!

Dr D D SRA January 2018

Hi I would just like to thank you for your help and advice during the Emedica course for SRA exam as I had just received my results and my score has qualified for the GP direct pathway to offers - many thanks for your course!

Dr H F SRA January 2018

"Very comprehensive and relevant material for online revision and courses. Kudos to Dr. Rahman for running such helpful and successful courses. I have got the deanery of my choice, many thanks to the team!!"

Dr KA - GPST Entry Kent Sussex and Surrey Deanery 2017

"It's been a wonderful experience and it made my preparation much easier. I was not in touch with medicine for couple of years. The SRA course was very straight forward regarding what you need to study or not…. Great job Emedica - well organised and special, thanks to Dr. Mahibur Rahman."

Dr PD - GPST Entry North West Deanery 2017

"As mum of two and currently being pregnant (7months) I never had chance to study a single page of any recommended books or any practice for stage 3. The only thing I did is use Emedica online SRA course and behaved at selection center as I normally do, in my own ward with my own patients. I managed to get my 1st Choice! No words to thank you enough, dear Emedica!"

Dr DS - GPST Entry East of England Deanery 2017

"I have loved everything about Emedica. I have been a loyal member of the Emedica community and would like to continue to be one. Dr Rahman is an exceptional and devoted mentor. We owe him more than money can buy."

Dr A I - Kent Sussex & Surrey Deanery 2017

"Emedica has refined my study approach to the GP assessment stages. After attending the courses I had a clearer understanding of what is required from candidates at the various stages of the assessment. Thank you."

Dr S A - GPST Entry Kent Sussex and Surrey Deanery 2017

"Excellent courses to help me pass through stage 2 and 3 of GP entry! Online revision was also very useful for both stages and Dr Rahman was very insightful into all aspects of GP entry and provided a lot of worthwhile advice!"

Dr T C - GPST Entry Kent Sussex and Surrey Deanery 2016

"It has been a wonderful experience at Emedica throughout the selection process, Dr Rahman is very supportive and encouraging. The most incredible part is he answers all our queries even after his busy schedule!"

Dr K U - GPST Entry South West Deanery 2016

"I did not go to any Emedica courses in my first application in 2015. I then re-applied, went to stage 2 and 3 courses and got my first choice deanery with 3 choice job!"

Dr T S - GPST Entry Kent Sussex and Surrey Deanery 2016

"I was struggling with my stage 2 preparation and the Stage 2 crammer course was extremely helpful and it gave me all the information I needed to prepare myself well for the assessment. Also the online revision was extremely useful."

Dr S M - GPST Entry East of England Deanery 2016

"Extremely useful course. It gave me a good overall experience of exam conditions and loads of useful tips. Well done!"

Dr B D - GPST Entry East of England Deanery 2016

"Thanks to Emedica - Dr Rahman and the team, I have been offered GPST1 in the London Deanery, which was my first choice."

Dr J P - GPST Entry London Deanery 2016

"The course was very good. The most useful thing I found was learning how to manage time when answering questions. I felt this was the key to success. The stage 3 course was excellent. The tips given were incredibly helpful and the scenarios at the course as well as on the online revision site were very much like those in the actual exam. Thanks Emedica! I am so grateful to have received 1st choice hospital in 1st choice deanery."

Dr A R - GPST Entry Thames Valley Deanery 2015

"A very big thank you to all the team of Emedica for their help and support. The Stage 2 crammer course was really helpful and got me shortlisted into first choice deanery. And stage 3 online revision helped a lot in final preps for stage 3 assessment. Highly recommend."

Dr A H - GPST Entry Yorkshire & Humber Deanery 2015

"I attended both the stage 2 and stage 3 preparation courses. I found the courses excellent and very well organized. I got an offer from my first choice deanery-KSS. Thank you Emedica! I couldn't have done it without you!"

Dr M Z - GPST Entry Kent Sussex and Surrey Deanery 2015

"I would highly recommend the Stage 2 Crammer and the Stage 3 Assessment course. They really increased my chances of getting into my first choice deanery and first choice county as well within the deanery. The mock exams for stage 2 online courses helped me to practice within the time limitation. Once again, I would like to thank the whole Emedica team for their wonderful support."

Dr Q A -GPST Entry East of England Deanery 2015

"Fantastic detailed information that helped in my preparation at all stages of the assessment. Thank you for your helpful e-mails giving us information on what to expect at every stage. I was very pleased to secure a London post."

Dr V R - GPST Entry London Deanery 2015

"Thank you Dr Rahman and team for an excellent series of courses to prepare for the Stage 2 and 3 assessments. It really helped frame how to revise and practice for the day and I've been given my first choice of job - highly recommended!"

Dr S W - GPST Entry Thames Valley Deanery 2015

"Well-structured courses with an excellent team led by the eloquent and well informed Dr M. Rahman. The courses helped secure me my first deanery choice and first region choice within East of England. Thank you!"

Dr M J - GPST Entry East of England Deanery 2015

"I secured my first choice rotation in the Thames Valley Deanery. I would like to thank Dr Rahman for not only the great engaging lectures and tips during the courses; but also the support (Facebook group and email) long after the courses finished. Emedica is fantastic; I really surpassed my own expectations and really think Emedica made it all possible for me"

Dr J E- GPST Entry Thames Valley Deanery 2015

"It has been thoroughly enjoyable experience and the learning was immense. Thank you for all your support and guidance and prompt email replies for queries. Wishing all the team the very best."

Dr T K - GPST Entry - Kent Sussex & Surrey Deanery 2015

"Fantastic and enabled me to get my first choice job."

Dr C M - GPST Entry London Deanery 2015

"The Emedica online revision and courses were brilliant preparation and I have no doubt they were fundamental in helping me secure a GP training post. Having attended the stage 2 course, I would recommend it to anyone applying for GP training. The online revision was very comprehensive and helped focus my revision in the run up to the exams. Dr Rahman and the team were very approachable and happy to answer any extra questions. The email updates from Emedica were also very useful. Thank you Emedica!"

Dr S S - GPST Entry - London Deanery 2014

"I really liked the stage 2 crammer course. I came to know my weaknesses by attending that course and then I worked hard to get good marks. Also the tips given and questions in the exam were very much similar to the questions in the Emedica online bank. It was really a relief to see that I did not waste our money on a bad course. The simulators provided were really professional and due to them I gained my confidence . All in all Emedica is the best resource available if anyone wants to get into GP training".

Dr B K - GPST Entry- East of England Deanery 2014

"Stage 2 was useful for the SJTs as it explained how to think about the questions".

Dr R B - GPST Entry - Severn Deanery 2014

"I attended both the stage 2 and stage 3 courses - both were extremely useful! I also used the online revision resources. I secured my first choice deanery and hospital - couldn't be happier!"

Dr R K - GPST Entry - North-western Deanery 2014

"Brilliant Stage 2 course all through. Well designed and delivered with passion and professionalism. It's a great achievement to be able to deliver such a huge amount of information in such a short time and remain as effective as productive. Well done Emedica!"

Dr S E - GPST Entry- East of England Deanery 2014

"Very concise and detailed on everything you need to pass. Good and knowledgeable team. I gained my confidence and it was an eye opener. The Stage 2 course helped me to focus on areas I needed to read more".

Dr V I - GPST Entry - North-western Deanery 2014

"Thank you so much for helping me with stage 2 and 3 assessments. I learnt yesterday that I secured a GP job in Severn and was ranked number 1 in the deanery. I scored 4 and 4 at stage 2. I think the tips I picked up from your course made all the difference."

Dr K P - GPST Entry Severn Deanery 2013

"I managed to get one of the last places in Birmingham and am VERY relieved I did! I would certainly recommend it. The day was of significant benefit - although it was very crammed (as the name correctly suggests) it was very informative with tips on how to score well. Further to this I scored 3 and 3 at stage 2."

Dr M H - GPST Entry Northern Deanery 2013

Telephone: 0121 744 6433 email: info@emedica.co.uk