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GP Stage 3 Assessment Preparation Course

GP Stage 3 Assessment Preparation

GP Stage 3 Assessment Preparation

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Course Details

Key Points:
  • Complete preparation for the Stage 3 assessments in 2019
  • Covers all 4 stations for Stage 3 - course covers all aspects of the new format
  • Written Prioritisation - theory + mock exam
  • Simulated Consultations - all 3 types covered
  • Mock simulated consultations with professional actors
  • Individual feedback on consultations with tips on what YOU need to work on
  • 9.30am - 6.25pm
  • CPD - 7 hours / 7 Credits
  • The Bundle option includes access to our Stage 3 online resources with 50 sample stations to practise (30 consultations + 20 written exams) + videos + tutorials

We recommend that you attend the earliest date that you can - this will give you more time to practise the skills you will learn at the course.

"Thank you very much for the excellent standard of your training courses: I attended SRA preparation and GPST Stage 3 preparation in Birmingham. I have just received an offer for my first choice deanery (Brighton and Mid Sussex) and am grateful for your help in achieving this very pleasing result! 52/52 at the selection centre!"

Dr D H - Round 1 January 2019

Stage 3 course gave me the necessary confidence and guidance on how to approach the selection interview. No surprises on exam day! I was able to score 52/52 and get a good post. Great Job guys.

Dr A A - Round 1 January 2019

I am delighted to have been offered my first choice deanery for GP training, scoring a high band 3 and a band 4 in the MSRA and 51/52 at interview. The online resources provided a good knowledge base and similar format to the MSRA. The study days (although expensive!) were professionally run and gave an excellent overview of what to expect.

Dr L H - Round 1 January 2019

"I am glad to tell you that I was successful and I got my second preference in Derby. I scored 463 in MSRA and 51 in stage 3.Thank you for your advices and support, they were indeed needed and useful"

Dr H S - Round 1 January 2019

"I am delighted to write this email to let you know that I have got a job offer at my 4th preferred area (Bexley and Sidcup).
I have scored 51/52 in my interview. I would really like to thank my 1:1 trainer Ed Keneddy as he pointed out what I was doing wrong and the tweaks I needed to ace the best results. He was very kind and helped me improve without losing my confidence."

Dr A S - Round 1 January 2019

I'm so happy and grateful I was told about the Emedica course! It was so helpful and brilliant! Dr Rahman and his team really helped me and I got my top choice in south east London and got 51/52 in my interview!

Dr G M - Round 1 January 2019

Excellent courses. Got my first choice deanery and scored 50/52 on Stage 3 interview.

Dr M A - Round 1 January 2019

Thank you for your invaluable assistance in my preparation for GP entry. I am please to say that I have been successful in securing an offer from my 1st choice programme and intend to start in August 2019.

Dr A K - Round 1 January 2019

Thank you so much for your help. I have got an offer in my first choice deanery. I was a bit upset when I scored a Band 2 in both clinical and Professional dilemma paper and nearly lost hope. But I attended the stage 3 revision and did the online revision and scored 50/52 in stage 3. I am really grateful to you and the entire Emedica team.

Dr S M - Round 1 January 2019

Just to let you know I scored 119 and got my first choice location. Thanks for your help"

Dr A A - Round 1 January 2019

1 day course covering the 2019 Stage 3 assessments in depth. Theory + Practice for all assessments at Stage 3 selection centres. Detailed coverage of Simulated Consultations and Written Prioritisation tasks.

GP Stage 3 course

Our 1 day course preparing candidates for the Stage 3 assessments for GP VTS / GP ST entry has been running since 2005 and offers comprehensive information and opportunity to practise and prepare for the selection centres for Stage 3 Assessments in 2019.  We help hundreds of doctors succeed each year, with successful candidates entering every Deanery in the UK in 2018.

Course Programme

09.30 Registration
09.40 Welcome and Introduction
09.45 Stage 3 Assessment / selection centres - what to expect
10.05 Simulated Consultations - an overview of the 3 types
10.40 Written Prioritisation tasks - mock exam and feedback
11.55 Break and Refreshments
12.10 Consultation skills - patient centred consulting
12.45 Simulated Consultations - dealing with colleagues
13.10 Communication Skills - Breaking Bad News
13.20 Lunch*
14.10 Simulated Consultations Practice Session
16.50 Break and Refreshments
17.05 Simulated Consultations - examples of best practice
17.50 Common mistakes and how to avoid them
18.10 Questions and Answers
18.20 Summary and final tips
18.25 Close

*Hot buffet lunch provided - there will be halal and vegetarian options available

GP Stage 3 course

Course Feedback

"All the stages of the exam were covered in detail with lots of examples and in-depth analysis of the scoring system. The afternoon session with the actors was extremely helpful."

"Very good and interactive session with trainers and feedback. Really educational and informative day which helped me feel more comfortable for the interview."

"Dr Rahman went through what is expected from candidates thoroughly both in the simulation and written tasks. It is now very clear in my mind. I liked the fact that we all got to do one consultation session in small groups with individual feedback and it was useful to see other people's consultation skills. The actors and trainers were excellent."

"I thought the course content covered the key areas for the assessment, helping me to appreciate what would happen on the assessment day and what was expected of me. I thought the opportunity to practice was seamless and was very useful to go through all the scenarios at the end as a whole group."

"Boosted my confidence and I passed the first time! "

Dr S A - Round 1 January 2019

"I attended the stage 3 selection center which gave me an excellent score 50/52. I had focused more on the clinical part of the SRA and less on the SJT part so needed to do very well in the selection center to improve my overall score as much as possible. I managed to get an offer in the region I wanted. Very pleased with the result."

Dr A O - Round 1 January 2019

"I was following Emedica and Dr Rahman on Facebook long time before I even had my first job in the UK. Your guidance and help was enormously useful. I have attended SRA crammer course and Stage 3 preparation course. I felt confident and informed. I've got my first choice job. So happy. I can't thank you enough."

Dr S M - Round 1 January 2019

"Emedica is just the right tool to use to prepare for the GP recruitment exercise. It helped me so much to boost my stage 3 score hence to get my first choice offer. I am glad I found you!"

Dr C O - Round 1 January 2019

"Hi Dr Rahman! I wanted to kindly ask for some advice, I did the courses for stage 2 and 3 with emedica and passed them both, and scored 52/52 in stage 3, so thank you so so much, I am incredibly grateful!"

Dr R D - Stage 3 Round 1 Jan 2018

"I want to say Thankyou as I got my first choice. I have done preparation from SRA crammer course, emedica and emedica stage 3 course and online. It helped me alot in getting through."

Dr N H - Stage 3 Round 1 Jan 2018

"I had subscribed to the online Stage 3 module of Emedica. I'm ever so grateful to you for providing a course which such an organised structure. I've been offered an ST1 post in Swansea."

Dr A K - Stage 3 Round 1 Jan 2018

"Thanks for all your guidance and support. I got 16/16 in written task and have accepted an offer in East Sussex."

Dr M K - Stage 3 Round 1 Jan 2018

"Hi dr rahman, thank you so much for all your help and support. I got my first choice deanery and got 50/52 in stage 3."

Dr M S - Stage 3 Round 1 Jan 2018

"I am glad to tell you that I have secured GP training post at my preferred area. Thanks a lot for all your help. Your guidance and live streams at every stage were very very helpful. The stage 3 course I attended plays massive role in my success as it helped to boost my score helping me to get above the cut score as I did not score really well at stage 2. Simulation stations which I was scared of went extremely smooth giving me a hope, and I managed to get 35/36 in simulations. Hats off to you. You are doing a great job All the best n Thanks a million. I will continue to follow your advice through my training as well."

Dr A C - Stage 3 Round 1 Jan 2018

GP Stage 3 course

"I managed to get my 1st choice offer in London so very pleased. I attended the stage 3 course which was very useful, and I got full marks in the exam 52/52 so the course definitely helped!"

Dr V C - Stage 3 Round 1 Jan 2018

"I was successful at the selection centre. In fact, I got 4/4 for all domains on every single aspect (in the written task also)! Thank you very much for your guidance at the course."

Dr V B - Stage 3 Round 1 Jan 2018

"Just wanted to say thank you very much, the stage 3 course was fantastic I had no preparation at all except the course and its material. I got 100% 52/52 at Stage 3 and that was mainly due to the excellent information from your course!"

Dr A K - Stage 3 Round 1 Jan 2018

"Thank you for your support. I got my 4th choice offer which i'm really pleased with, in London Group V (Bexley and Sidcup). I got full marks in my interview 52/52 after attending your course. I especially found going through the written part very very useful! I really enjoyed the interview course and would love to help out next year if you need any assistance!"

Dr H S - Stage 3 Round 1 Jan 2018

"Thanks for your help I have been successful at stage 3 I achieved full marks on 2 stations and 9/12 at the colleague station. I got my second choice which I am really pleased with. Attending the course had definitely helped."

Dr H A - Stage 3 Round 2 Oct 2018

"Many thanks for your help and advice in the nicely organised and informative course for the stage 3 interview at Birmingham on 20th sept. I got the offer for GP training to be started from Feb 2019. I didn't even practise a single station with anyone as I didn't have the opportunity except in that course. But also I took the online subscription of Emedica to see those helpful videos of consultation and practised the writing questions from there with proper timing which I did as far as possible in those few days. But I am sure I couldn't get this offer without your course as I had no idea about the structure of the interview. In the course I had a clear overview of the exam and also those videos helped me."

Dr J C - Stage 3 Round 2 Oct 2018

"I just wanted to say a massive thank you for all your help during the stage 3 course I attended in Birmingham a couple of weeks ago. I successfully obtained my first-choice placement."

Dr S S - Stage 3 Round 2 Oct 2018

"I am pleased to inform you that I have got an offer in Black Country which is my second preference. All thanks to yourself and the Emedica team. I would recommend Emedica to my colleagues and Juniors for the brilliant coaching you are providing to the upcoming GP's. Thank you once again and the Emedica team."

Dr S G- Stage 3 Round 2 Oct 2018

"I got a place this time. I would say Emedica helped me get through this. I would recommend to everyone."

Dr R F - Stage 3 Round 2 Oct 2018

"Thank you for all your support during this daunting yet exciting process! I am glad to report I got my first preference spot and cannot thank the Emedica team enough for helping me secure this offer. All my very best for to you and the lifesaving service you provide."

Dr Z P - Stage 3 Round 2 Oct 2018

"I have been offered a place and it is my first choice which I am really happy about it. Your course was very informative and helped me to pass stage 3 with good marks."

Dr S M - Stage 3 Round 2 Oct 2018

"Thank you very much for your course and help. I attended the Stage 3 course a just a few days prior to attending the assessment. Having no prior knowledge or practise I managed to get my 1st choice in the selection process. A big up to Dr. Rahman and the trainers and the team."

Dr G K - Stage 3 Round 2 Oct 2018

"Thanks to your help and assistance, I have secured a GPST1 training position in the West Midlands deanery, starting in February 2019."

Dr D O - Stage 3 Round 2 Oct 2018

The course covers the Stage 3 assessment / selection centre formats used by all deaneries in the UK in 2019. We will be covering:

What to expect at Stage 3 assessments - overview of the Stage 3 format and marking for 2019.

Simulated Consultations - communication and consultation skills, role play practice with simulated patients, explaining diagnoses, explaining investigations, breaking bad news, common cases for the simulated consultations, dealing with difficult patients. We will cover all 3 types of consultation - with a patient, with a relative or carer and with a colleague. You will all get to practise this task in small groups, with an individual mock case with professional actors and individual feedback.

GP Stage 3 course

Written Prioritisation Exercises - sample tasks with detailed explanations on ranking and how to increase your score. You will all get to practise this task individually, with feedback as a group.

Questions and Answers: There is a dedicated Q and A session where you will be able to ask questions related to the assessments and a 1 to 1 clinic at the end of the day to ask personal questions.

The Course Director and main speaker is Dr Mahibur Rahman, an expert in the GP Recruitment process. He is a GP and Consultant in Medical Education, and has written and taught extensively on Getting into GP Training, MRCGP and GP Careers. Read more about him here.

This course is suitable for anyone that wants to practise and prepare for the Stage 3 assessment / selection centres for GP ST entry in any UK deanery.

GP Stage 3 course

Course Feedback

We have helped unemployed doctors, SHOs, consultants, staff grades and F2 doctors get shortlisted and selected for GP training. The latest round of applications (2018) has been another successful one for our delegates with success in EVERY deanery once again. Here is some feedback from our previous courses:

"Thanks a lot for the eye-opening opportunity this course has given me regarding what to expect at the Stage 3 assessment exams. It has never been made clearer than what you have made me see. I am very grateful, and I can only be positive looking forward to the exams."

"The actors were excellent, giving the simulated consultations high fidelity and provided really useful feedback. Dr Rahman provided high quality presentations as always and watching him demonstrate difficult aspects of the simulated consultations was extremely valuable."

"Clear concise techniques to maximise marks and make a good impression on examiner. Also, scenarios were brilliant made me feel like I was taking the assessment properly. Overall a great course."

"The lecture delivery was on point and the simulators were excellent. "

"Actors really knew what they were doing! gave amazing advice! "

"Very well organised and executed, excellent trainers and Dr.Rahman kept the group engaged throughout, not a single dull moment, there was loads to learn and take away! "

Thanks Dr Rahman for the support and teaching, I managed to get 50/52 in the 3rd stage.

Dr F O- Round 1 re-advert 2018

Please book early to avoid disappointment!

Telephone: 0121 744 6433 email: info@emedica.co.uk