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GP ST Entry: Stage 3 Assessment Preparation

GP Stage 3 Assessment Preparation

GP Stage 3 Assessment Preparation

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GP Stage 3

  • Saturday 20th January 2018 - LONDON   


GP Stage 3

  • Saturday 27th January 2018 - BIRMINGHAM   


GP Stage 3

  • Tuesday 30th January 2018 - LONDON   


GP Stage 3

  • Saturday 3rd February 2018 - LONDON   


GP Stage 3

  • Sunday 15th April 2018 - LONDON *New date*   


GP Stage 3

  • Saturday 21st April 2018 - BIRMINGHAM *New date*   


Course Details

For more information on applying to GPST, please click here.

Key Points:
  • Complete preparation for the Stage 3 assessments in 2018
  • Covers all 4 stations for Stage 3 - course covers all aspects of the new format
  • Written Prioritisation - theory + mock exam
  • Simulated Consultations - all 3 types covered
  • Mock simulated consultations with professional actors
  • Individual feedback on consultations with tips on what YOU need to work on
  • 9.30am - 6.15pm
  • CPD - 7 hours / 7 Credits

We recommend that you attend the earliest date that you can - this will give you more time to practise the skills you will learn at the course.

1 day course covering the 2018 Stage 3 assessments in depth. Theory + Practice for all assessments at Stage 3 selection centres. Detailed coverage of Simulated Consultations and Written Prioritisation tasks.

GP Stage 3 course

Our 1 day course preparing candidates for the Stage 3 assessments for GP VTS / GP ST entry has been running since 2005 and offers comprehensive information and opportunity to practise and prepare for the selection centres for Stage 3 Assessments in 2018.  We help hundreds of doctors succeed each year, with successful candidates entering every Deanery in the UK in 2017 Round 1.

The course covers the Stage 3 assessment / selection centre formats used by all deaneries in the UK in 2018. We will be covering:

What to expect at Stage 3 assessments - overview of the Stage 3 format and marking for 2018.

Simulated Consultations - communication and consultation skills, role play practice with simulated patients, explaining diagnoses, explaining investigations, breaking bad news, common cases for the simulated consultations, dealing with difficult patients. We will cover all 3 types of consultation - with a patient, with a relative or carer and with a colleague. You will all get to practise this task in small groups, with an individual mock case with professional actors and individual feedback.

GP Stage 3 course

Written Prioritisation Exercises - sample tasks with detailed explanations on ranking and how to increase your score. You will all get to practise this task individually, with feedback as a group.

Questions and Answers: There is a dedicated Q and A session where you will be able to ask questions related to the assessments and a 1 to 1 clinic at the end of the day to ask personal questions.

The Course Director and main speaker is Dr Mahibur Rahman, an expert in the GP Recruitment process. He is a GP and Consultant in Medical Education, and has written and taught extensively on Getting into GP Training, MRCGP and GP Careers. Read more about him here.

This course is suitable for anyone that wants to practise and prepare for the Stage 3 assessment / selection centres for GP ST entry in any UK deanery.

GP Stage 3 course

Course Programme

09.30 Registration
09.40 Welcome and Introduction
09.45 Stage 3 Assessment / selection centres - what to expect
10.05 Simulated Consultations - an overview of the 3 types
10.40 Written Prioritisation tasks - mock exam and feedback
11.50 Break and Refreshments
12.05 Consultation skills - patient centred consulting
12.35 Simulated Consultations - dealing with colleagues
13.05 Communication Skills - Breaking Bad News
13.20 Lunch*
14.10 Simulated Consultations Practice Session
16.40 Break and Refreshments
16.55 Simulated Consultations - examples of best practice
17.45 Common mistakes and how to avoid them
18.00 Questions and Answers
18.10 Summary and final tips
18.15 Close

*Hot buffet lunch provided - there will be halal and vegetarian options available

GP Stage 3 course

Course Feedback

We have helped unemployed doctors, SHOs, consultants, staff grades and F2 doctors get shortlisted and selected for GP training. The latest round of applications (2017) has been another successful one for our delegates with success in EVERY deanery once again. Here is some of the feedback we have had in the past:

"I firmly believe that had I not attended the Emedica courses I would not have got my first choice in GP jobs. Thank you Emedica! I intend using you for every assessment I have yet to face!"

Dr V V - GPST Entry North West Deanery Round 1 re-advert 2017

"I am happy to report that I received my first choice. Thank you so much for all your hard work in preparing a great interview course which was an exact simulation of the real thing! I obtained full marks in all the simulation exercises and 10/12 in the written exercise."

Dr N J - GPST Entry North East Deanery Round 1 re-advert 2017

"I could see what mistakes I did and rectified before the exam. I got a very good score in Stage 3 and I am very grateful for that"

Dr V V - GPST Entry East of England Deanery Round 1 re-advert 2017

"The way everything was explained was outstanding. It is because of Emedica that on the day of my exam nothing appeared…surprising…I was nervous before my exam, but I knew exactly how to steer my boat of consultation involving my patient at every step. Thank you Emedica!"

Dr H N - GPST Entry Wessex Deanery Round 1 re-advert 2017

GP Stage 3 course

"The guidance given at Emedica . The course puts you in the actual exam situation, so you are ready to face the challenge in the real exam."

Dr A A - Yorkshire & Humber Round 2 2017

"Fantastic course which gave me an idea as to what to expect for the exam. Will recommend to all my friends out there."

Dr J G - North West Round 2 2017

"The course was absolutely brilliant in providing me with the platform and foundation to approaching the Stage 3 exam. I felt more confident after attending the course and found the online samples extremely useful. I managed to achieve my first-choice deanery and placement thanks to Emedica."

Dr H A - Wessex Deanery Round 1 2017

GP Stage 3 course

"I was successful in securing my first-choice trust within Northern Ireland. I am absolutely delighted!! Having attended the Stage 2 and Stage 3 courses, they were definitely the cornerstone in my success. I would highly recommend both courses, especially Stage 3 as it gave me confidence and provided individualized advice on what I could improve on. I have no doubt that the Emedica resources were invaluable in my success."

Dr R H- Northern Ireland Deanery Round 1 2017

"Because of you I got my top choice, Thank You so much for all your help. Your Stage Three course in particular was absolutely amazing".

Dr A I - KSS Deanery Round 1 2017

GP Stage 3 course

"I found the interview preparation course to be excellent. A good mix of humor and valuable information jam packed into an enjoyable day. Getting to practice communication stations with actors really helped me for the Stage 3 assessment. The tips on the day and also online material for the written part of the assessment were very helpful too. Thank you so much."

Dr M J - East of England Deanery Round 1 2017

"One of the most well organized and time efficient courses! The Emedica course gave great insight into the structure and format of the exam, highlighted key learning points
and helped me boost my confidence with adequate preparation. Although the Stage 3 assessment course is only 1 day, it was fully comprehensive, with 1-to-1 feedback after practice consultations. I ranked into my first choice for GP training and this would have been extremely difficult without Emedica's help. Thank you!"

Dr S P - East of England Deanery Round 2 2016

"Extremely helpful! I got my first choice preference in West Midlands thanks to the Emedica courses. You guys are doing a great job. Highly recommended! "

Dr K O - West Midlands Deanery Round 2 2016

"I convey my most heartfelt thanks to Dr. Rahman and Emedica for their courses and endeavours in making me successful. I not only got into GP training in the first shot, but also managed to get into a better Deanery and closer to London, what I wanted!"

Dr B S - Thames Valley Deanery Round 2 2016

Many thanks for your help with producing an excellent course for preparing candidates for GP stage 3. I have been given my first choice offers for GP training and Broad Based Training in Wales (for which passing all elements of GP selection was crucial in addition to the Broad Based Training Interview). I have accepted the offer for my primary preference for Broad Based Training and would like to say thanks again, as I definitely feel your course helped me gain this training place (since for me personally, I felt I struggled with the GP selection part most).

Dr S E - Wales Deanery Round 2 2016

"A concise and relevant course that covered all aspects of the Stage 3 assessment. The practice stations and feedback were invaluable! I was offered a place in London, thank you so much."

Dr O C - GPST Entry London Deanery Round 1 2016

"The course was gold dust - incredibly insightful with techniques to improve scoring. It's a must attend course if you are applying to a competitive deanery like London where every point helps or vying for the best ranked jobs within a deanery. Thank you so much."

Dr H P - GPST Entry East of England Round 1 2016

"Brilliant course with useful advice - helped secure a GP training post in my chosen area. Online resources also extremely useful to reinforce the assessment course. Thanks!"

Dr V P - GPST Entry North West Deanery Round 1 2016

"I couldn't believe that in a day I was able to learn so much and retain so much. A perfect course."

Dr U E - GPST Entry Kent Sussex & Surrey Deanery Round 1 2016

"The Stage 3 assessment was demystified and my confidence towards the assessment built up gradually from there on. I was particularly impressed by the amount of detail given to the in-course practice sessions. Overall, attending the course was a definitive experience."

Dr O P - GPST Entry East of England Round 1 2016

"The course was fantastic. It enabled me to practise and develop my skills. It gave me all the necessary information to prepare and what to expect in the actual assessment. Highly recommended."

Dr S M - GPST Entry East of England Round 1 2016

"I thought the courses were excellent - a very clear overview of the whole process and an update on the most recent changes were very timely. The course was extremely useful and full of wonderful tips to help me maximize the (very) limited time I had to prepare for the exams. Finally, the e-mails that came out on the day the results were released were very helpful. I definitely would not have had an offer if I had not attended the courses..."

Dr O B - GPST Entry Kent Sussex & Surrey Deanery Round 1 2016

"Emedica helped me to understand Stage 3 process clearly and I could face the exam confidently after attending the course. The advice given by the team during the assessment course was very useful. I would definitely recommend this course to other students."

Dr H M - GPST Entry East of England Deanery Round 1 2016

"I would like to say a big thank you to you and your team as I have got a GP post in London (3rd choice - Royal Free)"

Dr J W - GPST Entry London Deanery Round 1 2016

"Thank you for your time during the course and insight into the exam process as part of your Stage 3 course. I got my first choice deanery and ranked 627 out of 3250 candidates, so didn't do too badly!"

Dr S C - GPST Entry London Deanery Round 1 2016

"I got an offer in my first choice scheme in Sheffield! I attended both the Stage 2 crammer and Stage 3 courses, as well as using the online resources, and they were all so helpful! I was so discouraged having not been successful (twice) last year, but thanks to you I managed to get through!"

Dr A R - GPST Entry Round 1 2016

"Full of insightful tips that saw me through the selection process to gain one of only 3 available jobs in my first choice deanery. Thank you!"

Dr V H - GPST Entry Thames Valley Deanery Round 2 2015

"As an IMG with one month of UK's work experience, I secured a job at my first choice deanery and it would not happened without Dr Rahman and his team's help."

Dr M A- GPST Entry East of England Deanery 2015

"I secured my first choice rotation in the Thames Valley Deanery. I would like to thank Dr Rahman for not only the great engaging lectures and tips during the courses; but also the support (Facebook group and email) long after the courses finished. Emedica is fantastic; I really surpassed my own expectations and really think Emedica made it all possible for me."

Dr J E- GPST Entry Thames Valley Deanery 2015

"I travelled to sit the course and I am so pleased that I did. The whole day was exceptionally well organised and structured. It was highly informative and also fun. The practical sessions with the simulated patients proved invaluable practice for me. I got my first choice job in a competitive area where only 8 jobs were available. I feel that the Stage 3 course helped me greatly with this."

Dr E C- GPST Entry Yorkshire & Humber Deanery 2015

"I am really grateful to Emedica as I wouldn't have got into GP training without doing this course. I got into my deanery of choice and my first choice rotation 10 minutes from where I live. Before the course I was lacking confidence and was not sure what to expect. Dr Rahman is excellent and by the end of the day I felt that I had enough practice and my confidence boosted."

Dr E E - GPST Entry London Deanery 2015

"The day was fun and informative and I met lovely people whom I've stayed in touch with. I definitely think the course helped me in achieving my dream job - no1 choice out of 500 - at Chelsea and Westminster!"

Dr C Y- GPST Entry London Deanery 2015

"Thank you so much for helping me with stage 2 and 3 assessments. I learnt yesterday that I secured a GP job in Severn and was ranked number 1 in the deanery. I scored 4 and 4 at stage 2. I think the tips I picked up from your course made all the difference."

Dr K P - GPST Entry Severn Deanery 2014

"I applied last year for London and was unsuccessful at Stage 3. This year I attended 2 courses for Stage 3 (Emedica being the better of the two) and came in the top 10% of KSS successful candidates getting my first choice area. Thank you!"

Dr L J - GPST Entry KSS Deanery 2014

"The one day stage 3 course was excellent. It really gave me a sense of what the examiners were looking for and gave me a structured way of approaching the stage 3 cases that allowed me to maximise my marks. I ended up being ranked 3rd out of the 232 candidates in my deanery and got my first choice rotation. I am sure that the Emedica revision aids and course significantly contributed to that score."

Dr S T - GPST Entry North western Deanery 2014

"I didn't do very well in my UKFPO application and ended up with my 60th choice of job in my 8th choice deanery for Foundation Training, so I was quite worried about the outcome of my GPST application. Fortunately, with the help of Emedica, I ranked 2nd in my first choice deanery and got my first choice job for GP training. I'm delighted and I only wish I had been on a similar course for UKFPO applications."

Dr H G - GPST Entry East of England Deanery 2014

"I ranked 6/232 in the North Western deanery so I am understandably thrilled and would like to thank you so much for your excellent course which provided me with an essential foundation for my exam preparation and fantastic insight into what the stage 3 exam would involve. I will recommend your course to future applicants!"

Dr E S - GPST Entry North Western Deanery 2014

We help HUNDREDS of doctors succeed in gaining GP ST rotations every year - read more about their experiences here.

Please book early to avoid disappointment - most of our courses for the last 15 exams were fully booked!

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