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GP Stage 3 Assessment Online Revision

GP Stage 3 Assessment Online

GP Stage 3 Assessment Online

Our interactive online revision package for the GP ST Stage 3 assessments will help you prepare for your selection centre day. This service complements our intensive 1 day Stage 3 courses that allows you to practise EVERY stage 3 task. The service consists of an online course made up of video tutorials, videos of high scoring consultations (all 3 types) and a set of sample tasks for you to practise.

Tutorials cover:

- Stage 3 Overview - what to expect, the mark scheme for 2018

- Simulated consultation overview - the 3 different types, key areas

- Communication and consultation skills

- Colleague consultations - exploring issues + significant event discussions

- Breaking Bad News

- Written Prioritisation Tasks

- Simulated Consultations - Common mistakes and how to avoid them

- Complete 10 minute video consultations showing high scoring examples for all 3 types - 6 videos

A subscription costs £69 for 2 months or £99 for 4 months - you will be able to access the materials as soon as you subscribe.

Stage 3

Consultation Videos

Having examples of high scoring consultations for all 3 types will allow you to see exactly what a great consultation looks like, and help you to put some of the techniques discussed in the lectures into practise. By including a live timer, you can also see how to use your time to demonstrate all the areas needed to help you get a really high score and hopefully get your first choice job.You can see some actual screenshots from 4 of the 6 consultations below:

We also have sample tasks to allow you to practise for all 4 parts of the Stage 3 assessments:

Written Prioritisation exercise - 20 mock exams with the same layout as the real thing
30 sample simulated consultations for you to practise including:
Simulated consultations - with patients
Simulated consultations - with relatives and carers
Simulated consultations - with colleagues

Our sample tasks are in the same format as the real exam, to allow you to familiarise yourself with the format and help you to practise with your colleagues. All 30 simulated consultations come with a doctor's sheet (with instructions laid out exactly as in the real exam), a sheet for the patient / relative / colleague (with detailed background and issues to allow role playing), and an examiner's sheet, with key learning points. There are examples of complete, detailed high scoring responses for written prioritisation exercises to help you understand the difference between a really high scoring response and a poor or mediocre response.

Please note, some of the features on our Stage 3 online revision service require Adobe Flash which is not supported on iPad or iPhone at present. You can view the full service on a standard desktop computer or laptop.

A subscription costs £69 for 2 months or £99 for 4 months

Feedback from previous users:

"Many thanks for your help and advice in the nicely organised and informative course for the stage 3 interview at Birmingham on 20th sept. I got the offer for GP training to be started from Feb 2019. I didn't even practise a single station with anyone as I didn't have the opportunity except in that course. But also I took the online subscription of Emedica to see those helpful videos of consultation and practised the writing questions from there with proper timing which I did as far as possible in those few days.But I am sure I couldn't get this offer without your course as I had no idea about the structure of the interview. In the course I had a clear overview of the exam and also those videos helped me."

Dr J C - Stage 3 Round 2 Oct 2018

"Thank you for your support and advice. Your question bank for stage 2 and the scenarios for stage 3 helped me prepare well in less than three weeks time period. I am pleased to share my result with you. I have been selected for a post."

Dr P S - Stage 3 Round 2 Oct 2018

"Thanks a lot for the online training for Stage 3. I found that quite useful. And secured a post in Norfolk."

Dr M K - Stage 3 Round 2 Oct 2018

"I just wanted to say that I used your Stages 1-4 course and used the online Stage 3 materials and I got 100% in the selection Center."

Dr H W - Stage 3 Round 1

"The Stage 3 example scenarios and written prioritisation cases were great - I felt really prepared for the Stage 3 assessment in terms of knowing what to expect because of the example scenarios Emedica provided. The written questions were very time limited so having plenty of examples to do prior to the actual assessment was hugely beneficial. Many thanks."

Dr V C - Scotland Deanery Round 1

"I have used other online training materials, but this was the best. Very informative. Was very useful for my stage 3 interview. I have managed to get into GP training."

Dr G G - Yorkshire & Humber Deanery Round 1

"Emedica has been an invaluable tool. Don't think I could have managed without it, especially the Stage 3 course and online revision service. Can't praise them highly enough. Thank you Emedica!"

Dr T D - East of England Deanery Round 1

"Emedica was the best resource that allowed me to get my 1st choice deanery. The best aspects were the Stage 3 online resources - the scenarios and practice papers for the prioritisation question - and the Stage 3 assessment course. In particularly the simulated patient practice was invaluable to give me confidence for the exam. Everyone is so friendly and approachable who run the course. The other thing to mention is the online Facebook group which I found out about during one of the course I attended. It answered many questions that I had."

Dr L H - West Midlands Deanery Round 1

"The courses were really helpful, I managed to secure my first choice in a London deanery. Unfortunately, I could not attend the courses in person. However, I just did the online revision and used this as my main source of revision and it was great, in the limited time I had and of all the courses I did online, this was the easiest to navigate and most organized"

Dr M E - London Deanery Round 1

"I only had about 3-4 days to prepare for this course and was able to gather the necessary details to prepare from the online course provided to get through my exams. I was comfortable and unstressed at the exam center and I passed and was given my first-choice placement because of it. Very happy. Thank you."

Dr A M - West Midlands Deanery Round 1

"It has been a great help to understand the basics of GP world. The key areas for the recruitment assessment process were clearly mentioned. To get a grip of what to expect on the exam day, both simulation exercises and written exercises were helpful. It has been a great experience all in all."

Dr N M - Scotland Deanery Round 2

"I highly recommend this for doctors who wish to pursue career in GP. Emedica helped me more than I expected to secure a place in NE deanery which will be started in Feb 2017."

Dr B A - North East Deanery Round 2

"Fantastic source for revision. Recommend to all, especially stage 3 online revision with videos, very helpful indeed"

Dr A K - GPST Entry North West Deanery Round 1 Re-Advert

"Excellent online resource. Great videos and tips. Very useful written exercise examples and model answers. Mark schemes for consultation skills extremely useful. Great service."

Dr C K - GPST Entry Yorkshire & Humber Deanery Round 1 Re-advert

"Very informative and systematic learning material. Highly recommend to anyone."

Dr A M- GPST Entry North West Deanery Round 1 Re-advert

"Found the material provided excellent and very useful when preparing for Stage 3. Very helpful hints regarding the communication skills stations of what the examiners are looking for. The material provided for the written stage was the most useful. I couldn't have prepared for this without the Emedica revision guide. Got my first choice deanery and job!"

Dr A M - GPST Entry North West Deanery

"I used the stage 3 online resource to prepare for the selection centre. The online lectures, written exercises and case scenarios were outstanding. I would like to thank everyone involved in Emedica as I think you have a truly amazing resource."

Dr J U - GPST Entry London Deanery

"I am really happy and extremely grateful to all of the Emedica staff for helping me get my 1st Choice deanery (East of England). English is not my first language but this course gave me confidence and very useful tips. I had another course in London before this but this was definitely better. Both the Online Courses and especially the Stage 3 Preparation Course were Brilliant! I would recommend Emedica to everyone.

Dr E G - GPST Entry East of England Deanery

"The online videos are very useful in clearly defining the way to approach each scenario. I struggled initially and I would not have been able to secure a place without them. A very big thank you."

Dr J K - GPST Entry East Midland Deanery

"The online resource was good and the practical course for stage 3 was also good. I particularly found the GP Facebook page very useful as I could practice the scenarios with another colleague by Skype. I managed to pass my exam Alhamdulillah. Thank you Emedica."

Dr N M - GPST Entry North West Deanery

"I found the scenarios provided for online revision for Stage 3 very appropriate for the Stage 3 assessment. I was unable to find time to attend a course due to work and family commitments, so this was a great solution for me. I am very pleased as I have secured a job in my first choice location."

Dr G P - GPST Entry East of England Deanery

"Useful information which really did make a difference to my preparation."

Dr A B - GPST Entry Wessex Deanery

"The online content and the stage 3 day really helped and made a difference for me. I got accepted to Northern Ireland and whilst this was due to a lot of hard work on my part, the advice and practice on the stage 3 day as well as online resources proved invaluable. Thank you once again!"

Dr Z D - GPST Entry Northern Ireland Deanery

"Very good resource with good information on what to expect and good pointers on how to approach the day. Sample videos are excellent and very beneficial. The sample answers were also a good insight in to what was expected for the written exercise."

Dr T H - GPST Entry North West Deanery

"Great online tutorials and videos on the Emedica stage 3 online service. I also attended the course in Birmingham for stage 3. Well-constructed, concise and it increased my knowledge and improved my confidence."

Dr S H - GPST Entry East Midlands Deanery

"Emedica stage 3 online revision was a very helpful resource for preparing for the GP stage 3 selection centre exam. I only used this for my exam and I have got my first preference place."

Dr S M - GPST Entry - East of England Deanery

"Both the stage 3 course and stage 3 online revision were invaluable tools in helping me gain a GPST place successfully. I felt so much more prepared and confident as a result of these resources and feel they were worth every penny spent. Many thanks!"

Dr C L - GPST Entry - Mersey Deanery

"I thought the Stage 3 Online Revision was spot on. I was meant to go to NZ but then applied to Round 2 at the last minute and as all the exams were close together I did not have much time to revise. I paid for Stage 3 Online Revision and watched the clips before my exam and it was very similar to the exam itself. Keep up the good work."

Dr N G - GPST Entry - East of England Deanery

"Very informative online course. Described whole marking scheme and point scoring strategies."

Dr I H - GPST Entry - Scotland Deanery

"GP stage 3 assessment course: Thoroughly well organised. Covered all essentials to successfully passing the GP entry assessments. Clear explanations given and relevant examples. Particularly appreciated the quality of the patient scenarios and the actors used. The online revision stage 3 had a good variety of scenarios at the right level of complexity. Similar to that encountered in actual station."

Dr M K - GPST Entry- London Deanery

"Very helpful! Especially the online stage 3 course which had good examples of how to approach the communication components!"

Dr M K - GPST Entry - KSS Deanery

"Very good. Excellent approach to teaching and interactive and innovative learning. Online course material was extremely useful. Excellent for preparing for this stage of the exam as well as for communication in difficult situations which I will use in the future for my training and beyond."

Dr R G -GPST Entry - Oxford Deanery

"I used the Stage 3 online resources and they were extremely helpful."

Dr S G - GPST Entry - Scotland Deanery

"Emedica provides a very informative comprehensive course and online revision course. I had both. I did not qualify in first round but managed to get through in 2nd round. Thank you very much Dr Rahman and fantastic team."

Dr K D - GPST Entry - East Midlands Deanery

"To all the team at Emedica, Thank you for all your help. I am thrilled that I got into my first choice deanery. The online lectures were a really helpful addition to attending the course in person. I would recommend this course to anyone thinking of applying to GP training. Thank you once again!"

Dr N L - GPST Entry - West Midlands Deanery

"The online revision for stage 2 and 3 was excellent and very realistic when it came to the actual exams."

Dr SK - GPST Entry KSS Deanery

"Excellent online resources which have helped to gain a high mark in my written examination."

Dr NP - GPST Entry London Deanery

"The OSCE revsion tutorials and videos were spot on, the perfect level of detail and rationale behind explanations. Would strongly recommend registering to familiarise yourself with the ranking station and OSCE stations."

Dr SH - GPST Entry Northern Deanery

"I have just been offered a place at my 4th choice scheme in the London deanery which I am delighted with… The online resources were by far the best I'd come across. Thank you Emedica!"

Dr AT - GPST Entry London Deanery

"… I actually attended all the courses and subscribed to all the online resources … I got two band 4s in stage 2 and then did well enough in stage 3 that I ended up ranking high enough to have been allocated to any of the programmes in Severn Deanery - and have accepted my first choice. I would like to thank you so much for all the help without which I definitely would not have done so well (particularly in the SJTs). I will be highly recommending your courses to next year's group."

Dr JM - GPST Entry Severn Deanery

"I attended all of the Emedica preparation courses and used all the online resources and could not praise them highly enough. I achieved two band 4s in stage 2 and ranked 7/110 at stage 3, meaning that I got into my first choice area in my 1st choice deanery!"

Dr FH - GPST Entry East of England Deanery

"Found website and content excellent. Having a new baby and baby brain I don't think I would have passed without Emedica. It allowed me to revise at home in short burst when I had a window of time around work and childcare."

Dr DF - GPST Entry Wessex Deanery

"I found the content and presentation very useful. The simulated consultation videos were excellent as was the section of common mistakes and how to avoid them. As I did not have time to attend a stage 3 course, this online revision really helped me to secure a rotation in the Northwestern Deanery. Many thanks!"

Dr PP - GPST Entry Northwestern Deanery

"Very helpful online revision which meant there were no real surprises at the selection centre. The scenarios and instructions for actors was a great way to allow your non-medic friends or family to help you practise. I was offered my first choice area within my first choice deanery so thanks for all the help."

Dr KL - GPST Entry West Midlands Deanery

"This was a very worthwhile experience. I'm very glad I chose to attend the Emedica courses and subscribe to the online training. I was able to secure my first choice rotation in my first choice deanery thanks to Emedica. Thank you very much for your help."

Dr JB - GPST Entry Northern Deanery

"Very useful online resources. The simulated consultation videos were well presented and very useful on the day as it prepared you for what to expect. The delivery of the lectures was pitched well and all information given was relevant. I would recommend Emedica to colleagues."

Dr VM - GPST Entry Scotland Deanery

"I found the video tutorial very useful as it gave you the tips for good answers no matter what the questions were. Also, the examples were all very useful. The site was easy to use and I feel reasonably priced. I got my first choice job - thanks very much!!"

Dr LS - GPST Entry Northwestern Deanery

A 2 month subscription costs £59

"Thank you for the invaluable support you have provided. The stage 3 online revision course helped me give my best performance at selection centre. I have been accepted to my first choice region of my first choice deanery."

Dr M S - GPST Entry West Midlands Deanery

"For stage 3 the online tutorials were useful to give me an idea of what to expect from the selection centre as well as tips as to how to do well. Plus I downloaded the written tasks and practised those quite a lot beforehand too. Thank you Emedica in helping me secure my first choice GP scheme in Leeds!"

Dr R S - GPST Entry Yorkshire & Humber Deanery

"The course was great fun and prepared us perfectly for the assessment centre! Thank you!"

Dr A M - GPST Entry West Midlands Deanery

"The online info for stage 3 provided you with numerous practice scenarios so you can really improve in not only knowledge but confidence which is key for the exam. The process is daunting but thanks to Emedica it made it a lot more achievable."

Dr L M - GPST Entry London Deanery

"Fantastic for stage 2 & 3 prep. It was most reassuring to have an online revision source for both stages of the application process."

Dr V O - GPST Entry West Midlands Deanery

"Excellent courses and online revision. Very well structured. Felt very well prepared for the exams and stage 3 because courses were so helpful! Thank you very much to Dr Rahman as well as the entire Emedica team for your help and support."

Dr U M - GPST Entry East of England Deanery

"The online Emedica revision complemented the courses well. Helped get me into the London Deanery! Thank you!"

Dr S P - GPST Entry London Deanery

Telephone: 0121 744 6433 email: info@emedica.co.uk