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MICGP CCT Preparation

MICGP Clinical Competency Test - CCT course

MICGP Clinical Competency Test - CCT course

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MICGP CCT Preparation

  • Saturday 9th September 2017 - DUBLIN   


Course Details

SAVE £20 each - Book with a friend and pay just £405 each.
SAVE £30 each - Book as a group of 3 and pay just £395 each.

Key Points: MICGP Clinical Competency Test (CCT) Preparation Course
  • Intensive preparation for the ICGP CCT exam
  • Communication and consultation skills for the CCT
  • Mock simulated consultations with professional actors
  • Individual practice with detailed feedback
  • Wide range of challenging CCT cases
  • Demonstrations of best practice for challenging areas
  • 9.30am - 6.15pm
  • CPD - 7 hours / 7 Credits
1 day course covering the key theory and practice you need to pass the CCT. Practise with trained role players (just like in the real exam). Maximum 12 delegates, with both male and female simulated patients. Opportunity to observe 13 CCT cases covering a wide range of curriculum areas. At least 2 individual mock CCT cases, with detailed individual feedback and recommendations on how to improve your technique. This course is also suitable for doctors that want to develop their consulting skills for everyday practise.

We recommend attending this course as early as possible - this will allow more time to practise the techniques you will learn and improve on the feedback areas you receive in your individual mock cases. The skills you will gain at the course will help you with everyday consulting as well as preparing you for the ICGP CCT examination.

MAXIMUM 12 per course - just 6 per group for practice sessions! Please book early to avoid disappointment

This course will cover the necessary theory and background to help you pass the CCT. There will be practise session in smaller groups with trained role players to give you a feel for the real exam. The course covers:

* Mark scheme for the CCT- how to hit all the criteria + common reasons for failing a case
* Communication and consultation skills - theory and practical
* Essential examinations and equipment - which examinations you need to focus on, and the equipment you need to be familiar with
* Breaking bad news - a structured approach
* Dealing with difficult patients, ethical dilemmas and medicolegal issues

There will be several practice sessions where you will be able to experience consultations with professionally trained medical role players, as well as the chance to get individual feedback. Practice makes perfect! Each candidate will have 2 CCT stations with individual feedback.

The Course Director and main speaker is Dr Mahibur Rahman. He is a Portfolio GP in Birmingham and a Consultant in Medical Education. He has helped thousands of doctors succeed in their MRCGP examinations since 2006 and has been running a course tailored for the MICGP CCT since 2015. He has been involved in helping GP trainers prepare their registrars for the MRCGP CSA through an MRCGP CSA for Trainers course. You can find out more about him HERE.

Course Programme

09.30 Registration
09.40 Welcome and Introduction to the CCT
10.00 Communication and Consultation Skills
11.15 Break for refreshments
11.30 Consultation Practice Session 1
12.50 Feedback on cases
13.10 Lunch*
14.00 Essential examinations and equipment
14.20 Consultation Practice Session 2 and feedback
15.50 Break
16.05 Consultation Practice Session 3 and feedback
17.40 Breaking Bad News
18.00 Final Tips and Q and A
18.15 Close

*Hot buffet lunch provided - there will be vegetarian options available

Course Feedback

Feedback from our MICGP CCT Dublin course:

'It was very polished, very to the point and the individualised feedback was great.'

"Excellent actors. Complicated cases which make you think beyond the presentation."

"Focused, interactive and professional. All involved provided excellent feedback. Thank you - come back!"

"Practical advice and lots of practice with different cases."

"One on one feedback and appropriate cases. No ambiguity r.e advice - excellent speakers!"

"All pleasant and very professional"

"A well structured and interactive course with personalised feedback."

"The presentations were very relevant and useful. The cases were good examples and the feedback was excellent."

"Well structured with useful take-home material."

"Being put on the spot under exam conditions has taken some of the fear out of the exam day itself."

"Individual consultation opportunity - good advice on phrasing and words to avoid - good guidance on structuring exam."

"Just to let you know I attended your course in Dublin in April and have passed the CCT. Very worthwhile course, Thank You!"

Dr R C - MICGP CCT 2016

"I passed! Absolutely delighted! Can honestly say that the preparation course was very very helpful, Thank You."


"I personally found the Emedica course to be the perfect revision for an inaugural Irish CCT. The many opportunities to physically practise day to day consults, getting that vital feedback and being guided with common reccurring exam topics was for me the difference in passing the exam."

Dr D D - MICGP CCT 2015

"Thanks a million for helping me pass the CCT. I really appreciate how professional the course was and I feel my future in the consultation room has also been made a lot easier after spending the day learning from you and your team!"

Dr N C - MICGP CCT 2015

"I just wanted to let you know that myself and 3 others (that I know of!) who attended your course passed the CCT exam! Thanks a million - course was really helpful."

Dr S S - MICGP CCT 2015

"I got the results of my CCT last week and thankfully I passed. Your course really did help a huge amount with this, it managed to focus the mind well on the exam and it was great to be able to practice formally. Thanks again so much for your help."

Dr D B - MICGP CCT April 2015

Feedback from our previous MRCGP CSA courses

"Small number of candidates, lots of practise cases was fantastic. Feedback was very helpful, I'd recommend this course to friends"

"The practice consultations (and actors) were excellent."

"Very constructive feedback about how to add marks and improve performance + body language."

"Excellent course. Really like the practice sessions with actors and feedback. Valuable tips on exactly what the examiners are looking for."

"Thank you so much for all of your help and advice I managed to get 105 out of 117! Couldn't quite believe it! I hope your well. I hope to come to the life beyond training day that you do as well so will see you then. It seems only yesterday that me and my friends came to your "getting into GP training" course! Thank you."

Dr S I CSA February 2015

"I passed the CSA with 99/117, Thank you for all your help with all your courses I attended. I really am very grateful."

Dr A T CSA February 2015

"I'm very happy to say I passed the exam with a score of 98. I went on the Emedica course to help get into GP training, and it seems fitting that it helped me out the other side too. I found both courses very useful and helpful revision tools. However, the key thing I took away from both was your relentless energy, positivity and desire to teach us the very best you could. Long may you continue inspiring the next generation of young doctors and GPs of the future. Thank you."

Dr B M CSA February 2015

"I am from the Northern Ireland Deanery. I attended your course in November in Birmingham just over three months before my February exam. I passed with 88 out of 117 on my first attempt. I found your course invaluable. It was focused and honest with lots of individualised practice and feedback. It helped me gain a better understand of the challenging areas of the CSA exam. I've attended your courses before and during GP training and feel they are the best on offer and would highly recommend. Thank you so much again."

Dr M M CSA February 2015

"I got a good pass at 99 with a pass mark of 75 for my day. I attended your course early December as I was taking the CSA earlier than my colleagues due to pregnancy.I thought the course was brilliant and I've recommended it to all my friends. It was good to give the warning shot that it is hard and often people get stressed and upset after it. My first response when I left was 'I need to rebook there is no way I'm going to be ready'. However my trainer and my husband (who I did most of my case practices with) said I changed significantly after the course, for the better! It really got me motivated and focussed for the day."

"I found the personal feedback really useful not only for the exam but for everyday life. I was spending far too long looking at my papers (in real life computer) and acting under confident, especially when unsure. I went on to have more confidence in being direct and focussed and being able to say when I wasn't sure and what I would do about it. I also felt more confident handling requests that I needed to refuse and dealing with difficult patients."

"The CSA certainly was not all about 'ICE' which is a big focus of Bolton, where I train. I'm not sure I did too much ICE at all on the day. The biggest help of the day was to push that this was not a communication exam, it's not all about ICE and clinical knowledge and management is just as important. I used all the tips and skills I gained on your course and honestly feel there is no way I would have passed without it and as I said it has helped me enormously in my day to day practice. Thanks for all your help."

Dr K L - CSA January 2015

"The Emedica course was fantastic. I did it 5 months before my exams. It created in me an awareness of my deficiencies. Especially in picking up cues and reacting to patients with empathy irrespective of how they present. I had time to work on these deficiencies and it has made me a better doctor. I passed with a score of 83. Thanks for all your help."

Dr C K - CSA January 2015

"I attended the Emedica CSA course in October 2014 and I sat my CSA in January 2015. After the course I felt that I was grossly under prepared and so shelved my previous plans to do the CSA in December 2014.I am glad to report that I passed my CSA on my first attempt. I wanted to thank you and your team for your help. My gratitude extends beyond the mere CSA course. Emedica has been with me throughout my GPST training and has been absolutely integral to my progress and development.The mock stations in the course were considerably more challenging than the actual exam, the constructive feedback enabled me to work on a number of key areas to adequately prepare me for the exam. Thank you for all the help."

Dr S A - CSA January 2015

"I passed the GP I&R CSA and am able to proceed to my sixth month placement. Thank you very much for all your help. The one day crammer course was excellent. I made good use of the links and found the referral guidelines for cancer and the cancer pain management very useful. It was a pleasure to meet you and I would thoroughly recommend your courses."

Dr J M - CSA January 2015

"Thanks very much Dr Rahman - another fantastic course. I got 97. I continue to recommend you to everyone!"

Dr E K - CSA October 2014

"Thank you so much to Dr Rahman and the actors who helped build my confidence for my retake. I passed easily this time (second attempt), after doing this course, and I feel certain that you were instrumental in my success. The actors are absolutely brilliant and highly experienced in CSA scenarios. They and Dr Rahman will give you individual feedback on each scenario you do, and if you take this on board you will get to the crux of what is needed to pass. The tutorials in this intensive day are excellent, and again, if you listen and learn you will succeed in passing. I would recommend Dr Rahman and his CSA course to anyone who seeks extra tuition in getting through this stressful exam. I only did one course, this one, and I would say there is no need to go anywhere else. I wish I had done it sooner. Thanks again."

Dr W S - Resit CSA May 2014 - 2nd Attempt

"I would like to thank you and your communications expert ever so much for your MRCGP CSA preparation course. I am very happy to tell you that I passed with a score of 97, getting only two crosses in the 4 column. I think the particular strength of your course for me was the more challenging consultations and how to structure them."

Dr R H - CSA May 2014

"You have guided me from day 1 of my GP training to the finish line and I really could not have done it without you. Please extend my gratitude to your excellent actors; I can say with 100% confidence that they both helped me a lot. I got similar cases in the exam and I nailed it!"

Dr L O - CSA May 2014

"I would like to thank you and your team in helping me to pass the CSA. I am currently an ST3 in Birmingham and this was my first sitting at the CSA. I was a bit anxious and felt it may have been premature to sit the exam so early in my ST3 year. However I attended your one day CSA course in Birmingham a few months ago and found it very useful. There was a strong emphasis on communication skills, involving challenging cases which was outside of my comfort zone. This feedback given by your team helped me to reflect and modify my consultation style which has helped in my consultations at work and in the CSA. I passed with a mark of 94 out of 117 (pass mark 74). Again many thanks to everyone at Emedica."

Dr A I - CSA November 2013

"Just to let you know I passed the CSA with 101. I had never expected to score so highly and am thrilled. I've attended every Emedica course from applying for GP training to CSA and have found all of them so valuable for preparing for each stage with reliable useful material not just to pass but to pass with high marks. The CSA course in particular gave me really honest feedback which I worked on for the 2 months before my CSA. Thanks so much for all your encouragement and enthusiasm along the way."

Dr J B - CSA May 2013

"I passed the CSA at the first attempt and scored 99/117 with a completely clean-sheet of formative feedback (no crosses over the 13 cases). The Emedica CSA preparation course I attended in London was absolutely key in my preparation as it informed me fully about the exam structure and mark scheme. The detailed feedback I received clearly and constructively identified my areas of weakness and enabled me to develop a more focused approach to make the most of each case, even if I was running short of time. Having a clear head and an organised structure turned out to be vital on the day of my exam as we were evacuated out of the college into the freezing temperatures of Euston Square for a fire alarm just as we were about to start the exam!....
I would recommend the Emedica CSA course to any candidate wanting to make the very best of their first attempt at the exam. I have already advised registrar colleagues to book a place as a priority. I am so grateful for your clear and supportive advice. Kind regards"

Dr A H - CSA March 2013

"Many thanks for your support on another excellent course. I Passed with 100 out of 117. I have attended emedica courses from getting in to GP training to AKT courses and can't thank you enough for your guidance and support. I always recommend your courses to my colleagues and will do so again.I shall see you again on "Life after CCT."

Dr S C - CSA February 2013

"I have more glowing feedback to add to your extensive collection. I have passed the CSA with a score of 92 on the second attempt. Before I took your course I had failed with a miserable 61. I never thought I could improve so much, your excellent advice really pushed me.Many thanks for all your help."

Dr M J - CSA Resit May 2012

"Alhamdulillah, I have passed my first attempt with 92 marks; pass mark being 75 on my day. The great thing is I have no crosses on my feedback statement either! All praise to Allah. JazakAllah for all your help and support. I have always found your advice most valuable. Many thanks once again. I remember being so poorly when I attended your course, yet still found it beneficial."

Dr S A - CSA May 2012

"Many thanks for your email. I passed with a score of 99. The pass mark for the day was 73."

Dr C B - CSA December 2010

Telephone: 0121 744 6433 email: info@emedica.co.uk